Final World Empire – Part 5

Final World Empire - Part 5

Final World Empire - Part 5

Already there are indications of moves to limit what can be
preached as torrents of 'equality' legislation pour out of Brussels for
enforcement across Europe. It is little known that Article 51 of the EU Charter
states that fundamental rights can be suppressed "if it is necessary and
genuinely meets objectives of general interest being pursued by the Union."
Human rights are unlikely to extend for long to those of us who oppose the
creation of a superchurch - or "great whore church" as the Bible so pithily
calls it. As I write, proposed new laws in Britain, supposedly aimed at
restricting incitement to religious hate crimes, look likely to restrict any
criticism of false religions.

Many one-world-minded news organisations already voluntarily
suppress the truth. Tony Pearce, director of the Messianic Testimony and
publisher of the end times newsletter Light for the Last Days, wrote this in the
Spring 2000 edition, under the heading 'Government control of the media - how
safe is our democracy?':

"An area of concern such [one world] groups have is how to
manage popular opinion through the media. At a meeting of the Trilateral
Commission in 1991, its founder, David Rockefeller, said: 'We are grateful to
the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great
publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their
promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would not have been possible for
us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights
of publicity during those years.'"

I met a Baptist whose mission field was in France. He was
forbidden to place an advertisement about his church meetings in three local
newspapers, on the grounds that his church was a 'cult.' In the end he had
to distribute flyers door to door. Britain's Evangelical Alliance has noted
that evangelical Christians are perceived by the EU as a sect and MEP David
Hallam says that a European resolution on sects and cults permits the
fast-growing European police force, Europol, to carry out surveillance on such
groups. This armed force will soon be operating across borders and be
responsible to the politically appointed judges of Strasbourg, operating outside
national law. It is already collecting intelligence files on people, even those
of us without criminal records! This police force, working with an EU public
prosecutor, will itself have immunity from prosecution, by the way - yet another
reason why many of us feel the superstate is already becoming quite sinister in
nature. On October 7, 2000, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported in his Daily
Telegraph Eurofile column that EU ministers had agreed to extend the powers of
Europol, the European police office. He said that Europol will soon be able to
investigate money-laundering stemming from all forms of crime. He points out
that this will create an open-ended mandate, since most crime involves the
handling of money at some stage. In fact, it seems Europol itself may have
already become too keen on handling money, for in June 2001, the Dutch criminal
authorities said that the European Union's top police agency was itself under
investigation - for alleged fraud and money laundering! A report in the Times of
London, published on June 16, 2000, was headed: "EU plans its own police
force." The report stated that hundreds of British police would play a key
role in a new Europe-wide civil disorder squad being planned by EU states. The
plan is that the force will run in parallel with the military rapid reaction
force currently being developed. Said the Times: "Under the proposals EU
states would contribute police officers with specialist skills into a
5,000-strong pan-European force. Under the proposed force, special multinational
units would be sent to uphold the law under the auspices of the EU, rather than
by a member state government." This is very clever and follows the old Roman
principle of never deploying the Roman legions to the country where they were
recruited. That way there are no divided loyalties. For example, as I write the
spearhead of the British Army is deployed in Kosovo.

On a visit to Strasbourg I was shown the French riot police,
permanently deployed with their vehicles a few hundred yards from the EU
parliament building. An EU minder recounted with glee how, when French peasant
farmers were protesting at the building against the loss of their livings, they
were brutally ambushed by this ruthless force, armed with steel-tipped wooden
clubs, CS gas, and every kind of modern police attack weapon. I suspect that the
first deployment of such a force into Britain will come as something of a shock,
as we are used to a mainly unarmed, mainly friendly force of 'Bobbies" who
are, broadly speaking, on the side of the citizen. I am also intrigued as to
where all these extra policemen are coming from, as all the police forces in
Britain have mounted major recruitment drives to solve significant manpower
shortages. Apparently, Europe can have what it wants of our scarce resources.
The new supranational force will enforce one-world politics and one-world

Fundamentalists' pulpits, the only places where the truth
of God's Word is currently heard, will fall silent as the one-world church
enforces its own version of spirituality. The liberal "caring" agenda will
be prominent and we will also be urged to pray for the environment, to look
after "Mother Earth," all the things that our selectively educated
populations want to hear, brainwashed as they have been by the green agenda, or
the big green lie machine, as I have called it. These deluded people are the
enemies of God: I have a green activist's newsletter which ends with a salute
to Gaia, the earth goddess.

What will the conditions be like just prior to our Lord's
return? Let's look at eschatology, what the Bible's prophets foretell.
Remember, as I said, unlike any other religious book, the Bible alone dares
predict the future. In the Book of Revelation, the seventh and final letter to
the churches is to the Laodicean church, the apostate, lukewarm church. It says,
in part: "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou
wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I
will spue thee out of my mouth" (Revelation 3:15-16). Laodicea means "indifferent"
or "lukewarm." The Holy Spirit is absent from this apostate church, just as
He is absent from many churches in America and Britain today. Paul confirms in 2
Thessalonians 2:1-3 that before the day of the Lord comes men will be in danger
of being beguiled and that when the "falling away' from the true gospel
happens, the man of sin will be revealed, the son of perdition" or Antichrist.
So in the closing years of the church age the Bible says it is inevitable that
the church becomes apostate. Since the 1940s the liberal, ecumenical movement
has grown greatly, preaching tolerance of everything except biblical
fundamentals. Later in this book we will look at some of their acts and antics,
from the bishop who says that being gay is like having ginger hair, to the
vicars who bless the babies of homosexual couples. In the apostate church,
ecumenism is the order of the day, with every town featuring an Organisation
called "churches together" holding joint activities and united promotions.