True Science agrees with the Bible…

True Science agrees with the Bible...

True Science agrees with the Bible...

Sometimes things are so
obvious that we don’t see them. “The experts”
tell us that fish are unaware of water (sorry to throw a spanner
in the works but this is typical of Scientists these days…
who on earth speaks “fish” and if you can’t ask
the fish… how will you ever find out?)

We breathe air. We are usually
unaware of it unless it smells funny or is polluted; just like
gravity and the need for food or water; we are usually unaware of
it unless there is a change. Life’s like that… We
don’t notice the obvious... Unless it changes!

There are some remarkable changes
recorded in the Bible… changes that are borne out by
history and by serious investigation.

Did you know that gravity has been
suspended in the past?

Elijah ascended into heaven.
Gravity should have stopped him. It didn’t.

Jesus ascended into heaven.
Gravity should have stopped Him. It didn’t.

There were many witnesses to
Jesus’ ascension.

Jesus, we are told in The Bible;
will come back as he left so we will see the ascension
in reverse as He comes down onto the top of the Mount of Olives.
If that doesn’t prove to you that He ascended…what

The rules of physics do
not apply to the works of Almighty God (hardly
surprising really; how on earth could we call Him
“Almighty” if there was something more

Satan is fully aware of this; he
said to Jesus in the desert, “turn these stones into

Are you aware that the
Laws of physics do not apply to Almighty God?

Are you aware that God
controls time? There is a couple of great examples in
the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.


In the OT, the Sun stood still
whilst Joshua defeated the Amalekites. (Joshua 10:13) Joshua
said, “Sun, stand still over Gibeon and Moon in the valley
of Aijalon. So the sun stood still and the moon stopped till the
people had had their revenge upon their enemies.”

There are six independent
records by ancient nations of this long day
! (See Dr Victor
Pearce’s book “The Origin and Destiny of Life”

Astronomical calculations by
Greenwich Observatory show that it happened on the
21st of July, 1400 BC.

Think about that for a
cotton-picking minute! The sun and moon stood still!

We were taught that the Earth goes
around the sun and that the moon goes around the Earth; right? I
fully understand that an almighty God can do anything He
chooses but if we do the obvious thing (which we rarely do!) and
examine what we see with our own eyes… What do we actually

We see the Sun going
around the Earth and the moon occasionally coming between the sun
and the Earth (we had an eclipse here in Europe in the last week
in May…most impressive…First time
I’d realized that the mountains on the Moon are
big …(but I had to see them silhouetted against
the Sun to realize it).

Hang on a minute Bro Mike
…are you saying that the sun goes around the Earth? I am
saying that what I see is that the sun goes around the

This causes me to question the
experts who tell me that something entirely different
happens… Let’s face it; the experts tell me that
you, dear reader, are descended from pond slime, frogs and
monkeys and I believed that until I started checking the
facts for myself!

This isn’t the place for a
long explanation of heliocentric theory versus geocentricity
theory; suffice it to say that the vast majority of people
believe that the Earth goes around the sun because they were
told it does
… even though it’s not what they

The case for the argument that the
Earth is stationery with the moon orbiting the Earth and the sun
orbiting them both is worth reading for yourself. Just like the
theory of evolution… just because you trusted the people
who taught it to you… doesn’t mean it’s

If you want to pursue this matter
further; buy yourself a copy of Malcolm Bowden’s brilliant
book “True Science Agrees With The Bible”,
available from Sovereign Publications, P.O. Box 88, Bromley Kent;
in the UK.

I have a couple of meters of books
on Creation and associated subjects on my bookshelves and Malcolm
Bowden’s book is one of two that I carry with me when I
travel to speak anywhere. (If you would like me to come and teach
in your church, please contact me through the Omega
Times. I will travel anywhere that I am needed).

Malcolm Bowden’s book is
packed with information and useful addresses for you to continue
your own research. Its only disadvantage is its thickness (it is
over 3cm thick as a paperback).

The other book I won’t
travel without is “Creationism Revisited” by Dr Colin
Mitchell published by Autumn House, Grantham, Lincs, UK. I would
go so far as to say that anyone speaking about creation should
have a copy of Colin’s book with them because it has
answers and quotes for most of the awkward questions that are

An example (on the subject of
Carbon 14 dating), “The method’s originator, Dr
Libby, conceded that it was probably risky to use it beyond about
5,000 years and it is possible that dates longer ago than 2,000
to 3,000 years are suspect.”

I haven’t forgotten what we
were discussing! The Lord is in charge of time itself!

And the Lord turned
back the sundial (Isaiah 38:8) “Behold I will
bring the shadow on the sundial…ten degrees backward; so
the sun returned ten degrees on the dial”. Further
confirmation quoted by Dr VP “Astronomers find that a day
has been added to the astronomical calendar. The final 40
minutes or so (10 degrees) would be that added as a sign to
Hezekiah in
2 Kings 20:10” (emphases added).

These would be “interesting
folk tales” if there wasn’t independent scientific
and historical confirmation!

