Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Dear Andrew

I am writing in response to an article published in the April
2002 edition of The Omega Times entitled; Offended or unoffendable?

Firstly, and without prejudice, not wishing to appear to have
a spirit of criticism, I have never heard of the young Evangelist, Jeff Beacham:
mentioned, as being the author of the article. Also, having an Australian
Collins Dictionary: I am unable to find the word "unoffendable." What
translation does it appear in?

To be able to ramble on, and yet to say very little at all,
takes a person of keen intellect, wit and cleverness: something, I for one,
would be unable to attain to. Our Mr. Beacham seemed to have reached those
heights quite successfully...

As a current subscriber to the paper, in all fairness and
honesty, I must say; "I hardly read any of the articles in the latter part of
the paper, by any of the authors other than Barry Smith -– and your responses
to 'Letters to the Editor' and the 'Did you know...' section." I have
never read, or have no interest in reading you're 'The pendulum is swinging'
article, or articles by Marcus Arden, and/or Patrick Ikiua, or any other author.
Most of the articles are frivolous and say very little, if anything, of interest
at all. That's not to say others wouldn't find some of the articles
informative, however; I for one do not. I find them boring! Apart from Barry
Smith's articles most of the articles are simply opinions: and an opinion is
something everybody has!

On the other hand, Barry's articles are based on genuine
prophecy in relation to modern day events, and are written with a twist of real
cleverness, in clear, concise English, making it very easy to understand the
point he was trying to make. In the process, he makes his articles interesting,
informative and exciting.

Barry Smith is, the be all -– and the end all of the Omega
Times. When he does go to meet the Lord, and finds his eternal rest, it may be
difficult for the paper to survive. I for one may lose immediate interest!

The hard part has been left up to you; to answer the Letters
to Editor, and with assistance from Barry you are doing a remarkable job in
doing so. This is evidenced by the responses to the letters in your Letters
section of the paper of the current April edition. Although cleverly written,
your responses were also very well written, and is a credit to your Bible school
training. They are of course wrong in their allegations and assumptions,
particularly the Muslim: Allama what's his name. Lets hope he accepts Christ
while he still has the time to do so.

Your Friend, A. Reader

Dear Friend Reader

I was not actually able to ascertain 'the purpose' of
your letter, but if your intention was to assist myself and other Omega Times
writers to put aside unhealthy ego, I thank you.

What interests me greatly within the human side of the
'Christian World' is how much an 'individuals character' affects the
type of Christianity he/she develops. This character impacts the beliefs,
doctrines and very attitudes he/she chooses to adopt. Of course, when Jesus
comes into our hearts, he supernaturally begins to change and rearrange our
natures, primarily dealing with our human desire to exalt ourselves, and in so
doing put others beneath us.

Other than genuinely true concerns, where another's well
being or future may be endangered should we not 'speak up' -– there is
little merit to be found in challenging another's activity. When God has
performed His work within our 'human hearts', we are able to confess
genuinely the words of John the Baptist (referring to Jesus) "He must
increase, but I must decrease".

Re/. Your assessment of the worth of the writings of the
contributors to the Omega Times, I am pleased that you extract enough value from
Barry's articles alone to continue with a subscription, that's positive.

You're probably not aware that the paper began as a
bimonthly (if that) newsletter from Barry Smith. Barry would inform readers of
his 'whereabouts' and keep them up to date with his commentaries on current
affairs in relation to prophecy. People began to ask more and more questions
relating to 'living in the last days, doctrinal issues and questions
related to finding balance'. As a result, what began as a simple newsletter
has developed into what it is today -– and people subscribe for 'the package'.

None of the contributors, including Barry or myself gain any
financial remuneration for the parts we play in putting this monthly collection
of writings together. We continue because a good number of readers enjoy it! We
also believe that the prophetic message without the Scriptural balance of 'Occupy
until I (Jesus) come' can cause people to become 'weird'. I say 'Praise
the Lord' for a vehicle through which to encourage people to live life, but
keep looking up, Jesus is coming! Each contributor assists with a different
perspective, providing value for different readers.

I buy newspapers most days and automatically search out the
sections I like to read...it should help you to know that in this sense, you're
not unusual.


