In defence of de fence

In defence of de fence

In defence of de fence

Security Fence

Due to the fact that even an
uniformed person can see that the ‘Road Map’ is
severely injured, if not dead, we don’t hear so much about
it these days. The news over the last few weeks has been
dominated by the security fence that Israel is building in a very
expensive (US$2 million plus a kilometre) attempt to keep the
Palestinian terrorists from carrying out their evil, murderous
plans. The news this week that the Israeli government has given
the green light for the next phase of the fence caused an
international uproar, with the self-appointed world conscience
CNN, declaring it an “Israel land grab!”

More than 1126 Israelis have been
killed in the last 10 years, 826 of them in the last 3 years
during this Al Aksa Intifada. What would your country do, if .02
% of your citizens have been murdered by blood-thirsty terrorists
from a neighbouring country? In the USA, that would equate to
52,000 people, Germany 16000, Sweden 1900 and in the UK 13000.
Most countries would go to war as indeed the USA did after 9/11,
carpet bombing Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden.
Thousands of innocent Afghanis were killed and injured. More
recently the coalition countries poured out their military wrath
on Iraq killing and injuring many innocent citizens. However for
some bizarre reason Israel is not allowed to defend her citizens.
After the Passover 2002 Park Hotel bombing, the IDF went in to
Jenin as an act of self defence, and the world outcry went up,
“Israel massacres 500 Palestinians!” and
“Israel STOP!” The UN discovered the
true number of Palestinian casualties to be less than 50, and
most were known terrorists. And we didn’t bomb them from
above. Our soldiers went in on the ground seeking only to find
those responsible for making war on us.

Now, instead of defensive military
action Israel is building the fence to keep the killers out. And
still the world cries out, “Israel

It seems to us here in Israel that
Jewish lives are not considered valuable enough that the majority
of the world cares that we are being slaughtered. Excerpts from
the following article by an Israeli organisation called
“Women in Green” addresses this issue:

Is Israel once again, being
led like sheep to the slaughter?

In September of 1939, exactly 64
years ago, World War II began. Millions of allied forces died in
Hitler’s death camps. Six million Jews, men, women,
children, and babies, were shot, gassed, and burned to death by
the Nazis. Were there no warnings of this holocaust? Since 1933
there had been numerous clear warnings in Germany. Signs in
public parks proclaimed: “Jews and Dogs not allowed”.
Jewish businesses were confiscated. Jews were made to scrub
pavements with a toothbrush to the amusement of bystanders. And
Jews were beaten by the SA and SS squads while the German
populace cheered. Nonetheless, the mainstream and left-of-centre
Jewish establishment ignored all these warnings. Only revisionist
leader, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, passionately urged his fellow
Jews to wake up and to heed what was happening. Very few people
wanted to listen to him, neither in Germany or in adjoining
Eastern European countries, which were also rife with virulent

Less than four months before the
Blitzkrieg, Jabotinsky addressed a Warsaw audience and answered
his numerous detractors’ accusations that he was cruelly
robbing Jews of hope. He contended that: “Sometimes bold,
fervent desperation can constitute a legitimate response. Worse
than that is what I see among Eastern Europe’s Jewish
masses equanimity, fatalism. People behave as if they’ve
been condemned and sentenced. I know of nothing like this in
history and haven’t encountered such surrender to destiny
in novels”. “What’s this like? It’s like
shoving 12 million educated, experienced people into a wagon that
is hurtling toward an abyss. And how do these folks behave? One
cries, one smokes cigarettes, some read newspapers, another
sings. Don’t bother looking for one person to take over the
controls and re-route the wagon. That’s the mind-set.
It’s as if a great enemy came and chloroformed
everyone’s brains.

“I come to you in one last
attempt and call upon you: Put a stop to this”. “Try
to halt this wagon. Try to jump off. Place obstacles in its
course. Don’t go like sheep to the wolf. In nature, when
the wolf devours one sheep and then another, the remainder at
least quake and take fright and flight. Yet here it’s one
huge graveyard.”

The Arabs make no secret of their
true intentions. Their ultimate goal is the complete destruction
of Israel. Rockets are fired into the industrial area of the
large Israeli city Ashkelon, from Gaza. Drive-by shootings claim
victims every few days. Suicide bombers murder civilians as part
of a “Holy Mission”. In a suicide bombing, on August
19 in Jerusalem, 21 were killed and over 100 severely wounded.
And what was the reaction of “moderate” Palestinian
Authority Prime Minister Abu Mazen? “Such a bombing is not
in the Palestinian National interest.”

Iran is relentlessly pursuing a
nuclear program which could pose a mortal danger to Israel. Iran
means business. Its leaders want to destroy Israel, and they say
so without any qualms. In spite of all this, U.S. Secretary of
State Colin Powell, warns Israel against ending the “Road
Map”! Powell told reporters after a meeting with UN
Secretary General Kofi Annan in New York: “The alternative
is more death and destruction and letting the terrorists win and
letting those that have no interest in a palestinian state
That is not an acceptable outcome”. Colin Powell,
in effect, equates Bible-believing Christians and Jews, who
oppose the formation of another Arab State in the Land of Israel
with Muslim terrorists. And, naive people, like you and me, dear
friends, thought that the US Government had declared Arafat to be
“irrelevant” and that it wasn’t going to deal
with him anymore? As far as US Secretary of State Colin Powell
wanting once again to be buddies with Arafat, that does not
surprise me one bit. After all, Colin Powell, not too long ago,
declared to a Congressional committee: “One man’s
terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter!” He was
speaking about Arafat!

Make no mistake, the Oslo Accords
and the “Road Map”, what the world euphemistically
calls a peace process, is actually a holocaust in progress!
End of article.

In conclusion let us not forget
that this “land grab”, even if that is what it was,
is not illegal. The land in question was given by God to the
Jewish people for eternity. It is the so called Palestinians who
really grabbed the land from its rightful owners.