The US role in the New World Order

The US role in the New World Order

The US role in the New World Order

As we have pointed out in our other publications, US.
Presidents are not elected, they are chosen by the New World Order planners.

Proof 9

See the quote in our book 'Final Notice', page 220. New
Zealand 'Herald', 5th November 1980. "Websters in Early for Last Word.
The Republican challenger, Mr Ronald Reagan, has caused a major upset in the
United States Presidential elections by beating Mr Jimmy Carter.

So in effect says the latest edition of Webster's
Dictionary, even though Americans do not go to the polls until later today to
decide their President for the next four years.

...Mr Reagan has been listed in the dictionary as the 40th
President of the United States
, along with his 39 predecessors...

The presumption or genuine mistake by the Chicago Publishers
Consolidated Book Publishers, has dumb-founded the American Consul-General in
Auckland. "Unbelievable", was his first word.

...Auckland representatives of the publishers were just as
surprised and had no explanations."
End quote. (Emphasis added).

 Proof 10

Our first book 'Warning' had a 'Stop Press' on page
169. Quote - "Obviously it is all planned that Reagan was chosen to be
nought but a stepping stone for George Bush, the next One World Government man
to ascend the throne of power
" End quote.

We were interviewed before the election via satellite. The
programme was entitled 'Andrew Carroll at 7'.

Q. Who will win the election in the US. tonight?
A. George Bush.
Q. You sound very confident. How can you be so sure?
A. It's in my book. George Bush belonged to so many
world government groups that there remains no doubt at all - Council on Foreign
Relations, Bilderbergers (Europe), Director of the C.I.A., The Order (Yale
University)" End quote.

Sure enough, he got the job.

You may wonder why he was replaced by Bill Clinton, after his
doing so well in obeying his planner bosses and announcing the New World Order?

The answer is that he became stressed and ill with Graves
Disease, and also unfortunately vomited on a high Japanese official. This did
not go down well in diplomatic circles.

Is Bill Clinton a New World Order man?

Yes. His initial speech at his inauguration told us this. "Eye
has not seen, ear has not heard, what we can do for you." This is called 'esoteric
'. You take a Biblical text, mutilate it, and cause it to say
something that it was not meant to say. The correct verse reads as follows and
applies only to born again, committed believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered
into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

(1 Corinthians 2:9)

Bill Clinton attended the New World Order Bilderbergers
Conference in Europe where all was explained. His role was to fill in, keep
people occupied discussing his unorthodox and flamboyant lifestyle, then be
prepared to step aside if necessary.

In spite of the number of scandals against him, he has
already been chosen to move on into a second term. Should he be a good boy and
does what he's told, he will be allowed to stay on. His running mate,
Vice-President A ...l G.....e, is a New World Order man also, geared more to the
Greenie movement and Mother Earth than anything else. George Bush used to
mockingly call him 'Ozone Man'.

Should Mr Clinton step out of line, there is always a

It is noticeable that, like other vice-presidents before him,
he keeps a very low profile. One columnist wrote "A...l G.....e is so boring
his secret service name is A....l G......e. Another wrote, that the only reason
Clinton has not been shot is because the alternative could be worse."

Oh well. Such is life in politics. I'm sure they are both
doing the best they can.

People, being people, unwisely tend to say nasty things about
others whom they have not even met.

A Future Trojan Horse President

As we have made very clear throughout this book, our subject
is not about personalities who are merely pawns in the game. This is why
we do not print their full names of the small-time players for future
generations to read. These people will all pass on having played their part in
fulfilling the ancient prophecies.

Here today - gone tomorrow, yet, "He that doeth the will of
God, abideth forever."

The two apparent contenders for the 1996 elections are:

a) Bill Clinton -Democrats
b) Bob Dole - Republicans - down in the polls during 1996
with Newt Gingrich - Republican adviser

Many voters feel Bob Dole is too old.

Many Americans fear House speaker Gingrich and his plans to
follow New Zealand.

