Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

To Omega Times

I sympathise with your organisation as well as the Smith
family, over the loss of Barry Smith. He was one fine man, wasn't he. Even
though I didn't know him personally, I felt I did. He was so transparent, open
and honest and I loved his sense of humour. I like that he didn't take himself
too seriously and did not seem to elevate himself into an expert or authority,
but gave any credit to his Creator.

He had a genuine concern for people...

I've also found most of the other contributors to Omega
Times very helpful and interesting, especially Andrew Smith's "The Pendulum
is Swinging."

Andrew comes across as sensible and inspiring -– keep it up.
Also the Anderson's funny slant on life, and Rebecca Capell's thoughts.

I send my Omega Times on to my mother, who sends it to my
sister in Sydney...

Thank you
Veronica Williams, Otago


Dear Veronica

As I understand it, most bereaved people feel as if their
departed loved one was that little bit 'extra special'. And that's exactly
how I feel when I sit and think of my special father. He was a friend like no
other friend and I deeply miss him. Where I feel absolutely privileged is that I
have not been left to carry 'any baggage' or regrets from issues not put
right or things left unsaid. He was a busy man, who always put people first. I
have listened to many criticisms of Barry Smith over the years and have watched
him keep a sweet spirit and continue to do his work for his Lord. Just before
Dad died we received a letter from another ministry which said mean things,
along the lines of 'Barry being wrong, because he preached a popular gospel
because of peer group pressure'. I chuckle now, because Dad has run his race
and lived as best he could for God. We continue our race... and God will be the
righteous judge of all of us. Sometimes we are so busy critiquing other peoples'
Christian walks, we forget to live for Christ. Dad's concern for people was
Christ-like and I pray I can be like him/Him.

I am pleased you have enjoyed the contributions of other
writers. Different perspectives produce the most interesting colour in life.

Blessings in Jesus, Ed

Dear team

...Even though I missed the opportunity of ever meeting your
dad, Andrew & family, I felt that I knew him and grew to love him as it was
your father's books that drew me into a renewed fellowship with the Saviour.

This is a small part of your Dad's faithfulness to service
for King Jesus and yes God says in His Word: "So shall my word be that goeth
forth out of my mouth, it shall not return to me void, But it shall accomplish
that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."
Isaiah 55:11...

You see Andrew, God chooses all things for His own glory.

My father was tragically murdered when I was 8 years old so I
didn't have the privilege of knowing and having a father figure in my life.

God had His reasons for such a happening and now I am in
prison I can see how God allowed me to run my own life in my own strength
knowing that sooner or later He would bring me to a place where I would have to
sit down and listen to this still voice which I did listen to many years ago...

Rebecca's article "Wait a Minute" -– Omega Times,
August 2002, spoke to me on the subject that while we are impatient we are to
wait on God's timing as His timing is always perfect...

What you have done to and for me over the last few years in
your unique ministry is more than I deserve...

Richest Blessings to you.
David, NZ

Dear David

Great to receive your letter and encouragement. There is
never a day goes past when I don't thank God for a good father figure. I am a
father and I have been given a great template to work from by my Dad. My heart
aches for many who haven't experienced a father, or have not had a good
example of a father. The promise of God is sure, even in the most vulnerable
place of our hearts "When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will
take me up" Psalm 27:10.

Actually, the whole of Psalm 27 is a favourite of mine.

Yes, your own tragic circumstances have purpose in God, and
you know it well. How good to be able to say I am washed clean, and can live in
newness of life -– all because of Jesus. Doesn't take away all of the issues
we need to deal with -– but certainly puts things into perspective.

I'm learning pretty much the same lessons as you -– God's
grace is more than any of us deserve and I am more thankful now than I've ever

Christian love brother, Ed

Dear Andrew

We witnessed Barry's funeral, which was more like a
revival, with beautiful music, praise, openness, warmth and hospitality... If
attending church was like this, I would want to go every day and never want to

Barry Smith taught (and warned us) about many topics, one of
his favourites was, the Mark of the Beast as spoken of in the book of Revelation 13:16-18...

Another issue, also linked to this system is the introduction
of Unit Standards... Those in charge make out that standards are improving and
the knowledge economy is the way. In reality, this introduction has seen the
accompanied disintegration and destruction of our education system, eg. school
certificate, which was proven...

James & Raechal Smith Sth Canterbury


Dear James and Raechal

I very much enjoyed Barry's funeral myself -– he made it
easy for us, and God's comfort was there. I agree, a church which operated a
similar style of worship and warmth would be most appreciated by many -– made
up of living stones who want to glorify God... sounds neat. There are pockets of
life (people) around like this!

