Power, Signs & Lying Wonders…

Power, Signs & Lying Wonders...

Power, Signs & Lying Wonders...

On 2nd May 1997, Britain basked in a triumphalist frame
of mind when Tony Blair and his government came to power.  The Christian
press whooped with delight that at last a "Christian" Prime Minister
was in power.  Even the evangelical media welcomed this "new day
dawning" for the faith in the U.K.  For many in the Charismatic
Movement, coming on the back of the Toronto Blessing, Blair's election to power
looked as if revival was just around the corner (yet again!).

A few people were not quite so enthusiastic.  On 2nd May
1997, when the election result was known, I sent out an impassioned mail
entitled "Dawn of Darkness" to the Diakrisis list (which was then only
about 150 people!).  Here is an extended quotation from that mail: "Within
the next four years we are going to witness the complete dismantling of the
political, moral and spiritual fabric of this land - not to mention its
sovereignty.  There will soon be no more United Kingdom or Great Britain,
which will instead become merely three little counties (or mini-states) within a
liberal, politically-correct, antichristian European superstate governed by
bureaucrats and bankers from Brussels and Berlin/Bonn.

"The really BIG issue will be in the arena of
homosexuality.  The age of consent for buggery will become progressively

Homosexuality will be openly advocated in schools as a viable
alternative lifestyle.  Refusal to employ people because of sexual
orientation will become a criminal offence.  Eventually churches which
refuse membership to sodomites will be pilloried and even criminalized. 
The entire fabric of (true) Christianity is going to come under relentless
attack -- not only from a politically-correct parliament but also from the false
church (i.e. the mainline denominations)...

"The New Labour Party...has acquired an almost New Age
messianic quality and I am tempted to say that this represents the beginning of
the End -- with much talk of a new morality papering over the disintegration of
the sovereign nation-state and the biblical nuclear family, and all the while
celebrating the dawn of a new consciousness in human sexuality".

Well without wishing to say "I told you so", all
this has come to pass, and much more.  I wonder what all those
evangelicals, who thought that Tony Blair (and his New Age wife, Cherie) were
the answer to their revivalist Golden Age dreams, will be thinking now? 
What a deception has been worked on the British people who - despite hollow
claims of democracy in the UK - are unable to reverse the destruction of their
nation.  They even voted the same government and the same leaders back into
office in 2001.  It is as if the entire country had been mesmerised.

Would you not agree with me that there is something decidedly
satanic in all this?  This should not surprise us as the world is building
up to a totalitarian satanic global government.  That is surely the thrust
of 2 Thessalonians 2:9 and Revelation 13:2-7.  It is not merely
totalitarianism that we are dealing with in those passages but Satanism. 
That is what the world is building towards - by stealth and deception deep
enough to fool the elect (if that is possible).

The Day of Christ (i.e. His return for His people and to
judge the earth) cannot come until this totalitarian, satanic global government
has seized power (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3).  Even as we read this, all the
preparations are well under way for the setting up of this totalitarian, satanic
global government.  Those preparations are what Paul refers to as the
"Mystery of Iniquity" (2 Thessalonians 2:7a).  They have been at
work right from Paul's time and are still at work today.  A
divinely-appointed restraint has been in place throughout this age (
2 Thessalonians 2:7b).  Do you feel, like me, that this restraint is
gradually being peeled away?

However, if you would still rather imagine that Tony Blair is
a Christian who has come to usher in a global revival (along with
"born-again Christian" George Bush), just read the article reproduced
below from last Sunday's "Guardian Unlimited Observer", entitled
"Everybody Must Get Stones".  It will then be easy to understand
the place that "power, signs and lying wonders" will have in the
totalitarian, satanic global government which is already well under way in
Yours, in the cause of God and Truth

Diakrisis International

Everybody must get stones

...'The most accessible entrance into the Blairs' spirit
world of paganism, spiritualism, pseudo-science and quackery is through a chat
with Cherie's 'homeopathic dowser healer' - one Jack Temple, aged 86. Temple is
the possessor of a 'Neolithic stone circle', which, he assured me, captures the
healing energies of the stars, sun and moon and holds them for the benefit of
his paying customers. He discovered the 'magic' stones in Pembrokeshire and
transported them in two lorries to his home in Pyrford, near Woking, Surrey.

