Timber cutters get the axe

Timber cutters get the axe

Timber cutters get the axe

Those of us with an understanding of the world government
plan will remember that New Zealand and Chile were set aside for pine
tree production
, as these trees grow more quickly in those two countries
than anywhere else in the world.

An article taken from The Australian newspaper on 13
May 2002, reads thus -– "Falling sawn-timber production in the US
means a $300 million export opportunity for Australia -– but local forestry
companies need to lift their act to win the business.

Researcher BIS Shrapnel has warned that local producers
cannot compete on price with Chile and New Zealand.

US production is falling because of environmental factors,
and neither China nor India can meet its own sawn-timber needs...

The US is the world's largest consumer and producer of sawn
timber, but production is being drastically reduced because of environmental

Once the global economy recovers, there will be strong demand
for sawn timber, with China, Japan and the US all capable of providing strong
demand over the next 20 years."

To those of us who have studied this subject for many years,
it is no secret that America has not been set aside for timber and neither has
Australia, as that country has been set aside for wheat for the Southern
Hemisphere. The American timber production has been cut back because of the
'greenies' policies
, of course, and their protecting of natural
resources and animals along with birds, particularly the Spotted Owl in the
Northwest of the country.

I remember reading a sign on one of the trees just out of
Seattle which read, "I love the Spotted Owl (fried)", no doubt
printed by an angry logger who had lost his job through the environmental

With every country loosing their independence and
their sovereignty the reader must recognize that the name of the game
is interdependence where every country is responsible for one or
two products only and therefore war becomes impossible in the future as the
person you fight may have a product that you need.

The key word in the future could well be harmonization.

This writer smells trouble ahead, as man endeavours to take
over from Almighty God.

I predict on the authority of God's Word, that the same God
who smashed the Tower of Babel, will smash the New World Order.

Jesus Christ will then reign as Lord and King.