Love is indescribable, some men
on Earth say,
Nay! It is quite easy if you live the Jesus way.

Tell or teaching how to love, just cannot be
As shown by our servant Lord, Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

“Love ye one another as I have doth loved
Easy for someone to say, but not for them to do.

“I love you”, Jesus said it not, so
that all would know,
The way of understanding, this, must be done by show.

Teachers now days teach children, how to teach
How to understand it though can’t be done with words.

They must first love them, then show, this is
how they’ll learn,
This then teaches students firstly, now how to discern,

The truth from lies they must be shown, so it
stays inside,
Teachers then are understood, cos the kids decide.

To listen to this teacher, because they see
they’re true,
When loves not there though, then they do, what they like to

Preaching ‘Teaching others’, again
teaches to teach,
Demonstrating Love however puts within their reach,

The way to live like Jesus, an ‘open,
honest man’,
The way to walk in His light, the one who says, “I

God gave John a list of ways, to treat our
fellow man,
And Paul a list of what Love is, so that we all can,

Recognise these traits and then learn the ways
to show,
Just as Jesus our Lord did, so we all can know.

Love is patient, Love is kind, Love it does not
Love is not rude, nor is proud, lest we all will roast,

In a lake of fire for, envy or self
Love keeps no record of wrongs, nor does He our King.

His book of life though that is it, which we
must be in,
So the Lord then washes us and cleans away our sin.

Love does not delight in evil, always
joy’s in truth,
Love is not easily angered, lest we be uncouth.

Love protects, it trusts and hopes, Love never
Love it always perseveres, not make us hard as nails.

One for another we should pray, and should
always wait,
Serving one another, we should travel to the gate,

Of Heaven, so we go together, submit and be
Don’t judge or lie, but honour, is the way for us of

Be impartial, saluting, with a holy kiss,
Be kind to one another or this narrow path we’ll miss.

There are many more things that, he showed us
how to do,
Especially Love each other, just as He loves you!

So, Love is indescribable? Nay that is a
Just learn to follow Jesus’ way, and then you will see