Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Dear Ed

Re: The pendulum is swinging

Message: A couple of thoughts from several years working in
behaviour modification with disturbed young people:

1)  We found it unrealistic to assume that the whole
advertising industry had got it wrong, in fact they are right, if you advertise
chocolate you sell chocolate.  We therefore weren't surprised that if we
allowed the young people to watch violent programmes then we got a pretty
instant rise in the aggression level, the programmes 'sell' violence.

2)  'Responsibility' is a really awkward word, can't we
have a pill like Ritalin?  I'm sure (?) that it must have been just
coincidence that our experience of children, who had been 'diagnosed' with ADD
or ADHD, was that they behaved differently in a stable environment that required
responsible behaviour.

3)  It's really difficult to expect children to behave
responsibly when parents lie about their marriage vows, break laws ('little' or
large), aren't where they said they'd be when they said they would, use bad
language, bad mouth people behind their backs, and shirk their duties. 
It's even harder for kids whose parents don't go to church!
Come Lord Jesus! Simon

Thank you Simon
I appreciate your thoughts and comments -– I am interested
in the field in which you work -– there is so much to learn. Upon re-reading my
article (Pendulum: September 2002), I note it was certainly lengthy, and in hind
sight I think I attempted to cover too much information on several important
topics -– no doubt leading to some of your comments. I am rather passionate
about the topics mentioned.

1). The advertising industry have not 'got it wrong'.
They know exactly what they are doing...deliberate manipulation in many cases.

2). Stability and responsible behaviour from parents or
guardians is a prerequisite for expecting acceptable behaviour from children.
Even so, there are obviously genuine medical conditions where certain children
require 'medical or professional psychological assistance'. I maintain that
the majority of these social issues start in the home, and that unless parents
wake up to their responsibilities -– they can almost certainly expect a life
with disappointing consequences. Some reports I'm reading indicate that this
generation in particular is unique in that 'belief and behaviour' seem to
have no correlation whatsoever. Scary stuff -– indicating further, the
importance of instilling inner values and experiencing deep relationships.
Children are 'great observers and poor interpreters'.

3). I am surprised at how many people use the 'do as I say
-– not as I do' line. I am a parent and role model to younger people and I
have done the same thing on occasion. I trust I'm doing it less as I learn to
live more deliberately.

Dear Ed,
I am enjoying reading the paper. I read Barry's
books years ago. I have just read an article from December 2001. You
mention a little about the Mormons and the pole they have on their chapel
buildings. I have often been puzzled by them. No body could explain to me what
they meant. I was a member for 5 years. I left over a year ago now, because I
realised it was false. I was a born again Christian before I joined. But the
deception I got into was so strong. I am glad I never went to the temple...

But I have a question to ask if you don't mind. Would the
receiving baptism, and the Priesthood and a patriarchal blessing be still a
problem to my spiritual growth. Is repentance enough, or should I seek prayer or
ministry to get delivered from whatever. Since I have left, I struggle to feel
close to the Lord, the uncertainty I have about my salvation is almost too much
to bare at times. Even listening to sermons don't help much, It seems all I am
getting is information. They are not doing me any good (it seems). I am supposed
to have a personal relationship with the Lord but it seems that I do not
anymore. I worry that I am not a Christian. I have been a Christian 18
years, how different I feel now than when I first believed. I have felt like
this for years now.
Paul Reilly UK

Dear Paul
I have Mormon relations and have asked them questions
concerning the belief structure they hold. So much of Mormonism is 'done in
secret' it reminds me of the words of Jesus in John 3:21 "And he that doeth
truth cometh to the light that their deeds may be made manifest that they are
wrought in God'. They are not particularly forthcoming with information about
church beliefs and teaching -– won't let you know what goes on in their
temple = warning bells.

My cousin (an elder) can't see how we can address God as
'Father' (Matthew 6:9). It appears the relational side gets to him. Bottom
line Mormon teaching is all about 'Becoming gods' in your own right -– so
relating as a son to a father does not make sense to them. Neither to they
believe in the oneness of God -– Father, Son, Holy Ghost are separate entities.

The Mormon church is self seeking -– more about 'the
Mormon Church' than God. Joseph Smith (no relative) set the Church up this
way. Adherents revere him as equal with, or above the Lord Jesus Christ. Any
institution (whatever its called!) which puts itself in the place of Christ -–
is of an 'anti-christ' spirit. Christ stands alone.

I recommend you get hold of an excellent book "The God
Makers" by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt (Harvest House Publishers) which provides
useful information about the doctrinal areas of the church.

Re/. the curses associated with the church, which are
practically identical to the curses the Masonic Lodge oaths carry, I recommend
you find a born again Christian believer, and have them pray with you and break
any curses over you relating to Mormonism -– it is good to have a believer or
two confirm this in prayer with you. You can renounce the spirit of Mormonism
and false religion for yourself, including any curses over yourself or your
family. The blood of Jesus Christ God's son cleanses from all sin -– and
breaks every curse.

Re/. Salvation and feeling close to the Lord: read 1 John
5:11-14 -– great Scriptures. Fellowship and discussion with others is really
special and helps spur one on. David's words in Psalm 51 indicates he knew the
same feelings you're experiencing. Know that God has not missed even a minute
of your life -– His love for you is very real today.

Subject: Aliyah is Holy
Message: With reference to David Silver's article on Aliyah,
I wonder if I can get my point across without being labelled anti Semitic.

