Bush vows pre-emptive attacks in US

Bush vows pre-emptive attacks in US

Bush vows pre-emptive attacks in US - while US troops are under attack in Iraq

“Give me control of a
nations money and I care not who makes her laws” Meyer

The front people – the
elected government aren’t running the country, the
bureaucracy is. And controlling the bureaucracy, behind the
scenes of high finance and politics are the real power mongers.
The public players in the game do serve a purpose; they keep the
spot light firmly focussed away from where light could really

More than 26 American soldiers
have died in Iraq since President Bush declared major combat was
over on the 1st of May – and polls reflect that
the confidence of the American public is waning.

On independence day (July 04)
President Bush declared from Wright-Patterson air force base that
“The United States is still at war” vowing to attack
any "terrorist group or outlaw regime" that threatens the United
States with mass murder…We are on the offensive against
terrorists and all who support them. We will not permit any
terrorist group or outlaw regime to threaten us with weapons of
mass murder. We will act, whenever it is necessary, to protect
the lives and the liberty of the American people," he said. He
spoke very generally about the war on terror – which has
been fought in many places around the world.

"Without America's active
involvement in the world, the ambitions of tyrants would go
unopposed, and millions would live at the mercy of terrorists.
With Americans' active involvement in the world, tyrants learn to
fear, and terrorists are on the run," he said.

I like the sentiment, but it is
this author’s belief that the war on terror is far from
over and that organised terrorists are not in fact running. They
are biding their time, awaiting prime opportunities to inflict
misery and terror.

What is most interesting to me is
the foundation work done gradually, over many years to bring us
to the point we’re at in history.

America – the land of the
brave and free, has been manipulated and channelled in a
direction which ultimately leaves individuals completely
dependant. In the early history of the US, an interesting
research study entitled ‘Democracy in America’ was
compiled by Alexis DeTocqueville. Alexis noted that the United
States was marked by a conspicuous absence of what we call
‘government.’ The people through their independent
agencies at a local level met the social: health, education and
welfare needs of their communities. The system (if you can call
it that) was working, and working well, the people of America in
a sense were ‘self-governing’. There are many
opinions around the merits of various types of governance –
but one very important Scriptural form which is rarely talked
about these days is ‘self-governance’, the sister of
‘self-discipline.’ Over time this self-governance or
independence has been diminished and reduced and mineralised, to
the point where it doesn’t exist, but the general public
haven’t yet noticed. Now, there is an almost total
dependence on federal government, which at a time of suitable
National emergency, will be seen for what it really is.

The terror attacks I am speaking
about and the accompanying devastation (which could easily
constitute a National State of Emergency), could never occur
without an ordered plan driving it. At the risk of being branded
a conspiracy theorist, I do not believe for a moment that the
terrorism we witnessed on the 11th of September 2001
was planned by a man called Osama.

In the words of the old adage
“The government which governs best governs least”.
This is of course the reverse of “Absolute power corrupts
absolutely” and as disappointed as I am about it, I do not
believe that the powers that be, behind the scenes in the USA are
Christian in the slightest. To the contrary, I believe they are
incredibly sinister – and do not hesitate to spill blood
for financial gain, power and control. Ironically, although they
will be instrumental in establishing the future world leader, the
power will shift away from them – to one person.