Evolution exposed – the bare facts

Evolution exposed - the bare facts

Evolution exposed - the bare facts

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The temperature dropped to minus 20 the other day (that's
colder then a deep-freeze!) and when I went out to get the post I felt the hair
on my arms and legs tickling under my clothes as my skin was covered in

And I started thinking... everything proves that
evolution never happened... if we think about it!

Goose-pimples; the hair on our bodies rises so that it stands
up straight and traps warm air next to the skin. If you're wearing clothes it
pushes the clothes a bit away from your skin so warm air is kept next to your

It all helps you stay alive in really cold conditions! Mind
you in my boarding school in England we didn't have heating and I well remember
the goose-pimples when we had to leap out of bed at 7 in the morning to get
dressed for half an hour's PT in the morning! Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Brrrrrrrrrrr... that's shivering; and that happens to keep us
warm as well. Shivering is designed to keep us alive!

How did people survive in cold weather before they "evolved"
goose-pimples and shivering?

"Experts" (a dodgy word that - "ex" is a "has-been"
and a "spurt" is a "drip under pressure"!) will tell you that "millions
of years ago" (that's another way of saying "once upon a time") people
lived in caves and moved North following the retreat of the ice ages...

Why do we find people's remains in caves? Where would you live
if you'd survived a Flood (note the capital "F"!) and all the houses were
washed away, the land was covered in slippery mud and it was raining? Of
people lived in caves! They still do!

I lived in Naples between 1962 and 1964 and part of our flat
was cut out of the rock in a cliff and the other part was built out into the
sea. The bit cut out of the rock was the coolest place in the summer and the
warmest in the winter!

Either we were designed to be warm and have mechanisms
to keep us alive or the only people who survived were those with the
genes that allowed them to shiver!

And here's an interesting question... where did the
information for shivering on human genes come from?

You see; we know the mechanism for losing information
on DNA (your genes are made of DNA) we have scientific evidence that an enzyme
called Telomerase chops a bit off your DNA each time one of your cells divides.
Eventually the DNA gets so short that the cell can't divide and it dies.

That is what happens when we get old. Long before we
die... our cells die.

Did you know that once every eleven years you are a completely
different person from the one who was there eleven years earlier?

Apart from the enamel in your teeth, every cell in
your body has been replaced at least once! Every brain cell!

Isn't that fascinating? You still have the same memories and
you have learned more and you feel as though you are the same person...
but you aren't!

But I digress; the question that evolutionists need to answer
is this one, "Where does the extra information for evolution come from?"...
How does it get onto your DNA?

The observations of science tell us that new information does
get onto DNA ... which means that evolution cannot happen!

I believed for years that human beings had "evolved" from
apes, monkeys, primates, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, worms, jellyfish
and eventually from the green "goo" that floats on ponds and ultimately from
dead chemicals in a "primitive" ocean where a lucky lightning-strike heated
the water and "the chemicals suddenly formed" the first cell.

In fact I believed just what Darwin himself wrote about. "It
is conceivable that in a warm pond"... I must admit I hadn't realised the dynamite
behind the word " conceivable "... The man was guessing!

After that I started to notice similar words in the "scientific"
texts about evolution "conceivable", "possibly" , "it has been mooted
that", "maybe", "perhaps", "one can imagine that", "it is not
beyond the bounds of possibility", "whilst not empirically validated; there
are good grounds to assume that" (good one that; it even sounds intelligent!)

The words that are missing are ...

"We have the following evidence for" " see reference so
and so" , "the work of Bloggins, Cartrumble and Sqot (Wishfulthinking
university Quarterly Review Volume 9 chapter 7 paragraph 2 )

They aren't there... because it isn't science!

Let me give you a good example.

The Journal of Molecular Evolution (JME) is a
scientific journal which ought to have evidence for evolution from
molecule to molecule and species to species.

It hasn't... because evolution never happened so there can
be no scientific evidence for it!

