“Lobster and chips, please”

"Lobster and chips, please"

Waiter, there's a chip in my lobster

In an article taken from The Daily Telegraph, Sydney
29 April 2002 -– we read the following headline, "Waiter, there's a chip in my lobster!"
We quote in part.

"It's seafood complete with ready made chips -– but not
of the edible kind.

Usually confined to reuniting lost cats and dogs with their
owners, microchips are being used now to catch thieves stealing crabs and
lobsters from commercial fishermen...

Previously, fisheries officers would have had to catch
thieves red-handed before taking action...

The fact that the crabs are tagged is significant enough to
determine they are stolen. The crustaceans now are injected with a microchip,
only a few millimetres long, containing a unique 10 digit code.

Mr. Dunn said the location of the microchip was not revealed
"so that thieves can't try and remove it".

Mr. Dunn said the microchip remained in the crab or lobster
for the "remainder of its life".

"Every effort is taken to ensure it is not eaten by humans,
but if it is swallowed it is completely harmless," he said.

A hand-held scanner is used to scan a crab or lobster
suspected of being stolen to reveal the code.

Officials so far have used the device twice to catch thieves
with successful outcomes on both occasions...

Mr. Olsen said he hoped the technology may one day be
advanced to cover all aquaculture.

"I have a mate who is having a similar problem with his
oysters," he said."

Now it needs to be recognized by readers that the World
Government planners are following the dictates of Fabian Socialism. That is the
three major stages, which are:

Gradualism -– Sneak up on the people and when the time is
right hit hard and never deviate.

Dispossession - Steal the land and the real-estate from the
individuals, for ownership of property leaves them in charge of their own lives.

Pauperization -– Destroy every sector of Society using the
best method to destroy it.

Regarding the bringing in of the silicon chip, we notice how gradualism
is having its way amongst the people of the world who are ignorant of the Bible

In the year 96 AD, the apostle John, who was banished at that
time to the isle of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, wrote down these words under the
inspiration of the Holy Ghost:

Revelations 13:16-18 -– "And he causeth all, both small
and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,
or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the
mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let
him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number
of a man; and his number is Six hundred and three-score and six."

For many, many years we have spoken about the methods that
have been used to lead up to the ultimate silicon chip being received and we
have known over the years that dogs, cats, fish, birds and horses etc. have
been chipped using this system. We now move quickly on and discover that in the
year 2002 a group called Applied Digital Solutions have come up with a way of getting
people willingly to receive the chip on their bodies for medical reasons.

The third stage of course will be where the chip is put
in the right hand or forehead to be used for buying and selling,
exactly as the Word of God says.

We quote here with information which will bring us up to

In an article taken from The West Australian newspaper
on 11 May 2002 -– we read the headline -– "Eight get computer implants -–
Eight people were due to become the first people to receive computer chip
implants yesterday, allowing a scanner to identify them. The chipping ceremony
at Palm Beach, Florida, featured Applied Digital Solutions, a Florida technology

The chips, called VeriChip, are rice grain-sized devices that
sit under the skin. When scanned by a special reader, the chip emits a radio
signal that will transmit a code. The code is linked to a secure database
holding personal data such as the person's address and any special medical
conditions. The first eight users will include an Alzheimer's patient and
people with allergies. The company said the market for such devices would top
$28 billion."

Another article sent to me dated 11 May 2002 is headlined -–
"People queue up for computer chip implants... Applied Digital says it will
field a mobile "chipmobile" to bring the technology to a waiting list
of 5,000 people.

A chip implant costs $US200, plus a $10 monthly fee to be in
the database.

The chip is implanted during a simple outpatient procedure in
a doctor's office.

The company says it is perfecting a larger, more futuristic
unit that will have the ability to detect the users location using global
positioning satellites...

The technology has already gained the attention of privacy
which fear a proliferation of electronic tagging devices for the

Then from the ADSX Press Release we read further
information in part -– "Mr. Silverman continued: "We're committed to
providing customers with a full range of personal safeguard technologies -–
technologies that enhance personal safety, security and peace of mind. Customers
can 'choose' the
wearable Digital Angel device. They can choose
to "get chipped" with our VeriChip medical and security
identification implant..."

Now to those readers who have followed the development of the
Mark of Beast and silicon chip over the years, the key word that we observe in
this article is the word "choose".

It is clear from Biblical prophecy that once a seven year
peace treaty is confirmed between the Jews and Arabs, as described in Daniel 9:27,
the first three and one half years will be called the beginning of
and the second three and one half years great tribulation.

We have learnt upon studying the Word of God that Noah was
saved before the flood and Lot was saved before the fire. This being the case it
is clear that using Jewish Midrashic teaching (that whatever is going to happen
in the future has happened in a similar form in the past) we believe that the
believers in Christ will be saved just before the tribulation period.

It is clear that during the first three and one half years
from the peace treaty people will have the choice to refuse or to receive
the Mark of the Beast.

The second three and one half year period will be called "Great
Tribulation". During this period, the receiving of the mark will be "compulsory".

The rapture will take place just before the second period of
three and one half years.

The secret will be this. Get out before the mark becomes
- Make doubly sure that you have been thoroughly born again.