Secret dots…

Secret dots...

Secret dots...

Car thieves of NZ look out!! 'Datadot' is here -– and
vehicle tagging is expected to reduce car theft dramatically in this country, as
Subaru apply up to 10,000 datadots to each new vehicle - and vehicle parts.

"The dots themselves are just 1mm in diameter and 4 microns
thick, but accommodate a car's entire VIN (Ed's note: vehicle identification
number). The dots are easily viewed under ultraviolet light, meaning police don't
need expert help in identifying stolen property." NZ Herald 25 February 2003.

Secret Barcodes...

Reports from the BBC reveal a new 'Identification barcode
system' being utilised in the maternity unit of La Zarzuela Hospital in
Madrid, Spain.

New born babies are fingerprinted along with their mothers at
birth, and the details transformed into a barcode format to prevent potential
mix-ups over identification. The barcodes are worn on traditional hospital
wristbands for easy checking as required. Sounds like a good system -– and only
a simple step away from the Revelation marking system yet to come.