Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Dear Ed

Re: Power, Signs & Lying Wonders...

Tony Blair appeared on Frost on Sunday some
months ago (a Sunday morning show with David Frost here in Gt.
Britain).  David Frost asked Mr.Blair "As men of faith do you and
President Bush pray together?"  Mr. Blair, looking more
uncomfortable than I have ever seen him look said "Do we WHAT!?" 
Again David Frost said "Do you and Mr. Bush pray together?"  Mr.
Blair began stammering and appeared to be getting rather hot and
said "Well, wwwwwwhat do you mean?"  Quite simply he did not
understand the question. Mr. Blair a Christian? ? ? ? ? It was
also interesting to note that this little exchange did not make
the news as most of Mr. Blairs encounters with David Frost do.

Dear Peggy

It is very interesting that Tony is thought to
be a Christian by many Christians. Of course – the bottom
line is that God can be the only judge of that – but
certain fruit should be indicative of his heart condition. Media
portrayals are often inaccurate measures, but from what I read
and hear I have big question marks. I think he is a charismatic
leader – he has certainly captured the hearts and minds of
many. The basis for the belief that he is a Christian must be
because he is a church man.


Dear Ed

Re: Extortion, blackmail a fact of life in

I wasn't aware that tithing went out with the
Old Testament but I do agree that we should all be cheerful
givers and give what we can afford. Some can afford much, without
it affecting their finances very much.  Some can give only a very
small amount without it affecting how they will feed their
children.  God knows our individual circumstances. We should give
secretly (not in coded envelopes so that individuals' annual
amounts can be printed in the church magazine) Yes, that really
happens here in Gt.Britain. The story of the widows mite would
also indicate that sometimes we should give sacrificially. 
However, I feel that we need to be very discerning in our giving
and not just give because others expect us to. We each need God's
guidance on this, just as we do on any other subject, and once we
have His answer no-one else's opinion counts.


Dear Giver

Thanks for your comments. I have written quite
a bit on the topic of tithing and giving which we will introduce
to the Omega Times in due course (it’s a subject which
tends to make people a bit hot under the collar). Clearly in
Scripture, to teach that people come under a curse if they do not
tithe is erroneous and close to blasphemous – it
manipulates people, and God is not in that sort of business. Your
reference to “tithing not going out in the Old
Testament” would indicate that perhaps you believe that of
the old Testament laws given, tithing was the one law which was
to be carried over into the New covenant, which then normally
means (in certain denominational teaching) that non-tithing
believers are under the curse of Malachai. It’s a most
fascinating subject – but I do not believe for a moment
that Gods curse is upon non-tithers. Furthermore, if our giving
is under compulsion, it is certainly not the New Testament giving
described by the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 9. Many go to
great lengths to keep tithing and giving completely separate
issues – they certainly are different concepts, one is of
faith, the other compulsion, one is voluntary and the other
compulsory – the motivation therefore becomes quite
different. I have witnessed abuses of the tithing concept by
institutions and individuals who have forgotten (or never known)
that every precept and law of God reveals something about His
character. If the purpose for which the tithe was established is
not understood, then the practise of tithing can easily become
less than truly Scriptural…yet it is so engrained, I know
of people who no longer walk with Jesus, but still faithfully
send in their tithe to the institution which brainwashed them
– under some type of invisible obligation (the fear of not
getting God’s blessed?). I do not believe tithing is wrong
– but to put people under obligation, and worse – a
curse borders blasphemy. I stand against the ‘religious
extortion’ of money from certain people groups (eg. the
poor in areas like the Pacific Island communities), where
culturally people are very willing givers, but are put under
obligation by institutions to ‘bring their money into
God’s storehouse’. I assure you – the
storehouse referred to is very often nothing to do with God.
It’s excessive and takes advantage of a well-meaning, but
deceived people group. They are not the only group being
‘ripped off’ whilst trying to please God. Ed.

Dear Ed

Subject: Re: USA: Absolute Power?