“By taking the equinoxes,
eclipses and transits, and working backwards to the winter
solstice of Joshua’s day, it is found to fall on a
Wednesday, whereas by calculating forwards to the winter solstice
of Joshua’s day, it is found to fall on a Tuesday. So a
whole day of 24 hours has been inserted into the world’s
history” (Professor Totten quoted by Victor Pearce).

For those who would choose to
“pooh-pooh” the Bible there is outside confirmation
from history and archaeology as well! The Chinese astronomers
recorded a long night at the time as the Mexicans recorded a long
dawn… Something supernatural happened!

Interesting isn’t it?
Science confirming the Biblical account … once again!

What about the New Testament
example of God controlling time? Jesus’ first miracle in
the Gospel of John was His turning water into wine. What’s
that got to do with time?

Well, wine takes between two and
five weeks to “work” and turn from grape juice into
wine. The description of the wine at the feast shows clearly that
the wine Jesus “made” was better than the
wine served by the family.

It was a wedding; it is reasonable
to assume that they would have served their best wine for such an
occasion (remember; there were no glass bottles and corks so wine
couldn’t be kept for a hundred years as it can today;
“drink it or use it as vinegar tomorrow” was the
order of the day.)

So the wine Jesus made was the
best ever … it was wine and the whole
point of the story is that Jesus controlled time:
only God controls time therefore Jesus is God.

I respect that there is a good
argument for Jesus turning water into non-alcoholic grape juice
but it misses the point …only God controls

At the time of Jesus the Romans
made something called “posca” which was grape juice
poured into shallow trays and left in the sun to evaporate. The
black stuff (a bit like hard jelly) which was left, was carried
by the soldiers and put into their water rather like the way we
make orange squash today, to add flavour.

To make grape juice by passing a
hand over the water pots and “creating wine” would
have been a simple trick of legerdemain (sleight of hand) which
any amateur conjurer can do; distract people’s attention
and dump some posca into the amphora with the water.

Jesus wasn’t any amateur
conjurer; He is God…. That is why the
Gospel says it was good wine. The Bible confirms the
miracle happened.

But there’s tons of
confirmation of the events in the Bible! Take Jesus death at

Take a look at Mark’s Gospel
chapter 15 verse 33 “Now when the sixth hour had come there
was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.”

The sixth hour is six hours after
dawn; dawn in Israel is at about six in the morning so that makes
it about midday.

Let’s look at those three
hours; was it a solar eclipse? No it wasn’t and it
wasn’t a solar eclipse for at least two reasons.

1. Passover (Jesus was crucified
at the Passover) happens at a full moon: in a full moon the sun
shines directly onto the moon’s surface; so the moon
cannot be between the sun and the Earth … can

2. Having just watched an eclipse
I can assure you that it doesn’t take three hours! The time
of maximum darkness is a matter of minutes and it is dark only
for a few minutes each side of maximum shadow. Let’s be
generous and say 10 minutes at the outside… Ten minutes is
170 minutes away from being 3 hours!

The time of darkness was
so significant that it was mentioned by historians in
both Rome and Alexandria (Egypt).

Thallus was a pagan historian who
lived in AD 52 shortly after the resurrection of The Messiah,
Jesus. He is quoted by a Christian teacher Julius Africanus in AD
215 as writing that “there was a miraculous darkness
covering the face of the earth at the Passover in AD 32”.
Thallus explained it as an eclipse; Julius Africanus is the first
Christian author I have read who explains that as being
impossible at the Passover festival.

Also, the shadow of a
total solar eclipse wouldn’t fall over such a wide area.
Rome to Jerusalem is over 2,300 kilometres; Rome to Alexandria is
even further… far too wide for a total solar shadow.
Whatever happened on that day; it defies a natural explanation.
It was another example of Almighty God being…

And He is; that Almighty
God came to Earth as a helpless baby; totally dependent on his
Mum, a teenager called Mary with no experience of motherhood.

He grew up as a little boy and all
we know about his childhood is that he was interested in Rabbinic
school and listened and asked questions (Luke 2:36) …not a
bad example to all of us.

WE should listen to what the
teacher says and ask the Lord to give us the wisdom to ask the
right questions!

Teacher: “All life is
descended from single-celled organisms.”

Pupil: “Please, sir;
how does information on DNA increase so that more complicated
creatures can evolve from simple ones, sir?”
(Information doesn’t increase on DNA; it’s
one of the obvious reasons why evolution is no more than
a fairy-tale.)

That is the God who
created everything; the God who came as a man to die in
your place to pay for your sin (we’ve all
sinned; right?)… We all have to be punished for that sin,

We can’t do it by
“works” (doing things) because the Bible tells us
“your works are to me as filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6)
So… we can “do good works” and
“be nice people” until we are blue in the face but we
won’t get to heaven because of it!

do we escape punishment for our sins?

We don’t! Jesus came to
Earth to do it for us… for you and for me.

If you want to know more about it
look in the box on Page11 and you can see what to do next to
escape from your sin and your punishment for it
and to be certain that you have a place in the Kingdom
of Heaven.