Dear Ed

In publishing my letter (April) of reply to Agent 86 you have
provided a perfect example of what happens when words are added or taken away
from not only God's Word, but His believers words as well. By editing out "stead
of" you removed the distinction I made between "...Passover instead of
Easter..." two entirely different festivals, one of God, the other pagan and
clearly condemned under her Canaanite name, Ashtoreth (Judges 2:13).

I also said "Passover clearly had finished or Peter..."
You added one word "Passover clearly had not finished..." reversing what I

You conclude your reply to me with the words "Hell fire for
those who don't read the KJV? We'll let God decide on that one." Actually
what I said was Revelation 22:19 offered "everlasting condemnation to those
who rip 64,576 words out of the KJB". Aside from printing errors, I will give
you $1000 -– if you can produce scientific proof that the KJB contains one

The doctrinal problems in the Church are not a result of
departing from the Jewish frame of reference as Arnold (Fruchtenbaum) claims but
departing from Gods Word. Yea hath God said ask the NIV editors, rip, rip, rip
Ron Pearce

Dear Ron

Editing your lengthy letter down and removing 'jot's or
tittles' from the true Word of God are rather two different things.

Re/. Easter and Passover -– or Christmas for that matter (we
still have letters coming in every month re/. whether a Christian should or
shouldn't celebrate Christmas or other festivals), if people choose not to
accept ones argument, or do not feel as passionately about an issue as you do,
try to get over it and move on. I try not to repeat material covered many times
over when we have other letters to reply to. Re/. reversing what you said, your
original letter to me stated what I included in my reply. Perhaps a good example
of where human error can affect a manuscript.

Finally, your challenge with regard to the absolute accuracy
of the KJV, whilst I could certainly use $1000 at this time, this quote from
Yacob Prasch (Moriel Ministries) spells out clearly what I believe "...The
most absurd of all so-called evangelicals departing from reason are, with little
doubt, the King James Only cult. To anyone who can read Greek and Hebrew it is
simply not reasonable to argue that the KJV is without imperfection, much less
to elevate it's inspiration above that of the original autographs in the
original languages... going to someone like (Gail) Ripplinger for professional
opinion on textual criticism is like going to a make believe physician who never
studied anatomy for medical opinion..."

Again, when you take a text out of it's context (taking the
Bible out of it's Jewish frame of reference, into a non- Middle Eastern world)
it requires considerable homework on our part, and lots of discussion with other
studiers and teachers to 'learn what we don't naturally know'. I
firmly believe that often our Western ignorance, and in some cases arrogance, is
robbing us of the ability to humble ourselves to be taught simple truths! A
Christian scholar may set out to create a career, gaining a degree after a
number of years. Studying Torah to a Jew is a lifelong matter. Even with copies
of primary texts, they discuss and debate interpretations in order to maintain a
balanced view.

In your final statement (the prophetic utterance?) I believe
you show the reality of the harshness of the King James Only cult - where dogma
produces people who do not feel they need to seek after truth, for they are
right in their own eyes. God has plans to bring many to glory! He is God, and we
can always learn more...


Dear Ed

You seem to me to be studying antichrist version Bibles (all
120 plus of them). What a waste of time. I have been reading the true Holy King
James Authorised bible for over 74 years, and I still see new things.

I notice that people who read versions turn from the true
word and despise it.

A dear friend came here, she had written a verse from the
version bible onto paper, knowing I am against a version coming into my home.

Not long afterwards she died of cancer, too long a story to
tell you.

Rabbi Lawrence Duff Forbes D.LITT, D.D.., F.PH.S showed a
young Jew who his saviour and Messiah is without touching the New Testament.
Israel and Rabbi's do not read 53 chapter of Isaiah. And someone tampered with
their Torah doing away with the Word and the Holy Spirit. No wonder they refuse

so what now, Israel doesn't want one New Testament much
less 120 versions of it...

Until next time, D E Peters

Dear D E Peters

I respect your years of following and serving Christ Jesus
and bless you in His Name.

I love to learn from senior people who have faithfully served
Jesus much longer than myself... and I am sure if I could sit down with you and
discuss life issues I would learn a great deal.