How many decades would the EU need to catch up
and overtake the might of the US?  2?3?4? Not with the state of
affairs that they are in now, completely disjointed especially
politically. Now to come to my main point which is that the four
world empires of the Gentile origin which Daniel spoke of - is
only four only four! The ten toes of the image being only the
final form of the last great empire-ROME. There is no
interruption here in the continuity of the fourth great empire
and the imagery USED DOES NOT PICTURE THE DEATH of the fourth
empire and its later resurrection - but it speaks for one
continuous empire up through time from Christ to the present. The
final empire is "dreadful, terrible, exceedingly strong; it has
iron teeth. It devours, breaks in pieces and stamps down. It has
ten horns (which correspond to the ten toes-of the image) AND IN
CIVILISATION. Quoting from Penecost he writes: "It would seem
best to view this Roman Empire as a continuous development from
its original or initial form at the time of Christ until its
final form at the second coming of Christ." So what we have as I
understand and believe is that there is no revival of the Roman
Empire as in EU, BUT THE CONTINUING sphere of this same empire
into its final ten-toed or ten -horned configuration. So this
younger HORN which represents the final form of the fourth
Gentile empire-AN ELEVENTH HORN!! This eleventh horn will have
dominion over the whole earth-this eleventh horn (nation) is
described as the LITTLE OR YOUNGER (Daniel 7:8 AND Daniel 7:24) Thus to my
understanding this eleventh horn is one of those nations
colonized by the original ten and its described as much stronger
than the original ten (Daniel 7:20) Which country fits the bill? THE
the Antichrist is described NOT as of the "ten kings" but as an
eleventh king of an eleventh nation, a nation independent of, and
different from the original ten, a nation which evidently derives
its heritage from the ten original nations. In this view can
anyone else suggest what coalition of nations at the present or
over the next 2/3 decades could ever push the US back behind her
borders? There is none! THAT IS A FACT which is for everyone to
see, that is to say if we are in the very last days. Which I am
sure many people like myself feel that we are. And as Paul warns
us,"But ye , brethren , are not in the darkness, that that day
should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light
and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of the
darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us
watch and be sober" I Thessalonians 5:4-6.

Roland Nemani

Dear Roland

Thanks for your exposition – I
immediately agree with a lot of what you say (I believe that the
USA is a part of ‘Mystery Babylon’ also). Other parts
were new to me eg. The continuation of the Roman Empire
I’ll give a bit more thought to, certainly interesting.
There’s so much to learn – your email was an
encouragement. Re/. the EU taking decades to become established,
we’ll watch with interest – I believe it will form
and unite very quickly once their leadership issue is dealt with.

Dear Ed

Re: USA: Absolute Power?

A very informative and interesting article. 
It really made clear some "grey" areas I had in my ponderings
over recent world events.  I also thought the part about knowing
who we are "in Christ" was so true. I am an Australian by birth
and live here in Australia. Over the last few years I have had
trouble adjusting to the changes in our culture and in particular
the meaning of "multicultural" and the consequences of a
"multicultural society".  I feel that in many ways the culture I
grew up with has disappeared, some may think this is a good
thing, but for all its faults there was a lot of good in it and I
miss it. After reading this article I am reminded again that
being "in Christ" means I am a citizen of Heaven and need to
become more adapted to the culture of Heaven and changed by the
power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God into the likeness of
Christ. May His Grace abound to you all and enable you to adapt
to the many changes we face. Love in Christ, Kate.

Dear Kate

Good to read your thoughts. Yes, the assurance
and peace we gain from remembering our ‘temporary status
here’ is marvellous. I get very excited just thinking about
it. My father Barry often spoke within our family about our
‘Pilgrim status’ – we are on a pilgrimage,
seeking a Holy City – our new home, in a new Kingdom. My
father went on to his new home ten months ago, and I often
imagine what it must be like for him. No presence of evil, no
sorrow or sickness or contention between people. There is no
church there, we will fellowship around the ‘Lamb of
God’ who has taken away our sin. Praise the Lord. I know
that if I had opportunity to say to my Dad (Barry) “Would
you like to come back and be with us Dad?” he would
politely decline my offer. The last book Dad was reading was
‘Whatever happened to Heaven’ by Dave Hunt. Talk
around heaven does not take place as much in the modern Church
– because the focus has shifted to life here. Our
destination is heaven, we have plenty to do here to keep us busy
in the meantime. Blessings in Christ Ed.