Smacks of confusion

Smacks of confusion

Smacks of confusion

How nice to hear someone speaking sense periodically. The
book of Proverbs is as relevant today as its ever been, even though modern
society would rather duck and dive to get past some of what is considered 'old
fashioned' thinking. Certainly excessive behaviour has come under the
spotlight as abuses of authority have been sited. The book of Proverbs infers a
very controlled, deliberate mandate for parents to raise disciplined children
-– who have a future (vision) and useful attitudes in place to carry them
forward, from where they are to where they want to be...Proverbs 29:17-18 talks
about the need for correction (verse 15 -– refers to the medium for correction,
being the rod and reproof): and the forming of a healthy vision, which
emerges from adherence to 'law'. It's not talking about the legal system
-– it's talking about the principles of Gods law, which include repect for
the laws of the land!

"...Smacking was banned in British state schools in 1986.
Four years ago the ban was extended to include the country's 200-odd
fee-paying schools.

Barrister Paul Diamond laid out the schools' case before
three of the country's top judges on the opening day of the appeal.

'It is a central tenet of the Christian religion that
mankind is born with a heart inclined to all kinds of evil,' he said.

'Discipline in the educational context is therefore vital.'

Diamond argued that corporal punishment, which he said was a
proportionate response to wrongdoing and had no lasting physical effect on a
child, is not prohibited by the European Convention on Human Rights..."
Waitako Times
, 15 May 2002.

Meanwhile -– in American (only in America) a women is suing
her lawyer for emotional distress, in a malpractice suit following a courtroom
ordeal: where the lawyer apparently 'pulled his client across his lap, lifted
her skirt and slapped her buttocks to keep her from fidgeting in an effort to
make her testimony more believable' Dominion Post 17.10.02. Now perhaps if
this naughty lady's parents had performed the disciplinary action at home at
the right time of her life, she may not have been in this predicament -– she
was apparently awarded US$250,000 to help her deal with the trauma.