“President a joke,” says US Colonel

"President a joke," says US Colonel

"President a joke," says US Colonel

A recent issue of our monthly paper included an Arab
psychiatrist's view of George W. Bush. In his view the present U.S. President
exhibits a very low I.Q. and therefore cannot be taken seriously.

Some readers may have taken exception to the article saying,
"Oh, that's only the opinion of an enemy of the U.S." However, the next
criticism comes from a senior U.S. military man.

We read in the Daily Telegraph, 6 June 2002, the
following: "A senior US air force officer has been suspended from duty
after he wrote to a newspaper calling President George W Bush 'a joke' whose
'presidency was going nowhere' before September 11.

Lt. Col. Steve Butler, who served as a navigator in the Gulf
war, wrote: 'He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this
war on terrorism.

His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. His presidency was
going nowhere. This guy is a joke.' Mr Bush's alleged silence about
intelligence failures was "sleazy and contemptible", the colonel

The letter to The Herald, of Monterey, California,
prompted calls to discipline Lt. Col. Butler, vice-chancellor for student
affairs at the Defence Language Institute in Monterey.

Gene Tissot of Corral de Tierra, wrote: 'Butler has no
place in our armed forces.'

Lt. Col. Butler joined the air force in 1979 and is due to
retire in a few weeks.

An air force spokesman said he had been suspended pending an
investigation and could face a court martial. American military law forbids 'contemptuous
words' about political leaders. The maximum penalty is dismissal, forfeiture
of pay and allowances and imprisonment for a year.

During Bill Clinton's presidency, several officers were
disciplined for criticising their commander-in-chief."

Now because President Bush has been chosen by the one world
government advocates, and not elected by the popular vote, he is in a very
precarious position.

To prove this statement, we simply turn back to page 169 in
our first book Warning, written in 1978 and read: "Websters dictionary has
listed Reagan as the 40th President of the U.S. even before the
elections were held."

If George Dubya continues to make the speeches prepared for
him, he will be safe, however, if he objects to any of these plans, and finds
them incompatible with his born again Christian beliefs, he may get the John
Kennedy treatment.

It cannot be by accident that the secret name given to him by
Yale University's Skull and Bones Club is "Temporary".

If you the reader feel to criticise this man over much, tell
me. "Could you manage to continuously sound sincere if you were reading other
people's speeches?"

At this time in history, George is God's choice -– Pray
for him!!

Psalms 75:6-7 -– "For promotion cometh neither from the
east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth
down one, and setteth up another."