A mark for Rover as well

A mark for Rover as well

A mark for Rover as well

A mark for Rover

Gradualism. A non-descript term that not many
people would recognise. It is a term that can be applied to
anyone or any organisation, however when used by the Omega Times
it generally refers to the approach taken by One World Government
advocates, along with the Governments influenced by them, as they
quietly and slowly introduce policies, concepts and ideas that
over time influence the thoughts and minds of their respective
citizens to accept change. The same One World Government
Organisations recognise that slowly and surely is easier,
trying to implement sudden change brings stiff resistance and
thereby delays.

Recently an example surfaced in New Zealand
and disappeared from the National headlines with little more than
a whimper. In April of this year it was announced that through
the Dog Control Act, all New Zealander’s that own ‘a
man’s best friend’ must by the year 2006, have a
microchip implanted in their best friends neck. This chip will
carry basic information about the owner, such as the
owner’s name, address and the dogs name, age and breed

This is not the first time the idea of
implants in dogs has been aired, it first surfaced about 10 years
ago. Many of you who around that time managed to see Barry Smith
minister in person or by way of video, may recall him displaying
a black hand-held scanner, with a circular top similar to a table
tennis paddle. Barry had an uncanny way of getting his hands on
such objects of interest, which he proudly carried and displayed
at every opportunity. This scanner was designed to read and
display information recorded on microchips imbedded in animals.
His scanner was almost identical to the one displayed in April
2003, on NZ National News.

The original attempt to implement this plan
was unsuccessful. The project disappeared from the public eye and
was shelved (by the Government) until a more opportune time.
After quietly waiting and watching for around a decade, the
legislation (mentioned above) was pushed through - in response to
a public outcry around vicious dog attacks. Interestingly, I did
not hear a dissenting voice the whole time, not surprising.

How was it bought about? In the last two years
there has been the death of at least two adults and a number of
savage attacks upon young children, all attributable to
unrestrained dogs and irresponsible owners. Each attack hit
National headlines building public opinion and outrage,
culminating in a terrible attack several months ago by an
unrestrained dog on a 7 year old girl in an Auckland park. The
little girl suffered horrific injuries to her face and she and
her father remained in the media for weeks. Deliberately, or
accidentally we were conditioned via the media as this and the
other incidents were reported, debated and argued. On the back of
these attacks the Government announced the legislation changes.
There was no discernable protest.

Being a Christian I rejoiced and marvelled at
the announcement, because it once more seems to reaffirm
God’s word, and we can expect to see further signs as we
progress towards Jesus returning. However in considering the
matter a little more closely I believe that the New Zealand
public is being subliminally controlled and programmed towards
ultimately accepting the mark of the Beast. (Revelation 13:16-18).
Keeping in mind though that the forces behind this
control are not necessarily human. (Ephesians 6:12)

How is this subliminal programming being
exerted? Well, this is the first time in New Zealand that
information carrying and sharing computer technology has been
implanted into a biological body. Will this experiment show that
if the technology can be used successfully in a “dogs
life”, it may also be used with greater significance in the
mainstream human population?

Also, Rover suffered no nasty side effects
from the implant so why would a human?... (Revelation 14:11,
Revelation 16:2)

The main reason for the chip implant is
identity, catch my drift? And look at just how easy it was for
Rover to carry around all his personal information.

We are now watching with interest what happens
to the dog, whose owner refuses to let it take the mark?
Will that dog be put down because its owner did not wish to
conform? This conditioning will lead to a general public
acceptance on how to deal with non-conformists. Can’t you
just see it “Hey did you hear Bob’s dog was put down
because it did not have the mark”? “No I
didn’t, it wasn’t the dogs fault though Bob should be
punished not the dog!” How hard do you think it will be to
make the transition from dogs to people…

Over reacting? A little too much of a
conspiracy theorist? The other day I touched on the matter across
the fence with my 70-year-old, non-Christian, dog owning
neighbour. She joked with me that it won’t be long before
they (microchips) are being put in US. And this in the May
3rd to 9th issue of the New Zealand
Listener, “Also from July 2006 all newly registered dogs
will also have to have the mark of the beast – microchips
planted under their skin…..The new system will allow their
misdeeds to be tracked across various jurisdictions”. Don't
try and tell me that there hasn't already been some conditioning
and preparation in people’s minds for what is to come, and
that this conditioning won’t continue.

What is happening is real; this is not
a story from a cheap science fiction paper back novel, the mark
of the beast is coming to a city and town near you very soon! It
was mentioned in last months issue and I will reiterate, its time
to turn off the T.V and open the scriptures. Lets worry less
about our bank balances and recreational time and sacrifice our
time to our Lord Jesus, renewing our minds and discerning the
truth (Romans 12:2). Whether Jesus comes today or he tarries none
of us can afford to be like the foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)
left wandering around wondering where everyone has gone.