EC – Fishing for control

EC - Fishing for control

EC - Fishing for control

Barry Smith has talked for years about the 'Global village'
-– almost like a science fiction scenario where national sovereignty and
independence are taken over and controlled by international power groups. The
objective? To cleverly, unobtrusively, surreptitiously relieve each country of:

  1. First of all its national assets.
  2. Its Governmental ability to govern
  3. Its sovereignty and independence, and
  4. Link each country into an INTERDEPENDENT GLOBAL VILLAGE...

The control of food supplies is strategically important in
the quest to control 'individuals' and the worlds natural resources continue
to be 'taken over'.

Sunday Telegraph, 13 June 2002, "End of the line for
British fishing -–

After months of speculation, the European Commission has at
last revealed its master plan for the future of European fishing...

...There will be little future for what remains of Britain's
fishing fleet. Within a few years, it seems, the only serious part that Britain
will play in European fishing policy will be to provide Royal Navy ships, acting
under the direct orders of foreign officials, to enforce Brussels regulations in
the seas round our shores from which most British fishermen will be excluded...".
Does that not seem very strange (even fishy?) that local fisherman will soon be
unable, for the first time in history to 'fish' what used to be
British waters.

"...there is virtually nothing that national governments
can now do to stop the Commission making its final power-grab...

...A new Brussels management committee, acting on scientific
advice, will be able to dictate through an individual licensing system precisely
how each fisherman will be allowed to fish.

Historic fishing rights, such as Britain's, will be overruled
by a treaty obligation that all EU policies must be environmentally

National governments will be virtually excluded...

The new truly "European" policy offers almost
everything conservationists could want, but at a price. A precondition for the
new regime will be further massive reductions in northern European fleets...

...this will require the scrapping of many more British boats
since there are more of them...

However, this will not be the end of it, because it may be
possible for fishermen to buy and sell their licences. Those from countries such
as Spain, who in recent years have received massive EU subsidies, may be able to
offer sums that British fishermen, already hard-pressed by the banks, will find
it hard to refuse...

Within a few years it is likely that we will be left with
only a very small fleet, with rights to catch anything round our shores entirely
controlled by Brussels..." End Quote

With the 'family silver' quickly diminishing from the
cupboards of many Nations, and independence fast becoming an outmoded
philosophy, the concept of you and I becoming global citizens is no
longer far fetched.

Think about that the next time you pop out to buy an
international fish from your local fish shop.