Breakthrough in Science: “God is just a figment of your imagination”

Breakthrough in Science: "God is just a figment of your imagination"

Breakthrough in Science: "God is just a figment of your imagination"

Well that’s helpful to know
isn’t it. God only exists according to our neurological
impulses… according to scientists at Laurentian
University, Canada. And the term given to describe the new study?

The incredible accounts of the
supernatural experiences of bible characters like the Apostle
Paul and Old Testament prophet Moses, can now be explained
rationally. They were actually “devout
hallucinations”, nothing more than a symptom of

Apparently the discovery revolves
around a special ‘helmit’ which manipulates
electrical changes or impulses in the brain’s temporal
lobes – and these lobes are linked to religious belief (I
have friends who must have an awful lot of protons and neutrons
tearing around up top…)

“This theory received a
recent boost from Professor Gregory Holmes, a paediatric
neurologist at Dartmouth Medical School, who claims that one of
the principal founders of the Seventh Day Adventist Movement,
Ellen White, in fact suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. She
was seen as divinely inspired as a result of her religious
visions. The new claim that her visions were, in fact, a result
of a brain disorder could undermine the basis of a religious
movement followed by more that 12 million people.” NZ
Herald 24/03/03

Can I make a couple of little
suggestions to those who propagate such ‘non-sense’
with regard to ‘inventing God in our

Firstly, common ground: when any
individual moves away from what the Scriptures say about God
(including the act of interpreting Scripture out of context) we
do in fact ‘invent God in our own minds.’ It is a
misrepresentation and only affects those who choose to adhere to
the line of thought – and it is certainly not a
representation of the true God.

Secondly, the Word of God (Holy
Scripture) is a ‘standard’ we believers choose to
live by. Apart from that standard, of course we’re going to
search for alternatives to acknowledging ‘the
Creator’ of all – and accountability to Him.

Regardless of trends and
ever-evolving social culture, in a day to come, ALL will
acknowledge that we need to look ‘beyond ourselves’
for rationale. For some, it will be too late, for they will have
‘bypassed an opportunity to find peace with God as a
friend’…and sadly, His judgement will not be