EU – Final World Empire

EU - Final World Empire

EU - Final World Empire - Part 2

Just a few prophetic ministries give insights into the
Rapture and the end of the church age that follows, the rise and fall of
Antichrist, the seven-year Great Tribulation - the worst time in the history of
the world - and the soon destruction of most of the world's population, cities,
seas, and civilisations with plagues, meteor strikes, earthquakes, and huge
hailstones. A blueprint for the end of the world? No, but the end of man's
misrule of the world and the end of up to three-quarters of the present
population of earth. No other generation has had the means to destroy all flesh
and as Matthew says (Matt. 24:22): "And except those days should be shortened,
there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be
shortened." Consider, too, that no other generation has had the facility to
control all buying or selling by computer marks, so the end-times "mark of the
beast" could not have happened until recently.

I am indebted to men of God like the Rev. Dr. Noah Hutchings
of Southwest Radio Church Ministries of Oklahoma City, and all the staff of this
great prophetic ministry, who first kindled my interest in prophecy. And I thank
God that, as a journalist with a great fascination for the pattern of world
events and access to many sources of news, that I have been shown how these
truly are the times of the signs, the times of the end, when the last great
Bible prophecies will be fulfilled, culminating in the greatest event of all,
the return of Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, to finally defeat
Satan, Antichrist, and the false prophet and their hundreds of millions of

Hardly a day passes when I fail to detect some sign of the
end of history - United Nations' meetings on world religion and world
government, the increasing promotion of "one world" in school book days,
environment days and so on, a call for a global currency. The breaking down of
the nation state; the claim that nationality and pride in country is
old-fashioned, that the future is in shared sovereignty: "Sovereignty pooled
could be sovereignty renewed," as Britain's premier Tony Blair said in a
particularly idiotic quote, about as meaningful as departing American president
Bill Clinton shouting at his last Democratic convention as president: "Don't
stop thinking about tomorrow." We are governed by men without deep insights,
although my feeling is that our visible rulers are not really the ones pulling
the strings at all.

In 1844 British prime minister Disraeli wrote this mysterious
comment: "The world is governed by very different personages from what is
imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." Nelson Rockefeller, believed
by many to be the main financier of the New World Order, wrote in The Future of
Federalism in 1962: "The nation state is becoming less and less competent
to perform its international political tasks. These are some of the reasons
pressing us to lead vigorously toward the true building of a new world order.
Sooner perhaps than we realise there will evolve the basis for a federal
structure of the free world."

Occasionally the hidden hands pulling our world into one huge
global superstate, ruled by a powerful elite, are revealed. In particular the
role that covert American operations have played in dragging Britain into the
mire of Euroland has been shown in declassified American government documents.
These reveal that the U.S. intelligence community ran a covert campaign in the
1950s and 1960s to push for a united Europe. It directed and funded the European
federalist movement - and behind the scenes were the usual suspects from the
Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, long controlled by "one-world" enthusiasts
keen to abolish the nation state.

Incidentally, a report in the Financial Times of September
22, 2000, said that Belgian's prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, had just called
for the creation of a full-fledged European army "in the relatively short
term." He has an ambitious plan for deepening EU integration. How the Euro
army, set to be in place by 2003, will fit in with NATO is unclear, but many,
from Lady Margaret Thatcher on down, think NATO can only be weakened by it.

The U.S. documents confirm fears voiced at the time that,
behind the scenes, America was trying to push Britain into a United States of
Europe. One memorandum of July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to
promote a fully integrated European parliament, much as now exists in Brussels
and Strasbourg, twin homes of the European superstate. This document is signed
by General William J. Donovan, head of America's wartime Office of Strategic
Services, forerunner of today's CIA. Belgian's premier says that a charter of
fundamental "rights" currently being drawn up in Brussels can be a
stepping stone to an EU constitution. Did those Americans realise how successful
they would be, and the true nature of the monster they would help unleash on the

The astonishing documents were found by Joshua Paul, a
researcher at Georgetown University in Washington and include files released
from the U.S. National Archives. America used the American Committee for a
United Europe, formed in 1948, to pursue its agenda. This committee was chaired
by General Donovan. The vice-chairman was Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA
in the fifties. On the board were the CIA's first director, Walter Bedell
Smith, and people who had worked for the OSS and also the CIA.