That leaves Bill Clinton who has a number of scandals to
face, possibly after 5 November 1996. Next he could find himself-

a) In court
b) In his grave
c) Impeached (as was Richard Nixon before him)

History tells us, that even if a man is perceived to be less
that honest, and even a rascal, people will often re-elect them. They say "He's
cunning, audacious, and a stranger to the truth, yet he sure gets things done.
Better the devil you know..."

However, the world at large is far more forgiving in this our
day. They feel a sense of relief and can say "Our leaders can do it and get
away with it so we need not feel guilty."

The same situation applies in Great Britain with certain
members of the Royal Family kicking up 'bobsie di'!

We will watch the elections keenly and watch for the New
World Order Trojan Horse President who will sell out his country.

Some believe that the 1996 elections could turn out to be the
second to last, if not the last elections, Americans will ever see.

Very soon, we will see massive changes taking place in the U

  1. A crisis in some form i.e. possibly similar to the Oklahoma
    bombing, will irritate the Federal Government.
  2. F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Act) will be
    introduced, giving the President all the executive powers of government.
  3. A state of emergency will be declared.
  4. The U.S. Constitution must be suspended and revised.
    The New Columbia Constitution must therefore take precedence over the old one,
    and citizens must be made aware of this.
  5. The US. will decline rapidly in power and undergo a massive
    tragedy as a nation. The ancient prophecies describe a system called 'Mystery
    Babylon' as leading trade and religion.

The religious base for the World Church is no doubt the
city of the 7 hills - Rome - Mystery Babylon - Religion.

Note well!! - Within this area lies the sovereign state - The

"And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads
are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which
reigneth over the kings of the earth."
(Revelation 17:9&18) End quote.

"The city, as everybody knows, was built on seven hills.
The highest of these, the Capitoline, has an elevation of only 194 feet,
the lowest, the Esquiline is 100 feet high. These are called the Classic

We visited this area during 1996, and asked our tour guide to
specifically point out these two hills.

6. The world base for trade and economy is another
aspect to be investigated. Mystery Babylon will also head up world trade. The
details are found in the writings of Jeremiah the Prophet, and the Apostle John
in his book of Revelation.

Here are some of the characteristics:

Does this apply to the U.S.A.?

  1. The youngest of the nations - Jeremiah 50:12
  2. Born from a mother country (which was Britain for the
    U.S.). Jeremiah 50:12.
  3. A mighty military and political power - Jeremiah 50:23.
  4. An arrogant, proud, and haughty nation - Jeremiah 50:31.
  5. People of foreign descent - Jeremiah 50:37.
  6. Covetousness reigns as the people live sumptuously, but
    want more while many in the world are starving - Jeremiah 50:38.
  7. Nation with a Godly heritage - Jeremiah 51:7.
  8. A nation of great wealth and prosperity - Jeremiah 51:13.
  9. Great attainments - Jeremiah 51:53.
  10. Space travellers - Jeremiah 51:53.
  11. A home for the cults and occult practises - Revelation 18:2.
  12. Worldwide immorality - Revelation 18:2.
  13. Large in foreign aid - Revelation 18:3.
  14. Large importers to satisfy the lust of the people -
    Revelation 18:3.
  15. Centre of Christianity - Revelation 18:4.
  16. Excessive crime, sexual permissiveness, homosexual
    freedom, decadence of marriage vows, etc - Revelation 18:5.
  17. Proud and boastful people - Revelation 18:7.
  18. Other countries' economic strength depends on her
    economic strength - Revelation 18:9-19.
  19. World Trade Centre - Revelation 18:11-13.
  20. Extravagant tastes - Revelation 18:14.
  21. Nation of influential cities - Revelation 18:18.
  22. Nation known for her music - Revelation 18:22.
  23. Nation known for her crafts (manufacturing capabilities) -
    Revelation 18:22.
  24. Nation known for her food production - Revelation 18:22.
  25. Her businessmen and great corporations are known
    world-wide - Revelation 18:23.

Now it is obvious that this does not refer to Saddam Hussein's
modern Iraq, which is built in the area of ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia
between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

(Reprinted from Better Than Nostradamus -– Chapter 21)