Born in Britain – A Moslem first

Born in Britain - A Moslem first

Born in Britain - A Moslem first

We have outlined in previous issues of our newspaper that the
enemy is not terrorism but Islam. Those of us who have discovered the Lord's
beautiful salvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ, can clearly see that any
system that is based on hatred and killing does not originate with the true and
living God, but with a deceptive spirit who leads them to sacrifice their own
lives and thus bring fear and misery everywhere they go.

These people do not need criticism but they need Christ
desperately, and it is to be hoped that all who read this newspaper who have any
contact with these dear people, try at all cost to get the truth across to them,
that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

In understanding the makeup of these people's minds in
part, we take an article from the Daily Mail, September 17, 2001, and
read of a young man born in Britain but says he is a Moslem first.

"...He was born and raised in Islington, North London, the
heart of Tony Blair's New Labour.

But like many young British Moslems, Shah Jalal Hussain
believes Whitehall and Downing Street are 'legitimate targets' for suicide

And if necessary, he would readily become a martyr to attack
'oppressors of Islam'...

'When I heard that an aeroplane had been flown into the
Pentagon, I wished I had been the pilot,' he said...

Hussain, a politics student, added: 'When I realised the
aeroplane contained civilians I was horrified, because killing innocent people
is evil.

'The attacks on the World Trade Centre were also wrong.

'But I believe America is involved in a war against Islam
and the Koran states that if we are attacked, we must fight back. It is God's

'If Islam comes under attack it is the duty of every Moslem
to fight back...

'I do not consider myself to be British,' said Hussain.

'I am a Moslem, and I happen to have been born and live in
Britain. It is just a place where I live -– nationality means nothing to

'That is why any attack on a Moslem is an attack on all of
us.'... (emphasis added).

What a dreadful shock these men must receive when as their
bodies are blown to a thousand pieces, they suddenly find themselves in a
dreadful position, facing the God of the universe, i.e. the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. They find out at that
point that all the things they were promised come to nothing and that their
eternal destiny is not as they were told. There must be many thousands of these
dear deceived people already in eternity who would love to shout from the grave,
"Listen, listen, do not believe the lies you are being told but turn to Jesus
Christ who said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the
Father, but by Him."