Your Choice

Your Choice Your Choice The Prophecies of the Bible will be fulfilled. The time is short. Don't wait. You must be ready and prepared for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. What must I do? 'For God so loved the world (that includes you) that He gave His only […] Read more »

The Frankenstein society

The Frankenstein society The Frankenstein society Frankenstein's monster's final words could be seen as a prophetic insight into our times It is true that I am a wretch. I have murdered the lovely and the helpless; I have strangled the innocent as they slept, and grasped to death his throat […] Read more »

Created creative

Created creative Created creative I read an interesting and sad statistic the other day. "Developmental psychologists now estimate that 98% of babies are born with creative ability...less than 5% of us have remained creative by age 18." ('Think Big' by Ben Carson.) How can this be when we consider our […] Read more »

Charles Darwin was right!?

Charles Darwin was right!? Charles Darwin was right!? "Charles Darwin was right and the Creationists are wrong" proclaims Anthony Browne, Environment Editor, The Times (London, UK) 20 Feb 2003, in an article about the discovery of "the first new species to have evolved naturally in Britain in the past 50 […] Read more »

News & views

News & views News & views In this age of instant communication, it doesn't take much to discover a world of varied perspectives and opinions with regard to 'Global issues.' So that you, the reader may be better informed, we will report the views of others, around topics central to […] Read more »

Social terminations?

Social terminations? Social terminations? In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health has issued a directive to at least one District Health Board (Auckland) to fund second trimester abortions to women who meet certain criteria, including those from outside of the region. "The Minister, Annette King has been advised that clinical […] Read more »

Iraqi ‘Christian soldiers’

Iraqi 'Christian soldiers' Iraqi 'Christian soldiers' - prepared to provide real liberation for the people of Iraq Although the Gulf War of 1991 was tragic in many respects, the Lord used it to bring the gospel to thousands of people who might otherwise never have heard. More than one million […] Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor Dear Ed An important point that Jesus made, and authors in the New Testament emphasised, was to beware of deception. How do we determine the truth? According to the Word of God -– "Thy Word is truth" John 17:17. The Bible is […] Read more »

From the editor

From the editor From the Editor Andrew Smith Dear Friends This month has brought changes to the Omega Times and the Barry Smith Family Evangelism Trust, inevitable changes following Barry's death ten months ago. I would like to convey my deep appreciation to Keith and Angela Jones who have faithfully […] Read more »