'I'm sorry,' I interrupted. 'The local authority and the
National Trust allowed you to run off with an ancient stone circle?'

'The stones weren't in a circle,' he explained. 'They had
been cleared so the field could be worked. They were dumped in a ditch and a
farmer sold them to me.'
'I see. A farmer said a load of old rubble was once a Stone Age religious site
and you paid ready money to get your hands on it. How did you know the stones
were genuine stones, so to speak?'

An irritated note entered Temple's voice. 'I dowsed them with
my magic pendulum, of course. I made the amazing discovery that each of the 16
stones relieved stress in different parts of the body - the muscles, the brain
and so on.' After he moved the stones to Surrey, Temple went to the garden
centre and used his pendulum to divine the aura of the herb and alpines section.
The trial of the plants was merciless. He found only wild strawberries had the
strength to 'contain nature's energy generated by the stone circle'...

...Temple said in his autobiography Medicine Man : 'I believe
I've helped the lame to walk, the barren to conceive, and the sad to smile. I've
been able to reflate the lungs of children previously condemned to a life
constricted by asthma. I've even seen the bald pates of middle-aged and elderly
men begin to spring hair growth again.'

  Don't mock him. Fergie [Prince Andrew's former wife)
and, inevitably, the late Princess Di [Diana Spencer, former wife of Prince
Charles] have acclaimed him as a healing genius...

...Cherie Blair was introduced to the doddering dowser by
Sylvia and Carole Caplin. Sylvia, 67, is a former ballet dancer turned
spiritualist. On 11 November, the Daily Mail published an extraordinary piece.
According to a former client, Caplin Senior 'can bring the light down' and open
channels with the dead. Mrs Blair regularly visits the mystic's £500,000 house
in a gated park in Dorking. It, too, is filled with stones. 'There was a
particularly active period in the summer when Sylvia was channelling for Cherie
over two or three times a week, with almost daily contact between them,' the
Mail reported...

...A year ago, the Times printed the following account of
what they did on their summer holidays at the luxurious Maroma Hotel on Mexico's
Caribbean coast. The Blairs visited a 'Temazcal', a steam bath enclosed in a
brick pyramid. It was dusk and they had stripped down to their swimming
costumes. Inside, they met Nancy Aguilar, a new-age therapist. She told them
that the pyramid was a Mayan womb in which they would be reborn. The Blairs saw
the shapes of animals in the steam and experienced 'inner-feelings and visions'.
They smeared each other with melon, papaya and mud from the jungle, and then let
out a primal scream of purifying agony. No one followed-up the Times's scoop -
deference is not as dead as some people would have you think.

When the Blairs moved into Downing Street, a feng shui expert
rearranged the furniture at Number 10. Cherie wears a 'magic pendant' known as
the BioElectric Shield, which is filled with 'a matrix of specially cut quartz
crystals' that surround the wearer with 'a cocoon of energy' and ward off evil
forces. (It was given to her by Hillary Clinton, another political spouse who
combines the characteristic Third Way vices of sharp practice and

...New Age Labour has spilled out of Downing Street and
blighted public policy. In January 1999, for instance, the Government recruited
a feng shui consultant, Renuka Wickmaratne, to discover a magical way to improve
inner-city estates without raising taxes.

'Red and orange flowers would reduce crime,' she concluded,
'and introducing a water feature would reduce poverty. I was brought up with
this ancient knowledge...

...'The Blairs' interest, along with that of Di and Fergie
(in mystics as well as allegedly neolithic circles), of Prince Phillip (a
subscriber to Flying Saucer Review since the magazine began publication in the
mid-1950s) and of Margaret Thatcher (in electro-shock bath therapy), show that
superstition isn't always the preserve of the hopeless poor...

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