Privatising water! – Why?

Privatising water! - Why?

Privatising water! - Why?

There is a group operating in New Zealand well known to those
in the business field called, The Business Round Table of New Zealand.
In an expose of that group written in a book called, First Knights, by
Paul Harris and Linda Twinane we read on page 81 the following -– "Environmental
matters, turning natural resources over to private ownership is then seen as
giving the new owners an incentive to conserve them. We already have individual
property rights regimes in the fishing quota industry system whereby owners have
the right to catch a certain amount of fish and can trade the right in the
market. This is intended to act as a market mechanism which will prevent

On page 57, we read of a lady called Penelope Brok who later
became Penelope Brok Cowen...

She is now employed by the world bank in a section for
finance and private sector development where she writes on topics such as the Privatisation
of the Water Supply in Guinea

Now those readers who are familiar with the plans of the
Business Round Table will understand that they hope to restructure the whole of
society following the ideas of a man called Adam Smith, promoted also by the
Mont Pelerin Society in London, and to privatise as much as possible
including natural resources.
Of course, by taking over the water supply of
another country means that there is a certain amount of leverage there.
This is ultimately the aim of these world government people, to control the
affairs of every country as they take over all their assets.

We turn to The Weekend Business Herald 4 May 2002 and
read -– "Record water deal as privatising trend flourishes -– Suez, the
world's second-largest water company, has won a $US4billion ($9billion)
contract over 10 years to supply water services to Puerto Rico, the largest
contract of its kind ever awarded.

The French company, which also reported a 9.7 per cent
increase in first-quarter sales, said it will supply drinking water and treat
the wastewater of the Caribbean island's almost 4 million inhabitants.

The Puerto Rico order is the biggest of any municipality that
has hired a private company to handle its water services...

It's part of the trend of privatising water systems around
the world.

Suez will manage 132 drinking-water treatment units, 68
waste-water-treatment units, 12,000 km of drinking water pipes and 6000 km of
wastewater pipes.

It will also handle 30 call centres and almost 6000

We now turn to the Southhampton City newspaper 8 May
2002 -– "L'eau dear! French buying our water -– First it was our waste and
now the French are coming for our water too.

Southern Water -– which supplies thousands of homes across
the county -– is set to be bought out by the French giant behind Hampshire
Waste Services.

The 2.05bn pound take-over by Vivendi Environment will see
Southern Water become the latest utilities company to fall into foreign hands.

If the deal is given government approval, the firm's
334,976 water supply customers and 547,152 customers who receive waste water
services in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight could all be served by the French by
the end of the year.

The county's consumer watchdogs say residents will not
lose out
in the big sell-off that will leave ten out of 24 UK water
suppliers under overseas ownership.

Water Voice Southern spokeswoman Karen Gibbs told the Daily
"As far as customers are concerned, they will be protected
by the regulator..."

After the last sentence I have written in the margin of the
newspaper, "Ho Ho!!"

Experience tells us that whenever anything is privatised your
new owners immediately put the price up because no one has any say anyway apart
from those who own the asset.

This writer keeps wondering when these guys will privatise "air"
to make sure we only breath our daily allotted portion.

A verse for believers in Jesus Christ -–"The earth is the
Lords and the fullness thereof" -– and therefore, whatever nefarious plans
are brought in this, our life time, our God will see to it that we have plenty
of all His resources.

In the book of Philippians 4:19 we read -– "But my God
shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

This includes water!