The deadly genie in the bottle

The deadly genie in the bottle

The deadly genie in the bottle

Is it a conspiracy theory, or is it fact that can be readily
substantiated? Aids -– the first retrovirus known to man, actually man made?
Over the years Barry has maintained that the aids virus had nothing to do with
the green monkey, that it was a man-made virus, and that the World Health
Organisation was not only 'in the know', but was the driving force behind
the initiative to create a killer virus. He also believed that the Aids epidemic
was engineered, that it was no accident -– absolutely deliberate. Quoting from Final
by Barry Smith page 117 we read: "In the bulletin of the World
Health Organisation (WHO) volume 47 page 259 1972 they said:

'An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact
exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked
into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired, if the
infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the

That's Aids. What the WHO are saying in plain English is
'let's cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T. Cell system of man',
an acquired immune deficiency... If their new virus creation worked, the WHO
stated, then many terrible and fatal infectious viruses could be made even more
terrible and more malignant."

Barry wasn't the first to make such outlandish claims
against the WHO. An article in the London Times on May 11th
1987 accused the WHO of setting off the Aids epidemic in Africa, and also in
other third world countries, through its mass smallpox inoculations.

To believe that humans have the capacity to be 'so evil'
as to deliberately create 'death' for others, is probably not in question
anymore. History is proof of human sin. Perhaps our denial of this latent
capacity is based more in misplaced optimism, in the hope that we Westerners are
'more civilised than that'- that we have matured or advanced beyond such
immoral wickedness? The Scriptures gently assist us in our quest for reality.
Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked; who can know it.
" It's not very PC, but sometimes reality just
isn't. We must keep in mind that men and women who 'do not know God' are
not governed by God... I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

And researchers are at it again in the United States -–
frightening experts by successfully manufacturing the 'polio virus' from "mail-order
DNA" as reported by the Sunday Star Times, 14 July 2002: "...rather
than worrying about what this says about the ease with which rogue groups or
nations could synthesise more devastating biological weapons such as smallpox,
some appear to be more concerned the experiment was done in the first place.

The study by the researchers, who reconstructed the virus
using a genetic blueprint pulled off the web and chains of DNA bought from a
scientific supply store, was merely 'a proof of concept', said a molecular
biologist. 'Everybody knew it was theoretically possible. There wasn't any
intellectual leap here,' said Professor Robert Lamb. Given the necessary
gene-sequencing equipment, expertise and time, a couple of post-graduate
students could do the same thing, said Lamb, who is also the president of the
American Society for Virology....

Lamb and other scientists are worried that the New York
researchers, backed by $US300,000 in funding from the Pentagon, have 'let the
genie out of the bottle', by advertising how easy it is to manufacture these
deadly weapons of germ warfare."

Here's some better scientific news. Indian scientists have
discovered a drug booster or 'bio-enhancer' which dramatically reduces
dosages of antibiotics and cancer drugs.

"...The scientists have received an American patent for the
discovery that a 'distillate of cows urine' greatly boosts the ability of
cell membranes to absorb drugs...," Sunday Star Times, 14 July 2002.
Who would have thought...? Who would've tested...?

Let's talk some more about inoculations. In Great Britain
the media war continues between Scientists and Government officials over claims
'and fears' that the MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is a catalyst
for bowel disease and autism in children. The Sunday Telegraph reports on
16 June 2002, 'Revealed: more evidence to challenge the safety of MMR'

"Scientists have found new evidence to support fears that
the MMR vaccine is causing children to develop autism and bowel disease. The
Sunday Telegraph
can reveal today.

Specialists from Trinity College Dublin, have detected the
strain of measles virus used in the MMR jab in tissue samples from the inflamed
intestines of 12 children, who each developed autism after receiving the

It has infuriated worried parents by refusing to allow the
alternative of single vaccines to be prescribed on the NHS.

The work was carried out by the Prof. John O'Leary, a
pathologist with a record of important discoveries in the field of virology.

Although the finding does not prove that the MRR (sic) jab
caused autism and bowel disease in the children, it raises urgent questions
about the vaccine's role in their condition. None of the children concerned
had shown any sign of disease beforehand. The discovery comes days after the
Government seized on a new study to bolster its claims that the MMR vaccine is

Jackie Fletcher, of the parents' group JABS, said the
findings had profound implications and must be taken seriously. "We have
parents shouting that these problems are occurring and what do the Government
and health chiefs do -– they keep their heads buried in old reports not
designed to identify these problems," she said. "No one is listening. Why?"

Ann Hewitt, whose son Thomas, eight, has severe autism and
bowel problems, learned earlier this year that Dr O'Leary had found measles
virus in the boy's gut. She and scores of others who received the same news
now want to know what is going on...

Last night Visceral, a charity set up to fund research into
autism and bowel disease, called for MMR to be suspended until studies establish
just what the vaccine-strain virus is doing.

MMR, which contains live measles, mumps and rubella virus,
was launched in the UK in 1988 and is given to infants at 12-15 months and four

The controversy over MMR and autism began four years ago when
Dr Wakefield and his colleagues reported in The Lancet on 12 children
with autistic problems and bowel disease and revealed that the parents of eight
of them had said their children regressed developmentally after receiving the
MMR jab....

The MMR row became so heated this year that Tony Blair, the
Prime Minister -– who has refused to say whether his two-year-old son Leo has
had the MMR jab -– accused Dr Wakefield and the media of "scaremongering"
on the issue....

The Department of Health said that it has no plans to review
the use of MMR..."

This story seems reminiscent of many other health debates
over the decades. I for one am seeking clarity on such issues. To lose sight of
clarity in this arena - and to be a parent is a very real dilemma. In the
ultimate sense -– we are secure. But as caregivers and stewards of the most
precious commodity on earth, we need to be vigilant.