Introducing Bob Mitchell

Introducing Bob Mitchell

Introducing Bob Mitchell


Bob Mitchell is an Englishman who
was first converted in 1962 at age 16, although shortly after
this important decision he backslid and turned from God. Not only
did he turn from God, he also became involved in the Occult for
seven years, during which time he wrote for two homespun UFO
magazines. God however, did not turn His back on Bob, and in his
own words Bob states, “God sovereignly turned my life
around in 1971.”

Since this life changing moment in
his mid-twenties, Bob began to develop a strong love for Israel
and prophecy. He went on to lead various small fellowships over
the years, until another event once again changed the direction
of his life. In the late 1980's Bob met Barry Smith, and as a
result of this meeting Barry encouraged Bob to take his end-times
message out to the people – and that is what he has

After a period of seeking the
Lord's will whilst in Jerusalem in 1997, God opened the way for
him to begin travelling around the United Kingdom speaking on
end-time related subjects. Since this time he has been blessed to
have recorded almost 20 videos, and most recently, in 2003 has
written the book "Rome, Babylon the Great and Europe."  Two
further books are in his plans for the future, with background
work towards these publications already underway.

Bob is married to Maria and has
four children and five grandchildren.

He is currently speaking regularly
throughout the United Kingdom and spoke recently at the Prophetic
Witness International Conference in England.

His book, ‘Rome, Babylon the
Great and Europe’ is now available from:

Shofar Ministries
P.O. Box 5
St. Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex TN37 6WH
£9.50 GBP (within UK) £12.50 GBP (outside the UK)
prices include postage. 
Payment by way of cheque only, made payable to ‘Shofar