Rebuilding Iraq – the EU way

Rebuilding Iraq - the EU way

Rebuilding Iraq - the EU way

If the EU were to control the
Iraqi situation, how would they handle it?

  • Trade concessions: Europe, the largest export market for the
    Middle East, is thus an essential partner in rebuilding
  • Foreign assistance: Europe delivers 70 per cent of global
    foreign aid and more than 90 per cent of Western aid to
    Afghanistan. Without European help, Iraq will not be
  • Peacekeeping: Present and prospective members of the European
    Union contribute 10 times asmany soldiers to peacekeeping
    missions as the United States.
  • Monitoring: Europeans have long experience in monitoring the
    human-rights behaviour of Governments

In Revelation 6 we read about four
different coloured horses, each ridden by the same rider –
the antichrist. This passage gives us a prophetic picture of what
is ahead, the modus operandi if you like of the New World

On the first (white) horse, the
antichrist brings peace (albeit false peace). We are watching the
Middle East with interest as only a supernatural figure will be
able to achieve this end.

On the second horse (red), the
peace is removed as war is unleashed – and it looks like it
starts in the Middle East, but eventually breaks out all over the
world, leading to the next horse.

The third horse (black) ushers in
a time of famine and complete control by the antichrist. The New
World Order will be seen for what it really is at this time.

The fourth and final (pale) horse
brings death.

I want to encourage you believers
to lift up your heads – Jesus is coming. Further to that,
please consider this sobering message and use these materials
(and others) to warn friends of the days in which we live. Our
job is not to feel we must convince people, just warn
so that when these things begin to come to pass –
they will know where to find the only real security there is in
troubled times – in a relationship with in Jesus