Rumours flood the internet

Rumours flood the internet

Rumours flood the internet

Since September 11 "...websites have been sorting fact from
fiction in tales about terrorist attacks and these are very popular as Americans
vent fear. It started with a story about a Nostradamus prophecy on the fall of
'two brothers' predicting the start of a third World War, and was quickly
followed by the face of Satan 'revealed' in the smoke billowing from the
World Trade Center.

Was it true that 4000 Jews working in the Twin Towers had
advance warning of the deadly attack and stayed home? Or that a United Airlines
pilot asked passengers on a flight after the disaster to overpower hijackers?

Rumours, urban legends, conspiracy theories -– some of the
strangest proving true and some of the seemingly irrefutable proving false -–
have flooded the Internet in the two weeks since the attacks as Americans have
tried to grasp a horror no one dreamed of before September 11.

'We have never seen anything like this. We are receiving
hundreds and hundreds of e-mails every day. We are talking about in the region
of one million people viewing our pages every day,' said Barbara Mikkelson,
who with husband David runs the Urban Legends Reference Pages at

The prophecy widely attributed to Nostradamus in recent
days originated in a Canadian student's essay from the 1990s
, Mikkelson
said. The advance warnings said to have been received by Jews is false, as is
the miraculous tale of the man who rode falling debris 82 floors to safety. But
a United Airlines pilot on September 15 did make scathing remarks about security
and urged passengers to overpower any hijackers that might get on board.

And US President George W Bush did tell senators in an Oval
Office meeting on September 13: 'I'm not gonna fire a $2 million missile at
a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt.'... and have concluded the
pictures, widely seen on CNN and in newspapers, of an evil face in the smoke of
the World Trade Center collapse were not doctored or faked
... They fall into
its 'undetermined or ambiguous veracity' category...

But the question of whether an unburned Bible was found
amid the Pentagon wreckage is still undetermined
..." (emphases added).

It is of note to this writer that the Nostradamus story is
a fake
and therefore it is highly recommended that readers of this newspaper
purchase our book, Better than Nostradamus, and read what the Scriptures
say about the future rather than this French psychic who got many wrong and a
few right.

We need to base our lives on something better than that and
the Bible is a hundred per cent correct.