The trojan horse rides again

The trojan horse rides again

The trojan horse rides again

(When will they ever learn?)

Most of you will remember the story of the wooden horse of
Troy.  The enemies of Troy, the Greeks, surrounded the city and kept it
under seige for some time.  Unable to penetrate the Trojan defenses, the
Greeks built a giant wooden horse.  When the horse was completed, Greek
soldiers were concealed inside the belly of the horse and the rest of the Greek
army retreated.  Many of the Trojans thought that the Greeks had given up
on their desire to take Troy over and had left the horse as a parting
gift.  A few wise people warned the others not to bring the horse inside,
but they were seen as doom & gloom merchants and their warnings were
ignored.   The city gates were opened and the horse was brought
inside.  That night as the people of Troy slept, the Greek soldiers opened
up the door in the horses belly,  and in the dead of night slaughtered the
Trojans and took the city.

Those of you who keep a close eye on the news of the world,
will know that the Western leaders are " courting" the Arab world,
most of which is under the influence of the demonic spirit of Islam.  The
men who lead the UN, UK, USA and the EU seem to be under the illusion that it is
possible for Islam to co-exist with non-Islam.  For true Islamics this is
an impossibility.  The Koran teaches that Islam must be the world religion
and failure to convert is deserved of death. 

Why do our leaders continue to play this foolish &
dangerous game ?  Are they really that naive, or that deceived ?  Or
perhaps they aren't naive at all and realise that it is already too late
?   Todays " Trojan Horses "  are already inside our
cities.  They are inside London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki,
New York , Sydney, Auckland and in many other key cities all over the
world.  What is the " Trojan Horse " that I am referring to
?    MOSQUES !  

The once Christian West, in its desire to accommodate other
cultures and their faiths, has allowed immigrants to bring their demons with
them.  Now there are Mosques in almost every major city in the world. 
And inside every Mosque you will find Muslim Fundamentalists.   And
that means you have potential terrorists in every Mosque. That means that if
there is a Mosque near you, potential terrorists are in your
city.    All that needs to happen is for the order to come and
the ' door in the horses belly '  will open and out they will come to carry
out their acts of cold blooded murder.

It is indeed too late - it is now virtually impossible to get
rid of them - that would be called ' ethnic cleansing '  or  '
religious intolerance '  or ' politically incorrect ' .  Failure to do
so is a sure recipe for disaster.   The following paragraph is taken
from a recent update by a fellow Messianic Israeli, Jerry Golden 

What were once Churches all over Europe are now Islamic
Mosques, and where only a few years ago the average European had never seen a
women dressed in Moslem garb, it is now common place.  Yet many still haven't
come to the conclusion that Islam has come to either convert them or to
eventually kill them.  For the most part Christ-ianity has posed no great
problem for them.   It seems they are out on vacation or have moved

What can we do about it ?    Well we can
bind the spirit of Islam over our cities and we can pray for the Muslims to have
a revelation that Allah is not the Most High God and that Yeshua is the true
Messiah.   Its time for we soldiers of the Lord's army to prepare for
the greatest showdown in world history.   Lets pray for our Churches
to become spiritual fortresses, from which we can defend our nations and make
war against the powers and principalities that seek to destroy everything that
is good and true.   Lets pray that our political leaders will see
through the " Trojan Horses "  and rid our nations of the evil
menace. It wont happen without a fight, but we serve the most High God. He is
the most powerful being in the universe and He has given us His authority and
the weapons of spiritual warfare to win this battle on His behalf.  

Psalm 149:5-9 "Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them
sing aloud on their beds.
Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a
two-edged sword in their hand,
To execute vengeance on the nations, and punishments on the
To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with
fetters of iron;
To execute on them the written judgment-- this honor have all
His saints."

Praise the LORD!

Onward Christian Soldiers !!!