The documents found by Mr. Paul show that the American
Committee for a United Europe financed the European Movement, the most important
federalist Organisation in the post-war era. In one year, 1958, it provided 53.5
percent of the movement's funds. The European Youth Campaign, an offshoot of the
European Movement, was wholly funded and controlled by Washington. The Belgian
director, Baron Boel, received monthly payments in a special account, according
to a report from Washington by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of London's Daily
Telegraph, who says that when the head of the European Movement, Joseph
Retinger, bridled at this degree of American control and tried to raise funds in
Europe he was quickly reprimanded.

Says Evans-Pritchard in a report headed:
"Euro-federalists financed by U.S. spy chiefs": "The leaders of the
European Movement - Retinger, the visionary Robert Schuman and the former
Belgian prime minister Paul-Henri Spaak - were all treated as hired hands by
their American sponsors." Interestingly, the pope has recently started the
canonisation process for Schuman and two other fathers of the European
Community, viewing them as "saints" and the whole process as "heaven
sent." Via the conduit of the CIA and Rockefeller money, seemingly ...

The role of the Americans was strictly covert and the funds
came from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and business groups with close
ties to the U.S. government. The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer
Paul Hoffman, later doubled as head of ACUE in the late fifties. The State
Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11,
1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, (from the
title of which the word "economic" was later stealthily dropped) to
pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the
point at which "adoption of such proposals would become virtually
inescapable." America also played a behind-the-scenes role in persuading
the Danes to join the then European Economic Community.

The "great Danes" showed their independence in
October 2000, however, by voting decisively not to join the Euro, thus throwing
a Scandinavian spanner in the works of the "great project" and refusing to
do what their press and media told them. They were immediately punished when
their government raised interest rates, unnecessarily in the view of financial
experts. In fact, it is the sickly Euro which is constantly ailing and in need
of support from the world's treasuries. In its first year it lost a quarter of
its value against the dollar - what a great investment!

Other newly declassified American government files show that
the U.S. tried to influence key figures in Denmark's political elite after the
war, while funding and directing Euro federalist groups. The files reveal that
Jens Otto Krag, the prime minister who took Denmark into what was then called
the Common Market in 1972, was a guest of the Bilderberg Group. These are top
political, newspaper, and industrial figures, including bankers and treasury
mandarins, from Europe and America, who meet in secret to "guide" the future
of the world. At that time the Bilderbergers were promoting European
integration, which was also U.S. government policy, despite its seemingly
obvious disadvantages for America.

It is particularly interesting that this tiny glimpse into
the activities of the Bilderberg Group came to light as I was writing this book,
for although they, and groups like the Trilateral Commission in America, are
widely suspected of manipulating the world agenda, hard evidence is difficult to
come by, although we know that many senior politicians are invited to Bilderberg
meetings - men like Tony Blair, Britain's current prime minister. He claimed, in
a speech made in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of his successful 2001 re-election
campaign, that it is somehow patriotic to get rid of your national currency - a
real Alice in Wonderland view! Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Britain's doughty
former prime minister, stated in June 2001 that Blair is a man committed to the
extinction of the nation of Britain. Many of my friends in the Christian
"end times" arena suspect the hand of shadowy organisations - and
other secret societies - behind some world leaders and political movements and
much of what happens in the world seemingly by accident. However, as a
journalist I like to have proof.

Sometimes the shape of things to come casts a long shadow
beforehand. For example, one former British army officer believes that Europe's
future was decided in 1940. In a letter to the Daily Telegraph (London) which
appeared on November 2 6, 1997, under the heading "Euro Visions,"
Graham Langmead, of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, wrote the following:


The first I heard of a common European currency was from
[German] General Von Vietinghoff, to whom as a very junior officer I was escort
at Bologna in April 1945, just after he surrendered the German forces in the
central Mediterranean.

Apart from his outrage at being put in the charge of a 20
year old lieutenant, he let me know that a Franco-German agreement had taken
place in 1940, just after Dunkirk and the splitting of France into
"occupied" and "unoccupied" zones, and that Europe would become
one state controlled by Germany and France regardless of what happened from then
on. He boasted that Germany had obtained the agreement of France to run Europe
after the war, regardless of the military outcome. "The French are our
friends." He told me that there would be one currency which would create a
European state under German dominance.

Of course this has now happened and in January 2002 the euro
replaced national currencies in twelve European states.

(Taken from chapter one - EU - Final World Empire by Alan
Franklin. Used by permission)