Transatlantic relations & Rumours of a big war

Transatlantic relations & Rumours of a big war

Transatlantic relations & Rumours of a big war

President George W Bush & Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
President George W Bush & Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Chamberlain…Metternich…Bismarck…Mr Chirac
– understood the all-important global ‘Balance of
power.’ And now with terms like ‘multipolar and
unipolar world’ being tossed around, it has become clear
that Mr Chirac is prepared to champion the European need to peg
back US global dominance, and restore a semblance of balance.
Most probably, Mr Chirac is completely unaware that his desire to
see a strengthened European Union – politically,
financially and militarily, was foretold by the prophets of the
Holy Scriptures several thousand years ago. With the formation of
a strong European military capacity to service the Political
needs of the EU, the plan is unfolding.

The war with Iraq certainly did
not create what we now see as a definite rift in US/French
relations – but exposed strong French feelings at the idea
of unchecked American world power.

An interesting article in The
Economist July 24 edition expressed: “Public opinion has
been astonishingly uniform in its support for Mr Chirac's
opposition to the war. Now, every unfound weapon of mass
destruction, every unfounded intelligence claim, every American
casualty, only adds to this view….”

“Condoleezza Rice, Mr Bush's
national security adviser, reportedly urged his administration to
“punish France, ignore Germany, forgive Russia.” And
the French have indeed been snubbed. President Bush left the G8
summit at Evian early. This week, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's
pro-war prime minister, got to ride about the Bush ranch in
Texas, while Mr Chirac has been firmly told not to expect an
invitation “any time soon”. Yet an evaluation by the
French foreign ministry suggests that the economic damage amounts
to little more than a drop in wine sales and American tourists.
France's exports have been hurt more by the strength of the euro
than by “French-bashing” in Washington.”

“The Iraq war did not create
differences between America and France, but exposed ones that
were masked for years and that intensified after the fall of the
Soviet Union.”

Indeed, and barely masked, at
that: think back to de Gaulle in the 1960s, or even to 1944, when
he had to fight off plans to install an Allied military
government, not a French one, in liberated France.

So it would appear that the
‘Transatlantic agenda’ formed between the US and
Europe in the 90’s to “Promote peace and stability,
democracy and development around the world” is not working
very well. In last months Omega Times, in the front page article
entitled ‘Wars and rumours of wars’ we looked at the
fact that whoever finances ‘reconstruction’ after war
time, certainly does not do it for nothing! No doubt, many would
argue that following world war two, America’s
reconstruction money purchased for the US Government her future
entitlement as global leader of the world. No doubt
there were ‘conditionalities policies’ underlying the
reconstruction money, formalising such an entitlement.

The point I am making is that
rightfully or wrongfully, there is no balance of power in the
world today. At this moment in history America can ‘do as
she pleases’, and other would-be powers do not
feel comfortable with this. The vulnerability here is that in
such a unipolar scenario, other powers (some with access to
weapons of mass destruction), can mount political, economic and
military challenges, and set out to further divide and conquer.
Indeed, this writer believes that the global war on terror is
only beginning – and the current unipolar situation is the
perfect environment for terrorism to thrive.

EU External Relations Commissioner
Chris Pattern stated “The Transatlantic relationship is at
a period of unparalleled economic integration and public
discord’ the NZ Herald 25.06.03.

The EU must invest a lot of money
to have a piece of the Iraqi reconstruction pie. The New York
Times 04.09.03 tells us that US forces are being stretched on
Iraqi soil, and that the UN really needs to become involved very
soon. Europe has a reported 750 million Euro’s to put into
the reconstruction work. Keep in mind that Washington is forking
out around US$3.9 billion per month to keep its military
operation in Iraq alive.

The US is also showing Nations
around the globe that she does not appreciate

In 1985, NZ banned nuclear armed
and propelled ships from entering NZ waters, clearly affecting
trade between ourselves and the US.

