The flood may have occurred after all…

The flood may have occurred after all...

The flood may have occurred after all... - Finite minds -– grapple with the infinite

Dr Robert Ballard
Dr Robert Ballard

Oceanographer Dr Robert Ballard, the man made famous by his
historic discovery of the Titanic wreck in 1985, has made more recent
discoveries this time in the Black sea -– discoveries which have startled
scientists, many who are anxious to discount evidence of a Creator, the Bible
and specific biblical events. Findings of this significance and magnitude scientifically
the Bible account of Noah's ark and a global flood.

In the BBC News 13 Sept 2000 Dr Ballard was quoted as
saying "This is an incredible find" adding that this was far more
significant than his discovery of the Titanic. Rather interestingly -– for such
an historic find, a distinct lack of media coverage would follow.

It is rather important to realise that the issue at hand is not
scientific, it is spiritual!
1 Corinthians 2 and 3 indicates that the 'natural
man' (or scientist who is not alive unto God) cannot see - or understand
spiritual things. Rather, spiritual things are 'foolishness' unto them.

An article by New York writer George Gordon gives us a
picture of what was found off the coast of Turkey. "...The discovery of
man-made objects on the bottom of the Black Sea has given credence to the theory
of a massive deluge around 7,500 years ago, which fits in with the Old Testament
tale of Noah's Ark.

The apparent remains of buildings and almost
perfectly-preserved pieces of timber were found in around 500ft of water at what
is assumed to be the pre-flood shoreline...'like coming upon Pompeii under the
seas' according to Dr Ballard.

Using sonar scanners, the expedition team said they found an
undersea terrain that was once a landscape with meadows and stream beds.

Finally they spotted man-made structures in the form of 30
cut blocks of stone and possibly some ceramics...

The scientists said they now believed a catastrophic flood
did indeed strike the Black Sea area, turning the sea saline and submerging
surrounding plains. The discoveries of Dr Ballard... are reported in the
American Journal of Archaeology.

Editor Dr Bruce Hitchner said: 'The expedition has clearly
found a subaquatic landscape with materials that belong to the period before the
inundation.' " End Quote

It will be interesting to see what artefacts are recovered in
due course - samples of timber have been extremely well preserved due to the
depth and oxygen free waters.

In numerous areas of science such as geology and archaeology,
the Scriptures are indeed being vindicated scientifically...something I
believe will occur more and more in these last days as God continues to reveal
Himself to mankind " that they are without excuse" Romans 1:20. I
believe the war on origin will become very prominent once again, as
believers gain a sense of confidence and purpose in speaking the truth, as it is
written. This battle has been rather quiet in recent years -– as the religion
of evolution
has made many converts, even if only by default (indifference
to the truth due to public pressure)!

The obvious question was given to Dr Ballard as to whether or
not he felt the find made a link between the concept of Noah and a great flood.

"It's clear a vast amount of real estate is under water
and a vast amount of people were living (here)" he said... "we are testing
the theory (Flood -– ed's note) and so far have not found any holes in it."

Scientists, like the rest of us, walk by faith. It must be
devastating to have one's faith and 'self interest' challenged by evidence
of a much bigger, more intelligent being. Science of course is the child of
Christian thought...and much like the prodigal son, has been away squandering
its identity for long enough -– and really needs to return home in praise of
the Creator.