For the times…

For the times...

For the times...

With this pen, I write once more,
About Jesus, God, and of His law.

These words they come from everywhere,
I write them 'cause I think I care.

But God I think has started this,
Not hate, not love, not my first kiss.

They come to me, like a dream,
Flowing through me, like a stream.

When they will stop, I do not know,
These themes they float, I do not row.

Over waters, far and wide,
The words are thorns, in Satan's side.

They show the people, of his plan,
The enslavement, of all man.

But not through government, not through war,
Through the economy, that's his door.

First all money, has to go,
I hear you all scream, "No, no, no!"

"Not my precious, perfect gold,
What will I live on, when I get old?"

Don't worry though, "New Form Of Money!",
The New World Order, won't be funny!

Lots will weep and, lots will cry,
His plan will cause, many to die.

Many fools will, go to hell,
Whilst Jesus keeps, us Christians well.

He'll trick as many, as will trip,
Falling, they receive, the chip.

But my job, I see it true,
God has sent me, to teach you.

So with this pen, I write once more,
About Jesus, God, and of His law.

By now you're thinking, "T'will happen why?
If God can stop it, won't He try?"

He doesn't have to! Hear my call!
He sent His son, to save us all!

Just think of all, the devil's loss,
When Jesus died, there on the cross!

His love for us, is greater still,
To save us all, that is His will.

That none should perish, that He said,
Believing Me, ye shall be led.

Into the light, of My salvation,
I died for Gentiles, and My nation.

Israel, My chosen ones,
Will be saved too, from Satan's guns.

If you repent, from sin and pride,
You just might be, of Jesus' bride.

The ones who are, lucky enough,
To be taken up, before the stuff.

That will be quite, hard to see,
Satan rules the earth, for three -–

And a half, the years it seems,
As Scripture tells me, not those dreams.

"For midst the week, the bride is taken"
Those lucky people, aren't forsaken.

Feel sorry for those left here station-
ary tho, for tribulation -–

Is ruled by, the one from fire,
Total control, his one desire.

His reign of evil, it won't last,
For God and Jesus, they will cast ,

him back into, that lake of fire,
God then expresses, His desire.

For Jesus, 'Son of Man', to rule,
Over Heaven Earth, and over all.

This all will happen, mock me not,
For God created, the whole lot.

So for God, I write once more,
About Him, His Son, and of Their law.