Homosexuality – and ‘The Sin Within’

Homosexuality - and 'The Sin Within'

Homosexuality - and 'The Sin Within'

A statement I heard in a sermon
close to twenty years ago has always remained with me. “The
world today will be the church in ten years time”. Meaning;
the moral standards of the world at any given time will be the
same standards acceptable within the church ten years in the

Therefore after homosexuality
‘became socially acceptable’ some years back, it is
with interest I follow the battle in the mainstream churches in
New Zealand and worldwide, as they deal with the issue of
homosexuality, homosexual ministers and same sex marriages. The
controversy rages world wide within the ranks and administrations
of many denominations pitting congregations, friends and families
against one another. Divisions of this nature were foretold by
Jesus. Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to
send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a

Any stand on Gods truth will bring
trials, and on this particular issue like many others the Word of
God is crystal clear. Sadly in this instance we are going to see
a division.

Just today I saw that the American
Anglican Church has appointed its first openly homosexual
minister. This decision promises to divide the Anglican Church
and its 70 plus million members worldwide. Those that have stood
on Gods word are being given plenty of negative media attention
by reporters that do not understand, or choose to not understand
the issues. The dissenters are labelled malcontents, small and
narrow minded, denying Gods love for the sinner/homosexual.
Eventually being driven from or splitting the institutions in
which they happily worshipped for years.

Another story I remember was of a
prayer meeting in communist Russia being interrupted when
soldiers carrying automatic weapons burst into the room. The
command was given to the frightened people that if there were any
present that were not prepared to die for their faith then they
should leave. Many left the meeting, and the door was shut behind
them. The soldiers then lowered their weapons and joined the
prayer meeting; in explanation they said that they did not want
any unbelievers to be present. Here we see the uncommitted
leaving the meeting.

As terrible and shameful as the
issue of homosexuality within the Church is, I would suggest that
this may not be such a bad thing, that God may be using this to
purge his church, removing the deadwood, separating the chaff
from the wheat. However this time, the believers may be the ones
leaving, perhaps forced underground like those who lived in the
catacombs beneath Rome during the rule of the cruel

Amongst many things that God
desires for his Church: a Church that is holy and without
blemish. This is high on the priority list. Ephesians 5:27
“That he might present it to himself a glorious
church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that
it should be holy and without blemish

It may be this issue of
homosexuality, amongst other linked issues which will undoubtedly
follow, that will cause those of us who like to think of
ourselves as ‘committed’ to begin to examine
ourselves and make sure we are in right relationship with the
Lord Jesus. Refrain from judgement and classifying “the
serious sins”, remember that an unrepentant liar will
receive the same punishment as an unrepentant homosexual.

Charles G. Finney made the
following statement that we would do well to consider:

“Sinners may strongly wish
or desire to be rid of all their sins, and may pray for it, even
with agony. They may think they are willing to be perfect, but
they deceive themselves. They may feel willing to renounce their
sins as a whole, or as an abstract idea, but taken in detail, one
by one, there are many sins they are unwilling to give up. They
wrestle against sin in general, but cling to it in

“When they are truly willing
to give up all sin, when they have no will of their own, but
merge their own will entirely in the will of God, then their
bonds are broken. When they yield absolutely to God’s will,
then they are filled with the fullness of God.”
(Principles of Holiness, Charles G. Finney, Bethany
House Publishers, pp.22-23.)