What The Journal of Molecular Evolution (JME) publishes
is a lot of papers by highly qualified people who ASSume that evolution has
happened and this is how they think it happened.

Evidence for it ever having happened is totally lacking! (not
really surprising as it didn't ever happen... How can you have evidence for
something that didn't happen?

I have mentioned Michael Behe's book "Darwin's Black Box"
before. Michael Behe is a man of character and courage who is prepared to
challenge bad science when he sees it.

He has researched the Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences
(PNAS) to seek out any evidence for evolution or a mechanism
that could make it possible. I quote from his book, page 178 paragraph 1.

"No papers were published in the PNAS that proposed
detailed routes by which complex biochemical structures might have developed.
Surveys of other biochemistry journals show the same result."

So, both PNAS and JME have no scientific evidence to
show how complex things evolved from simple ones. There's one simple
conclusion to be drawn... it's because complex things didn't evolve from
simple ones!

Why can't most of the most highly qualified scientists in the
world see this?... Because of ASSumptions!

They all think that someone else has the evidence for
evolution... so they don't dare admit that they don't!

You know the story of the King of Denmark? The one where the
king parades himself through the streets of Copenhagen in his birthday suit?
Absolutely Harry Starkers? Not a stitch on? Naked?

And how the wise men in The Court "bought the idea" that
a wise person could see the King's clothes and only an idiot couldn't see them?

Do you remember the small boy who called out from the crowd
"Daddy, why hasn't the King got any clothes on"?

At that moment the paradigm changed.

Evolution has the same effect on people! The Court in this
case is the opinion of the majority of the scientific community (often called a
"paradigm") and people don't want the rest of the scientific community to
yell out "Daddy, whay hasn't evolution got any clothes on"?

You see; evolution is just like the king's clothes. Absolutely
Harry Starkers... nothing on!... Naked!

No facts... it never happened!

I know of a $250,000 (US) prize that has been offered for evidence
for species to species evolution. All you have to do is to produce an
intermediary form (perhaps a dinosaur that is in the process of becoming a bird)
and allow them to appoint six scientists to have access to the fossil and to
prepare a report.

If your fossil is halfway between dinosaur and bird, you get
$250,000... piece of cake!

Interesting thought though; this has been around for over 10
years and no-one has dared to claim the prize! Why?

Because there cannot be evidence for something that hasn't

If dinosaurs turned into birds, there would be information on
dinosaur DNA for feathers and for hollow, lightweight bones. There isn't; because
if there was... it would be a bird and not a dinosaur!

As I close this article I would like to give you a thought to
ponder and share with people who believe that dead chemicals "became" alive,
that simple organisms "became" complicated and that people "evolved"
from apes.

One often-quoted "statistic" is that there is a 97%
similarity between the DNA of man and a chimpanzee.

Let's assume for a minute that this is true (I've not seen
the evidence, surprise, surprise!)... let's also apply some science to
the question.

If there's a 3% difference then we need to look at how long
it would take to change from one ancestor into two different species which are
97% similar... right?

Human DNA has nucleotides ("chunks" of DNA to you and
me!) "about" 3 x 10 to the power of 9 (that's 10 with 9 zeroes after it).

3% of that is about a hundred million mutations.

At the rate of mutations accepted as likely by evolutionists
it would take 10 to the power of 12 years (10,000,000,000,000) for the
chimpanzee and man to reach their present states from a presumed "common

There's a wee problem here.

That's more than two hundred times their ASSumed
estimate of the age of the Earth.

Oops !

The God who created all of this universe did it for you and
for me and because He loves you. He loves you so much so that He
gave His only Son so that you wouldn't have to spend eternity (that's
a long time!) in hell.

All you have to do is to accept Him as your Lord
and accept that He died so you wouldn't have to suffer for your sins.
Then you can spend eternity with Him in heaven. It really is that simple!

Is there anyone reading this who doesn't want to spend
eternity in heaven?

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God bless!

Bro. Mike