An appointment we’ll all keep

An appointment we'll all keep

An appointment we'll all keep

“A just man walks in his
integrity: his children are blessed after him.” Proverbs 20:7.

A Parents role is to: restrain
sometimes, encourage often, and love always.

Last week I attended the funeral
of an avid atheist, and former chapter President of the
Rationalist Society. He was also my Uncle – Uncle Bob. He
was a lovely man who put people first – always out and
about helping others through their difficulties.

In the euology it was mentioned
that in his early twenties, Uncle Bob went to Bible College for a
term where he experienced some very poor treatment from believers
- treatment he never really recovered from – he went on the

His motto became: Reason not
superstition. If it couldn’t be rationalised, it was
rubbish. I well remember many ‘discussions’ between
my parents and Uncle Bob around religion, church and
Christianity. He was simply ‘not interested’ –
he really felt he was the authority on these types of

My cousin Robbie conducted his
father’s funeral. There was a moment of time I will never
forget. Turning to the coffin Robbie said “Well dad,
you’re the authority on death now. And on whatever you
believe – I wish you all the best.” He quoted a
Scripture from John 11:24 “Jesus said: ‘I am the
resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he
were dead, yet shall he live.’ And I ask the Lord Jesus
that He will accept my father into eternal

We are all living examples –
a generational gift, or curse.