In the beginning

In the beginning

In the beginning

The Book of Genesis is the foundation of three religions.

The religions are, in order of age, Judaism, Christianity and
Islam. This article is not the time look at comparative religions; we will
assume that the readers of this paper are Christians or those seeking a
Christian answer to the questions of life

As Psalms tells us " If the foundations be destroyed;
what can the righteous do"?

As we look around at the world around us we see disturbing
signs of the collapse of society, order is turning into chaos, there are floods
all over Europe, drought in the USA, (last month the problem was forest fires!)
and today I read of two earthquakes near Fiji, both over 7.0 on the Richter
scale .

Something is afoot .... and I don't mean the thing on the end
of your leg.

We are ignoring the foundations, and the edifice is crumbling
as a result.

This is easy to SAY, but how much do we know about the

Let's start at the beginning.

The first word written in the original Hebrew is
"Bereshit" (pronounced; bury sheet) It means " In the
beginning": In other words, "before this there was nothing; "da
nada", diddly squat, zilch, nothing"... You get the idea?
Before this, there wasn't even SPACE.

Because Space is something; okay, it may be an empty
something; but it's something.

There was -– GOD. The Bible tells us clearly, "In The
beginning was The Word."

So, in The beginning was God, The Word, and He created
The heavens and The Earth.

But there's a lot more to it than that.

There's science too; science has Laws and these Laws tell us
that Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 must be what happened.

The two main Laws of physics are the First and Second Laws of

The First Law of Thermodynamics tells us that energy is being
neither created nor destroyed; it must therefore have been created at
some time ... because it exists. Simple really.

The Second Law tells us that even though the total amount of
energy remains the same, the work the energy can do, gets less.

That means that order gradually turns into chaos; fires
eventually burn out, machines wear out and disorder increases. Entropy is the
fancy scientific word for disorder. Entropy increases - it's a Law of Science.
There are no known exceptions!

Some people may tell you that the Second Law of
Thermodynamics (often called the Law of Entropy to save space) only works in a
closed system and that the heat from the sun coming into the solar system reverses
the Law of Entropy. No it doesn't! Energy coming in from the outside increases
entropy. It increases disorder, it accelerates the process of decay.

As Christians we should look at science through the eyes of
the Bible. Science can tell us a lot about the Bible, if we let it.

For example there is another Law: the Law of Cause and
Effect. What this tells us is that the effect cannot be greater than the
cause. It is the basis of many scientific experiments.

So, let's apply this to creation. Where does knowledge come
from? The Bible tells us, "Jesus Christ, the source of all wisdom and
knowledge." But what about all those people out there who maintain that we
are descended from an amoeba, a flatfish or a monkey of some kind?

Evolution is supposed to answer the question of where we came
from. It cannot. 1) There is no evidence for evolution, and 2) It never happened
- so there can't be any evidence for it.

Hang on a cotton-picking minute Brother Mike! I've been
taught that there is tons of evidence for evolution! Were my teachers lying to

Well; yes and no. They didn't know that they were
telling you porkies because their teachers had told them porkies and so on, back
to about 1960.

So, what's the truth?

There are two things which dishonest or uninformed people
confuse to produce "proof" for evolution. The technique they use is
called "equivocation" it means to use one word to mean two things.

These two things are:

a) Adaptation (for which there is a massive amount of proof),

b) Evolution (for which there isn't a shred of evidence; it
never happened )

So, what's the difference?

Adaptation is what a wise God would have built-in; the
ability to be better at being what you are: and where you are. Adaptation makes
a dog a better dog, an amoeba a better amoeba and a bacterium a better

Take one of the classic "proofs" of evolution - DDT
resistant mosquitoes.

Apply "The Three Questions" (Do teach these
questions to your children too; every time someone says they have
"evidence" of evolution, ask these questions.)

What WAS it? ... A mosquito.

What IS it? ... A mosquito with a gene with resistance
to DDT.

What is it TURNING INTO? ... A mosquito which
is better at surviving in an environment where there is DDT.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Nope ... it's a

Evolution is the idea that one kind of creature (oops!) turns
into another kind of creature

Here's a definition of evolution accepted within the
scientific community. It is taken from the preface of "Darwin's Black
Box" by Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, USA

"Evolution is a flexible word, it can be used by one
person to mean something as simple as a change over time, or by another person
to mean the descent of all life forms from a common ancestor, leaving the
mechanism of change unspecified. In its full-throated, biological sense,
however, evolution means a process whereby life arose from non-living
matter and subsequently developed entirely by natural means. That is the sense
that Darwin gave to the word, and the meaning that it holds in the scientific

So, from this we can see that "dead chemicals somehow
turned into living readers of the Omega Times" IS what the
evolutionists ARE trying to "sell" to our schoolchildren and watchers
of TV.


Dead chemicals forming life - why?

Did they form a committee and decide to come alive?

Did they form the complicated chemicals of life, enzymes and
proteins by "accident"?

If it did happen in the wilds of nature, why can't scientists
see it happen today in their nice, sterile laboratories? They don't see it
because it never happened.

Lets step aside from the obvious physical similarities
between some creatures for a while and look at the things that are dissimilar.

Mammals are pretty similar, they tend to have two arms, two
legs, a skeleton which is recognisably similar and their body chemistry is
pretty similar too. Does this mean that they're related? Or does it imply that
they have a similar design for living in similar conditions in the same place
with the same chemicals around them?

A bacterium has about as much information in its DNA as there
are letters in a Bible, and, just like the letters in a Bible, the
information is organised and has meaning.

If you opened a Bible and were confronted by:-


Would it make ANY sense to you?

DNA is much the same. It contains four letters C, G, A and T
and these letters are put together in sequences that have meaning.

If you walked into a junkyard and saw a jumble of abandoned
advertising letters spelling "jnohovelsryam" on the ground you
wouldn't be too surprised; would you?

What would you think if they were arranged into "John
loves Mary"?

Same letters ... but ...suddenly they have meaning.

A demented hedgehog could have dragged the jumble of letters
into one place to make a nest ... but it requires intelligence to make a
sentence, and it requires understanding to make sense of a sentence

And your DNA makes clear sentences.

So it must have been arranged by someone with intelligence.

Who organised your DNA?

People will tell you that DNA strands for Deoxyribo Nucleic
Acid (and they'd be right!)

But, one day, I hope to get someone to make me an XL-sized;
maroon-coloured; cotton polo shirt with a discrete label on the left breast
(just over the heart)


Definitely No Accident.

And, if your DNA is Definitely No Accident; then you are
Definitely No Accident, you were put on this earth for a purpose and the God who
created all this wants to know you... personally !

If you want to know more about Him, read the box at the
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