From the editor

From the editor

From the editor

Dear Friends

The year is spinning past at an incredible pace -– and I'm
sure most of us will be feeling the effects of the inevitable end of year
stretch (our society tends to follow this pattern annually). We Smith's feel
that this year twill be a good one to get behind us. It hasn't been easy, and
God has proven Himself to us again and again.

Professor Albert Eistein gave what he believed was the best
formula for success in life. "If a is success in life, I should say the
formula is a equals x plus y plus z, x being
work, and y being play."

"And what is z?" inquired the interviewer?

"That," he answered, "is keeping your mouth shut"

In the book of James 3:2 we read "...If any man offend
not in word, the same is a perfect man and able also to bridle the whole body".

There's our challenge -– and Jesus is our example.

Have a good month monitoring the words of your mouth...