2005 – a fine vintage?

2005 - a fine vintage?

2005 - a fine vintage?

In the brief period of time I have
been assisting with the Omega Times, actively searching and
researching relevant information to the End Times topic, it is
quite extraordinary how you begin to notice world wide trends in
terms of politics, technology and so on.

Many years ago Barry Smith coined
the phrase gradualism to express what he viewed as the
world’s communities being manipulated towards accepting a
Big Brother control system, and a one world Government. As he
moved from country to country and continent to continent, he
developed an excellent overview of what was happening in the

With this in mind, as we move into
a new phase in the life of the Omega Times I would encourage
anyone with access to the internet or international newspapers to
monitor for yourself what is happening. Some of the best sources
obviously being the assorted papers published in many

One trend I’ve
noticed is that the year 2005 keeps popping up
. In
looking around the world, 2005 seems to feature in a number of
deadlines. For example in reading entirely different papers on
opposite sides of the world I found that by 2005 New Zealand and
Europe will have biometrics in their passports.

By 2005 Ariel Sharon, the Israeli
Prime Minister has promised peace in the Middle East. This is a
big deadline and an even bigger promise, one which I do not think
he will fulfil. The question remains, who will bring the peace -
Sharon cant amidst the escalating violence in Israel?

Indeed 2005 may prove to be of
fine vintage in prophetic terms, one in which an age-old enemy
finally reveals his servant – the antichrist, and those of
us who watch and wait begin to count.