The education system is an area I am not very familiar with
other than what I hear through the media, and my personal contact with families
all over the world. My only experience of unit standards was in the area of
manufacturing -– and the whole process of trying to get my staff through their
trade certificates via the unit standards authority seemed a waste of time and
money -– a frustrating collection of experiences. It's a long story, but I
had four staff who we battled for over a number of years and I just wished we
could go back to the old 'simple apprenticeship system' -– and let a
persons work speak for him. I have not had experience elsewhere in this field.

The real results of the effectiveness of the current
education system, in terms of equipping youngsters to function well and offer a
contribution to society, is a debatable topic. If the information in an article
we printed in last months edition of Omega Times "I'll learn you how to read
and write" is anything to go by, we're in trouble.


Dear Andrew

Greetings! from the south.

Just read your item of -– I'll "learn you" how to read
and write...

As a 77 year young man I am NOT SURPRISED about this.

The root of the problems in Britain goes back to the *BALFOUR
DECLARATION* And the negating of this contract with the Jewish people.

This morning as my daily Bible reading, I came across in
Esther 6:13b -– "If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of
Jewish descent, you will NOT PREVAIL against him, But will surely fall before
him." (NKJV) And Zechariah 2:8 we read in the Living Bible, "He who touches
the Jews, touches the apple of God's eye."...

But Britain went wrong when they negated on the Balfour
treaty. Since then they have gone down hill very fast.

They lost their colonies. Their land is over run with all
sorts of coloured people. Christianity is non existing and Islam is now the
prominent religion in Britain...

I also say New Zealand my adopted country is not very far
behind Britain. Secular -– gay activities -– many moslems. In general this
people in the land has turned away from the Living GOD our Creator...

Yours sincerely
Nick Groot, West Otago


Dear Nick

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the 'Balfour Declaration',
though a blessing to the Zionist movement (and part of the fulfilment of the
prophecies concerning the return of the Jews to their land) certainly carried
with it a number of stings in its tail -– creating issues which remain central
to complications betweens Palestinians and Jews in the land of Israel today. I,
like you, believe that God is true to His Word and does not bless double

You will no doubt find Patrick Ikiua's article "Strangers
In The Land" of interest with regard to the fruit of tolerance of other gods
in the land.

Blessings Ed

Dear Sir,

I have enclosed a pamphlet that was dropped into my letter
box today. I am a subscriber to your paper, and after I read this enclosed
material I was quite confused. Some of my family and my own adult children ask
me whether this or that is true regarding conspiracy theories and some of this
new angle is unfamiliar to me. If you have time you might like to read it, tho'
I know it regards Australian Politics. 

Thank you
Susan Daniels, West Australia


Dear Susan,

With regard to any conspiracy type theory -– I read it all
with interest and watch for further evidence or verification. With much of the
material which fits with the conspiracy label, often personal agendas or
persuasions are being bandied around and only bring about the negative fruit of

The article in question from the pamphlet you sent states
that a rogue faction within the US Military was responsible for the 9/11
massacre. I struggle with this sort of claim simply because of lack of useful
evidence. I have little problem believing that there are probably officials
based in the US Military, CIA and other Govt positions who know more than they
are letting on, and possibly have blood on their hands, but a rogue military
group called the 'Reichstag Fire'...? Seems almost as unlikely as a cave
dweller from Afghanistan learning to fly a plane. I will see what I can uncover
about this group. The alternative extreme to believing every theory put forward
is to believe only that which is sanctioned by public opinion -– which can be
equally erroneous. If you really care about an issue, research it until you come
to a conclusion. If no conclusion can be reached, learn to hide things away in
your heart and wait for verification. Time will tell


Dear Andrew

...I consider it to be a very special privilege to have been
accepted during a time of crisis and uncertainty in my life, (at the age of only
eighteen) into the family of God, a decision I have never regretted...

One of [Barry Smith's] cassettes... "After Death What"
-– Barry has explained in terms, that I have never really understood before,
about what happens to the body, spirit and soul after departure from this life.
As mentioned above, although I am certain my name is already down in the Lamb's
book of life, while watching the cassette the Lord laid it upon my heart to make
doubly sure that I was going to be with Him. Therefore, at the end of the tape I
followed through with Barry and the other saved souls and once again recited the
believer's prayer of repentance. I didn't want to miss out on a single
second of the glorious salvation that the Lord has to offer for those that
believe on His name...

Sincerely in Christ
R. Muir, Victoria


Dear Robert

It's quite neat isn't it Robert -– speaking on a topic
like 'After death -– what', and then looking forward to passing through the
'Psalm 23 valley' yourself.

I love your enthusiasm -– it's encouraging to read your
letters and be reminded that God's salvation is glorious. It can be
easy to lose sight of this in the business of life.

Looking forward to meeting with many 'family members' and
discussing the grace of God toward us throughout all of eternity (Ephesians 2 is
a wonderful chapter).

Blessings in Jesus Ed