Goodbye freedom – government is here

Goodbye freedom - government is here

Goodbye freedom - government is here - Part 1

There is an important foundational link
between the religion of evolution, the forces of the New World
Order and Global Politics – providing the backdrop of the
end times.

In the beginning there was God, and mankind,
in relationship…

Having been expelled from the Garden of Eden
through lust and sin, mankind not only became separated from God,
we began looking for alternative Governance. Keep in mind that a
notable fruit of sin is separation: when sin enters a
relationship (like a marriage), it causes secrets and separation.
A fruit of God’s presence is ‘ongoing
relationship’, growth, unity and transparency.

The Hebrew people had become tired of being
governed by Judges (the Judges, or shofet, were territorial
leaders of the people…like Deborah, Gideon, Jephthath and
Samson…). Samuel was unique, he was both a Judge and
Prophet over all of Israel.

The people petitioned Samuel “Give us a
King – to rule over us, just like our neighbouring
countries”. Samuel was disappointed and upset (I Samuel 8)
when the Lord reminded him “The people have not rejected
you, they have rejected ME”.

God then instructed Samuel to announce what
was about to happen, a result of choosing a King over

He will take your sons into His military
service; appointing leaders and managers to supervise labour in
the fields of agriculture and the manufacturing of weapons. Your
daughters will be taken to be cooks, bakers and confectionary
makers. The best of your farms and vineyards and orchards will be
taken for his use, and furthermore, you will be hit with taxes.
He will take from you the fruit of your hard work over the years
– you will be dispossessed.

God knew something about ‘humans’
ruling over humans – that any leader ruling without the
‘wisdom from above – and fear of God’, would
end up taking advantage of people. Tyrannies and dictatorships
would become commonplace.

We see clearly in the age in which we live,
that the Governments of the world are failing badly in playing
their role as God! The New World Order power groups are largely
heathenistic and antagonistic to God and His Word, and very
deliberately choose to adhere to the ‘religion of
evolution’, in an effort to remove any accountability to
the Creator God, who according to Romans 1 leaves mankind
“Without excuse.”

The irony: we ditched God and invented
theories like evolution to ‘find freedom’ and the
reverse has occurred. This is the saddest generation of humans in
the history of humanity.

Yes, we are instructed to respect and obey the
authorities over us – and this is part of the challenge of
our Pilgrimage here. I believe we are to stand for righteousness,
without breaking the laws of the land. There will come a time
however, where choosing God’s law, above the laws of the
land will become a reality.

Israel chose their King over their God –
which carried consequences. In much the same way, we live under
the dictates of Governments which are largely not God-honouring,
bringing consequences! Once again, our Patriotism is to the
Kingdom of Heaven, and our allegiance to The Living God –
here we experience freedom.