Palestinians seek NZ help

Palestinians seek NZ help

Palestinians seek NZ help

The Dominion Newspaper on the 24 April 2002, reads: "Palestinian
envoy seeks NZ's help - A Palestinian representative has renewed his peoples'
call for formal diplomatic status and economic support from New Zealand...

The recognition of a state of Palestine by New Zealand is
within New Zealand policy, because New Zealand ... has an even-handed policy,"
Mr. Kazak said. His meeting with Mr. Goff follows stiff criticism by the
Government of Israel's actions and its refusal to abide by a UN resolution
that it withdraw from the West Bank...

Mr. Kazak, who is based in Canberra, said the Palestinian
Authority had no control over the suicide bombers...

The Alliance ruling council made a call on Saturday for the
Government to recognise a Palestinian state and impose diplomatic sanctions on

But Mr. Goff said no Palestinian state formally existed. "New
Zealand has not made a decision to recognise the Palestinian state today because
a Palestinian state has not yet been declared by the Palestinian Authority. If
and when it is declared, we would give serious consideration to its recognition..."

We regret that a number of Biblically illiterate people are
in parliament this present moment in New Zealand and are speaking glibly of
giving support to the Palestinian cause. We trust that they are not going to set
up a Palestinian Embassy here as that would be an invitation for suicide bombers
to land on our soil, and to be quite frank we just don't need them.

God has plans for Jews and Arabs, let's do it God's way!