Britannia rules the waves – part 2

Britannia rules the waves - part 2

Britannia rules the waves - part 2

'Jerusalem Post', 2nd October 1996 -– "Blair
vows to lead Britain into new age.

"This is my covenant with the British people. Judge me on
it. The buck stops with me. For the future, not the past. For the many, not the
few. For trust, not betrayal. For the age of achievement, not the age of decline",
the Labour leader said."
Break quote.

Author's note -– Please resist the urge to shout out 'Oomdala'
(see Britannia Rules the Waves - Part 1 -– Omega Times, March 2003) It
makes you wonder who his speechwriter was. He had a great grasp of putting words
together don't you agree?

Continue quote -– "Promising to lead "a great,
radical, reforming government", Blair mapped out plans to create "a national
grid of learning" by hooking up schools to the information super highway.
Break quote.

Author's note - There you go. More education TWA -– Time Wasting
Activities. If they can't read or spell, what is the use of all this?

Continue quote -– "The speech was ecstatically received
in the conference hall... "It was fantastic", said...... a 27 year old
delegate. "What he actually said is already well-known but it emphasised his
vision. He has a dream.
" End quote.

Author's note- It's not his dream at all!

A check on the Internet about the think tank, Adam Smith
Institute, reveals that they awarded their servant, Tony Blair, 2 out of 3, for
his first 200 days of fulfilling their plans.

What a good boy!

Enter One -– Bill Clinton

"Blair, Clinton hail a new generation of politics."
New Zealand 'Herald', 31st May 1997 - "British Prime
Minster, Tony Blair, and United States President, Bill Clinton, cemented their
warm personal relations yesterday by declaring themselves political twins from
a new generation with no use for yesterday's ideology.

...Mr Clinton, visibly relaxed in Mr Blair's company, said
there was an "unbreakable alliance" between the two countries."

Break quote.

Clinton Plans to push Blair Towards Europe

Continue quote -– "Mr Clinton will leave Mr Blair in no
doubt that "the future importance of the Anglo-American relationship will
depend in large measure on the extent to which the UK accepts an integral role
in the EU's development.

...Mr Clinton is determined to take this matter of European
integration to a new level, and this is where he will press Mr Blair and the
other European leaders hardest
" End quote.

Author's note -– Clinton is so under the thumb of his New
World Organisers, he is to be seen here in a semi-diplomatic role of pushing
England and Europe into full political and monetary union.

That is the gist of all this palaver!

Tony's Tasks

Just take a quick glance at all the work Mr Blair has ahead
of him. He is first and foremost to destroy all that the British Labour Party
has stood for. If he follows the New Zealand role model, both he and his
minister of finance will become two of the most unpopular men in history.

Mankind never changes -– remember?

Bill: "Hello Tony, it's Bill calling from the White
House. At the moment, we are trying to drum up some interest in this Iraq
affair. It's not easy, Tony. I mean, I'll be quite frank with you. I need a
war -– and pretty quickly. I have a few personal problems of my own and it's
imperative that we focus peoples' attention on something else, preferably far
away from home."

Tony: "I say, William, old man. I don't wish to be a
stick in the proverbial mud but I have so many plans and such a lot to do at
home. You know me -– a likeable, jovial, friendly, positive person. You have
been involved in this war business before -– I haven't. I am not a war-monger
(like your good self), and sincerely old man, I just seek time to destroy the
British Unions with a little cunning dialogue and then I hope to turn Britain
upside down. "Reform", I believe is the word."

Bill: "Listen, Tony. Our wives get on very well and that is
half the battle won already. It won't last long, I'll see to that. Just a
few planes, warships and a few thousand thrill-seeking able-bodied men and hey
presto, mission accomplished!

Secondly, Tony, I wasn't going to mention this, but my
bosses are pressing me to get on with it. Of course, you are aware that these
guys are setting up a New World Order which means a global government. Their
plans are almost completed, and the year 2000, is the target date. They follow
the philosophies of that German thinker, Hegel, who made it clear that
"all historical events emerge from conflict". This is a war we must
have, Tony. Even if Saddam agrees to our terms, it is too late. There are too
many folk who will be affected if we stop now e.g. our arms manufactures. Why, I
believe some of them have even opened new bank accounts to cope with the rapid
increase in revenue.

By the way, Tony, I have made links to the World Government
groups and personalities

i.e. the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the
C.I.A., the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. What about your affiliations?"

Tony: "Oh yes, rather. There is a British secret society
called "The Group", or just plain "Us". This society was
founded at Oxford just as your "Order" was founded at Yale, but we lack the
Masonic mumbo-jumbo. The Round Table, Rhodes scholars etc all have their part to

Oh, all right, Bill! I'll be a player, but give me some of
the lime-light won't you? All 'press' is good 'press' provided it
keeps us in the public eye."

Bill: "Good man, Tony. I knew I could count on you. I've
managed to scrape up a bit of semi-willing support from other countries who
believe the lie, "If it comes from Uncle Sam, it's got to be good."

Why, Even Australia and New Zealand, who are both absolutely
broke at this moment of time, have agreed to come to the picnic. I hope Saddam
doesn't get the news too quickly that New Zealand is joining in, or he may
become terrified and give in before he even starts - 'chortle, chortle!'"

Tony: "Oh Bill, old man, you certainly have a wicked sense
of humour!"

Taken from "The Devil's Jigsaw"
written in 1998 by Barry Smith