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He checked in at the reception bureau, asked
for a suite on the upper floor of the hotel overlooking the sea.
The porter accompanying him to his room noted a distant look in
the guest’s eyes.

Locking the door firmly, he noted with
satisfaction the sound of the porter’s footsteps dying
away. In a few steps he was at the window, opened it, and was
momentarily stunned by the sharp tang of the sea air.

It seemed so foolish, here he stood. Only days
before, he was the envy of all his neighbours. His position at
the Corporation, his beautiful home, his wife, his children, his
future, all suddenly culminating in “this”.

The whole thing had caught him unawares. A
“leak” to the morning newspaper, then the news
announcement on local T.V. at lunch time - “Monetary
Crash”- was the headline, and then later the reality came
into sharp focus. He was in trouble.

A flood of thoughts battered his already
overburdened mind. The debts, the mortgages, the half completed
business deals, and the shame.

So this was the result.

One last thought forced itself into his
consciousness - “What if there was a God?”

Only on three or four occasions during his
lifetime had he been forced to ask this question.

Once as his runabout was drifting powerless,
miles out to sea - he prayed - but of course it was only luck
that another boat had spotted him towards dusk that evening.

The second occasion was when he and his wife
had stood at the bedside of their dying son, after the plane
crash. He had promised God that if the boy lived he would serve
Him. Strange what one will do under pressure. Of course when the
boy did recover, he put all that type of thinking away again.

And then there was that luncheon appointment
with some of his business associates. Just about to turn into the
restaurant, he had heard that funny old street preacher. There
was something said that day that rooted him to the spot. He
remembered, with embarrassment, the hot flush on his cheeks, the
jibes and barracking of his friends, and finally, the curse word
that escaped from his lips just to prove that he wasn’t
really interested.

What was it again?

“Prepare to meet thy God” …
Yes, that was it. Quite ironic really. He wished that he had
heard the whole message. That information was just what he

Removing his jacket and tie, he laid an
envelope addressed to his wife on the table, climbed on to the
windowsill, and looked at the white-capped waves rolling up on
the rocks far below. In a few moments it would all be
over… or would it?

He jumped…

It was reported that night of course. There
were so many others that it was not even a big headline. Just his
name, and underneath the words “no suspicious

Fiction? You ask.

Just ask any receptionist in New York who
remembers the great depression of the 1930’s. Clerks would
hand the door key to the prospective guest and ask:
“Sleeping, or jumping?”

(This book is being penned early 1978)

It will all happen again- only too soon.

What on Earth is happening?

Are all these things happening by accident, or
are they being organised? What do you think?

Tick the square you think is the correct

A = Accidentally.    O = Organised.

World's weather going crazy
Earthquakes & Natural Disasters
Down turn in Morality
Slack Education Standards
Demonstrations for every cause
Drug Abuse
Regular Pattern of Wars
Cult of Scruffy Appearance
Abortion Issue (or murder of unborn human beings)
Homosexuals seeking respectability and acceptance
Mass Unemployment
World Finance Collapsing

Q. Can anyone know the outcome of all this
A. There is only one book in the world that speaks with full
authority on all of life’s issues:

That is… The Holy Bible

  • Where did we come from?
  • What are we doing here?
  • Where are we going to?

This Book is the Word of God to us.

One third of this book is devoted to prophecy, or telling of
future events.

Amongst many signs that we see regularly reported by our
newscasters are four that are outstanding:

  1. The Sign of the rise of the EEC in Europe.
  2. The Sign of Church Union under the W.C.C. banner.
  3. The Sign of the Nation of Israel.
  4. The Sign of Holy Spirit power in the churches today.

This Book is written as a manual to assist
people in understanding these four signs and related

Who knows these things?

(a). The Wise will understand:

…“the wicked shall do wickedly
and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall
understand.” Daniel 12:10b

A man who spends his time swearing, cursing,
drinking and generally ignoring God, cannot hope to understand,
nor would he wish to.

The promise of understanding is given to the
wise. Who are the wise?

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning
of wisdom” Psalm 111:10.

I remember baptising some folk in a river one
day. At the conclusion of the service a woman asked me …
“Are you the Mr Smith who speaks on prophetic

I replied… “Well I do speak on
these subjects along with many others also.”

She replied… “My son heard you
speak, went home full of excitement to tell his father, who
listened, then said… “What a lot of

Without batting an eyelid, the boy
replied… “That’s okay Dad, Mr Smith read to us
from the book of Daniel, where it said “None of the wicked
would understand.”

(b). The Prophets will know:

“Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the
prophets.” Amos 3:7

Before the flood, He warned Noah.

Before the fire on Sodom and Gommorah, He
warned Abraham and Lot.

Before the terrible trouble which the Bible
calls “Great Tribulation”, He is telling His prophets
to warn the people to get ready.

In the book of Job, this question is

“Why, seeing times are not hidden from
the Almighty, do they that know Him not see His days?” Job 24:1.

Probably the answer is that many of those
behind the pulpits in our churches either have never met their
God, through Christ, or secondly, do not really believe He said
what He meant, or meant what He said, in the Bible.

The same situation applied when the Lord Jesus
came the first time. Of all the great students of the day, none
were present when He came. Only two dear old saints, who took God
literally at His Word, were around to admire God’s greatest
gift, Jesus.

They were Simeon and Anna.

Regarding doctrine, God may be classed as an
ultrafundamentalist. A belief that the basic truths of the Bible
the virgin birth, the resurrection etc must not be doubted.

As the world moves on towards that
day, the two classes of people will become quite evident:

(i). The “They” group – Non
Christian, Non-Born Again, Non-Converted

(ii). The “Ye Brethren” group
– Real Christian, Born Again, Converted

“For yourselves know perfectly that the
day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when THEY
shall say Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon
THEM as travail upon a woman with child, and THEY shall not
escape. But YE BRETHREN are not in darkness that that day should
overtake YOU as a thief.” 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 (Emphasis
my own)

At this point you have my permission to stand
and shout “Hallelujah”.