First of all, Mr Silver has split the Church in two by
referring to us as "Gentile Christians." I assume that he
means the others are Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews, a confusing
issue to my way of thinking in itself. A Gentile is a non Jew and can only be
seen from the Jewish perspective. The term is quite foreign to millions of
Christians worldwide, albeit with the push on (gradualism, Barry) to Judaize the
Church it is becoming more familiar. A Christian is a Christian, is a Christian!
A person who was found by their Saviour, has received the gift of faith and
accepted Him as Lord. We Christians call Him Jesus. We have been redeemed by His
blood at Calvary.

The life of a Christian begins at the cross, there is no
Gentile, Jew, Greek or whatever else, once we become His. We are the Church, the
Bride of Christ.

I pray, Maranatha! I believe that the Jews are God's chosen
people, through whom the nations of the earth have been blessed. It thrills me
to see the re settlement of Israel, this great nation being established again. I
am among those who believe that Israel has a right to ALL the land God promised
and ALL of Jerusalem but I am not a Christian Zionist.

Mr Silver says "It is the plan of God for "Gentile
Christians" to work with Him as He brings the Jews home. It is your calling
as a "Gentile Christian"." This is outright heresy. The
Scriptures do not teach us that, rather they teach that the plan of God is
redemption for the world through Jesus Christ.

Individual Christians are called to be salt and light in the
earth. If some find that they are light in the area of helping and witnessing to
Jews, I have no problem with that but to place the National Jewish problem on
Christians per se as has been done in this article is rather manipulative. I
personally feel that Christian energy and money would be put to better use by
evangelising them. Aliyah isn't going to keep them from Hell, only Jesus can do
that. I would like to remind Mr Silver that the Jews are returning to face The
Tribulation, so emphasis needs to be placed on their exposure to the Gospel.

I would say to Christians, beware. Aliyah  is not our
call. "Take the Gospel" is the call to the Church, "Follow
Me" is the call to individual Christians. Let's follow with our eyes open.
Satan will use every wile to distract us with the agendas of others and he will
place a condemning spirit of anti semitism upon us if we allow it.
Blessings in Christ, Rosie

Dear Rosie
I acknowledge you are not anti-Semitic!

Our problem really lies in the fact that we have a biblical
paradox surrounding the issue of Israel -– and the Church. The middle wall of
partition which separated Jew from Gentile has indeed been removed (Ephesians
2:11-22) through the blood of Jesus, and we can be called members together of
the household of faith. Having said that, the seeming contradiction occurs when
we find other passages which identify Israel out for 'a specific purpose'.
People such as David Silver are obviously passionate about their calling to
assist Jews to return to the land of Israel.

I believe God has ordained that different people should focus
on different mission-fields. That through different personalities and
characters, God has individuals ready to take the gospel effectively to 'many
people groups'. And in certain places some believers may not even get to meet
a Jew in their life time let alone help them get back to the Holy Land... I
think the general ideas is to be aware of the work of Aliyah and support the
work in prayer.

The work of reaching the Jewish people is a specialist work,
as is the work of reaching your next door neighbour -– and God would have us
work His work wherever we feel He has called us (the desires of our hearts).
Take away free choice -– and we have a cult -– or manipulation as you have

Re/. David Silvers message re/. Aliyah, I'm certain if God
wants your involvement in this vital ministry He will make it abundantly clear
to you! I do not believe David was deliberately trying to put a condemning
spirit across BUT can see why you might see it this way.

Subject: Re: Down with the rapture
Message: While I love the Omega times prophetic news and
God's now departed servant Barry Smith.

I have a different view myself of the timing of the rapture.
I have a post tribulation view, I was originally a believer in pre trib, but
through prayerful study I can see nothing but theories in the pre-tribulation
view. We are taken out at the last trumpet, the 7th trumpet as stated in 1
Corinthians 15:52 which is after the tribulation, there are many scriptures
pertaining to the last trumpet, Noah was saved and went through the tribulation
but was unscathed he was on the water. The Israelites were saved and went
through the tribulation in goshen, they had the blood of the lamb on the door
posts. Daniel was saved and went through the tribulation, the lions couldn't
touch him. Sahdrach, meshach, and abednego was saved in the fire they went
through the tribulation. It's interesting that the book of Daniel deals much
with the endtimes, and Daniel and the others in this book had to stand and not
bow down to the antichrist of that hour, this is a pattern and a warning to the
us the church about the days ahead. Some of the scriptures used in order to
allow the church to go home before the tribulation do not fit even by trying to
make them fit, they just do not fit the pattern of the word of God. This pre
trib theory is just that "a theory".

The two witnesses are alive on the earth today, The Elijah
anointing is in our midst, John the baptist was the Elijah to come, he was the
forerunner of the coming of Christ, and the Elijah anointing is in our midst
once again and the two witnesses will be operating in the Elijah anointing, and
they go right after the tribulation in the rapture when we do. This is not
something that I have tried to make fit, this is just what I know by revelation
from the Holy Ghost. However the rapture position is not a salvation issue and
brothers and sisters should not fight about it. The most important thing is to
keep your heart ablaze for Jesus, to not depart from your first love
"Jesus", if that is in order then every thing else will flow from
Peter Sweeney

Dear Peter
I am pleased that you are clear in your mind over this issue.
You have raised some interesting points. I have peace about the timing also,
even though I see things a little differently from yourself. I like the way you
end your letter -– and cannot wait until we meet together with all of the
believers in Christ, those who get it right, and those who get it wrong. We are
exhorted to keep watching. That could be because we need to adjust our views
accordingly... We are exhorted to bless one another and enjoy fellowship.
Provided your view (or mine) does not evoke division or separation from other
believers -– or God Himself, I think we can believe whatever we want about
this. One day we'll know for sure