And now, with the immanent
enlargement of the EU (10 new members joining the existing 15,
forming a population of around 450 million people), NZ has been
advised by EU representatives to learn ‘Politics’
instead of playing the ‘Trade game’ which leaves us
vulnerable every time we get offside with any Nation we depend
on. European MP Robert Sturdy advised NZ Government officials
“…it (NZ) can have an ally in Europe – more of
an ally than the United States presents to you” 27.06.03 NZ

In July, 2003 – the US cut
military aid to 35 countries who failed to sign bilateral article
98 agreements exempting US personnel from possible prosecution by
the International Criminal Court (a court which was set up in
2002 to try war crimes and acts of genocide.) In the context of
‘A balance of power’, even those of us who are
pro-America, can see serious relationship issues developing.

The other ‘International
agreement’ the US refuses to get involved with is the Kyoto
Protocol – for obvious reasons. Being the worlds greatest
consumer nation with more negative impact on the environment than
any other Country; while most European Nations are firmly
committed to the protocol, and small countries like NZ struggle
to control the methane levels omitted very naturally by our
bovine population…

So where should Americans focus…?

While many Americans focus on
terror and international war campaigns courtesy of the Media
networks, critical US industry is now under threat – not by
former rivals Japan or South Korea, but by the ultimate Asian
giant, China. The Chinese are cutting prices much more
dramatically than has ever been seen before, and seizing massive
amounts of market share in the USA.

Since China joined the World Trade
Organisation in 2001, trade barriers to her becoming the most
powerful industrialised nation in the world were relaxed, and
this in turn is creating real problems for manufacturers in the

“We’re literally
transporting our manufacturing sector to China” says Cass
Johnson of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute.

One of the biggest factors in the
Chinese Industrial revolution is the speed at which she can
launch new industries to compete with international trends and
with a much larger supply of labour, weaker protections for
labour and the environment, the Chinese are undercutting
competitors by up to 70% in some markets.

The Japanese were a threat in
areas like car manufacturing, but the Japanese are manufacturing
everything from computer chips to textiles…

The sobering answer to the
question “Where should Americans focus?” is to repent
and return to a true commitment to God!

Prophetically speaking

Sadly, we know that the world in
general must become anti-Semitic once again. In Hebrew there is a
saying “Sinat hinnam” meaning hatred without a
Midrashically, what happened in Pharaohs time, the
Caesars time, through The Crusades, in Hitler’s time
– we will see happening in our time, a supernaturally
driven increase in anti-Semitism. Hatred without a cause –
truly a spiritual problem. Historically, France, Russia and
Germany have displayed some of the most overtly anti-Jewish
attitudes. This will continue to grow and spread once again
throughout Europe. The leader of the New World Order, the
antichrist will work his ‘magic’ – he will
achieve what no other has ever achieved in the Middle East - the
extraordinary signing of a peace treaty between the Jews and the

Ezekiel (writing 6 centuries
before Christ) chapters 38-39 provides us with a glimpse of one
of the most dramatic future events to ever occur in the history
of mankind. The backdrop is that Israel is left
‘alone’ with no US military or political support; we
are watching now to see how the USA is neutralised. Possible
scenarios are a Muslim-backed terrorism crusade, the demise of
Capitalism through a total financial crash or a devastating
military attack from old Communist rivals? Most likely a
combination of all of these - with the EU rising to power

There is a sense of peace
prevailing – following the signing of a seven year Middle
East peace treaty. Yet, under the covers – Russia, China
and other Nations founded on communistic, atheistic principles,
will have been continuing the support of the Arab Nations,
supplying weapons for pending war. It is tempting to think that
Communism has been dissolved – this spiritual force is well
and truly alive today. The spirit behind Islam will never cease
to call for a total annihilation to Israel, and the believers in
the God of Israel.

At this time God puts hooks into
the jaws of Israel’s enemies and draws them down to invade
The Land of Israel, lead by the evil demonic Prince Gog. Included
amongst the invaders are Russia (King of the North) Communist
Black African Nations (King of the South), Persia – West
Pakistan through to Egypt, Libya/Morocco. Revelation 9 works in
tandem with the Ezekiel passage, and it is likely that China is
being referred to in verses 16-17 (the sheer size of the army and
the colours and animals may hold significance in Chinese
culture). It would appear that China comes into battle following
the destruction of the Russian forces.

The God of Israel will fight
– and destroy those who come against Him.

“And I will make my Holy
Name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let
them pollute my Name anymore: and the heathen will know that I am
the Lord, the Holy One of Israel.” Ezekiel 39:7

Where should we focus our
attention? In returning to the security found only in a living
relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.