Respectfully, I cannot agree with you on many of the points
you have raised in your letter. My father raised me on the King James Bible and
it remains my preference. Truly, for me God's Word has been the difference
between continuing in life OR giving up!

In the debate over versions I do not believe however that the
KJV is the only version we are permitted to read. Neither do I believe God would
allow your dear friend to die of cancer for reading a version other than the
KJV. Sadly, I believe that God is misrepresented by dogma and human minds, minds
made up before the time.

I look forward to fellowship in Heaven with multitudes of
people who put their trust in the Living Jesus, not a doctrine or version. In a
world of denominational pressures and preferences, I love Jesus' words "A
new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you,
that ye love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my
disciples, if ye have love one to another
" John 13:34-45.

There is no shortage of people speaking 'for God'. The
trick is always in discerning the true Word from the false. The true word will
always be accompanied by the distinct markings of a true follower -– including
love for the Brethren (the family of God -– 1 John 3:14) and a desire to
acknowledge our place of dependence on the vine (John 15), not independence! The
most frightening concept I have of meeting God -– is that I would be 'found
in my own righteousness'.


Dear Andrew

Your response re the Christmas issue is the usual NON
committal one 'decide for yourselves'. We don't talk to our children like
that, we give them correct guidelines. So there is no mention of Deuteronomy 4:2
-– Deuteronomy 12:32 -– Revelation 22:18-19 these being almost the last two
verses in the Bible. KJV. Which say nothing must be added to or taken away from
God's Word.

So how can? Christmas and Easter be justified?...

Your ministry makes a stand against Freemasonry, which is
just as wrong. That stand still gives people their right to make their own

So why no stand in this area as well?

When the root is looked at, what is the difference?

May God bless you all. Sincerely, Penny Dickson, England

Dear Penny

Good letter. The point being, most of the readers of Omega
Times are 'not my children' and I have never been under the illusion that it
is my role to tell adults what to believe and what not to believe.

Over the last 24 months we have presented various views on
the keeping of Christmas, Easter and other festivals. My view has been printed
on more than two occasions, Patrick Ikiua wrote a useful article on the
Christmas issue and I have included in the Letters to the editor section plenty
of views on the subject -– mostly standing 'against the keeping of the pagan

My family and I gather together at Christmas, we give each
other gifts and recite the story of Jesus birth and give thanks for what He has
done, before having a gigantic meal, and then enjoying lots of laughter into the
evening. For reasons of family fellowship, it is one of my favourite days of the
year! I assure you, we utilise the festive season, but by no means are we
celebrating a pagan festival, we live for Jesus.

Easter comes around, if I enjoyed chocolate I would eat an
easter egg...but I don't, so my children enjoy a double portion. We don't
pretend that the calendar days accurately correlate with the actual events of
the Scripture!

We honour family members on birthdays, Fathers day, Mothers
day -– not because we have to, but because we have chosen that in our family we
love to take the opportunity to spoil each other. If we don't have the money
to buy a gift we just eat a nice meal and talk about the person! It's

Romans 14 and Colossians 2:16 are Scriptures that help me not
to become too concerned with the views others may have over this type of issue.
Again, I've read many arguments for and against. We as a family live for Jesus
and keep certain annual celebrations. I agree, certain celebrations are nothing
more than pagan occasions - an excuse for revelry.

I don't think I've been non-committal Penny -– there is
no room for pagan celebrations amongst God's people. I do believe that the
final decision is for individuals to 'decide for themselves' how they go
about remembering the things we need to remember.


Dear Editor:

Satan is very clearly using the secular media to incite
anti-Semitism worldwide. It is understandable that the non-Christian world be
anti-Semitic, but this un-Biblical attitude towards God's people , the Jews, has
no place in the Church. Sadly it does exist in the Church, having been
encouraged by wrong teaching about God having finished with the Jewish people.

We wish to submit our weekly articles for consideration to be
published in your publication in the hope of giving a Biblical perspective to
world events... There is no charge for these articles - we just ask that you
accredit the articles to the author.

The Lord Bless you

David Silver

(We have printed David's latest article on page 5 of this