David and Goliath – The God of Israel has an issue with ‘the Roadmap’

David and Goliath - The God of Israel has an issue with 'the Roadmap'

David and Goliath - The God of Israel has an issue with 'the Roadmap'

Wouldn't it be good

Moses asks God in Exodus
3:13-15 “What is your Name?” God replies and
identifies Himself very clearly “I am that I am…The
Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
THIS IS MY NAME FOREVER, and this is my memorial unto all

Let there be no mistake, resulting
from diverse and numerous interpretations of this peculiar group
of people, the Jews, and the land of Israel. The ‘God of
Israel’ is how God wishes to be identified. And this will
not change, regardless of the international political and
religious climate.

The International climate is
indeed heating up with some fascinating developments.

Barry Smith once wrote: “If
we study the Scriptures, it becomes clear in the books of Ezekiel
and Revelation 17, that the Common Market (EU) will be so busy
handling its own affairs in the days ahead that it will have no
time for Israel…”. We believe that the Midrashic
(Biblical pre-type of a future fulfilment of prophecy) figure of
‘Goliath’ is already appearing. The new Goliath will
not only be representative of the Arab world (Islam), but will
include much of the East and West, including the EU nations, the
World Church (Catholicism and Islam working together) and, wait
for it – the USA. Dare I say it, already many Christian
speakers in the West are encouraging their flocks to look in the
wrong direction. Replacement theologies (the Church replacing a
literal Israel), media driven opinion and politically motivated
ideologies are the ‘pulpit order of the day’ –
which is not surprising in a Church age where vital bible
prophecy and the ‘End Times’ message are largely
discarded as myths.

We watch now for an assault
(political or military) on Jerusalem. Israel declared Jerusalem
its eternal capital, and the strong Lukud party vows to keep it
that way. In 1999, then Prime Minister Ehud Barak vowed "We are
here in Jerusalem beneath the flag of Israel. Here and on every
corner of greater Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, this flag
must wave for eternity. And we the Lukud will never allow this
flag to be replaced with another flag.”

Prophetically speaking, in a day
to come, Israel will acknowledge once again Jehovah – as
her eternal God. “So will I make my holy Name known in the
midst of my people Israel, and I will not let them pollute my
holy Name anymore, and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord,
the Holy one of Israel.”

Roadmap – shows the way…?

In recent news reports we see that
the UN Security Council have unanimously ratified a Russian led
resolution, making the quartet-designed Road Map (The quartet:
US, Russia, EU and UN) the international community’s
official plan for dealing with the ‘Palestinian
question.’ This plan not only conflicts with Scripture
around God-given borders and territory, but is quickly shaping
the philosophical thought base of the ‘Goliath’
world. 2005 is the target date given for the establishment of a
Sovereign Palestinian State encompassing Judea, Samaria and

So, the Islamic world is pushing,
the Americans are pushing, the Russians are pushing, the UN are
pushing, the EU is pushing, the international media are pushing,
large sections of the ‘Christian Church’ are pushing
- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that this plan
will never work if imposed by outside forces. God says it
won’t work at all.

The Jerusalem News Wire
reported on 20.11.03 “Following Wednesday's session,
Israel's deputy UN ambassador Aryeh Mekel noted, "More
resolutions is not the solution…We need to see action on
the ground, namely that the Palestinians will finally start
dismantling the infrastructure of terror which is their
obligation according to the road map…Israel has officially
accepted the Road Map peace plan, but attached a list of
reservations concerning the parallel nature in which the
agreement calls upon Israel and the Palestinians to fulfil their
commitments. Israel insists that the dismantling of the
Palestinian terrorist infrastructure must be the sole first step
towards peace.”

recommend you view the outstanding video ‘Relentless’
for a documented account of events in the Holy Land –
relating to the Oslo Accord, and the current Road Map peace plan.
Show your friends and put them in the picture (refer to advert in
this edition of Omega Times).

Watch and pray…by virtue of our finiteness, even the elect can be deceived…

We have unrest in Israel today
with neither the Palestinians nor the Israeli’s showing any
sign of backing down. We have international political pressure,
religious pressure and spiritual pressure focussed on Israel.

In the surrounding Middle Eastern
region, moderate Islamic nations like Turkey are being targeted
by their own ‘brothers.’ Please note that in these
end times, ‘being moderate’ will not be tolerated by
the Spirit of Islam.

Warning: Neither will ‘being
moderate’ be tolerated by religious institutions of the
West! I believe we will witness a rise in pseudo spirituality and
extreme fundamentalism, as spoken about by Hugh Downs on the
20/20 programme back in 1993. “During times of social
stress, humanity usually regresses into the family….In the
1920’s the Ku Klux Klan urged the nation to adopt family
values and to return to old time religion. Similarly, Adolf
Hitler launched a family values regimen. Hitler’s
(methodology) entered on his ideas of motherhood. Fanatics in the
Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party, the Hezbollah, or any other
intolerant organisation refer to themselves as religious
warriors. As warriors, fanatics censor the thoughts of others and
love to burn books. In the modern United States, new proponents
of family values continue this tradition of fear and

It is sad but true – any
truth pushed to excess becomes dangerous – especially in
the field of ‘religiosity and acts of righteousness’.
We believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can maintain
balance through looking at the example of Jesus life and
behaviour, and acting on what He has taught us to do. Jesus was a
revolutionary who did not resort to force - Luke 4:22. Neither
was He a proponent of the PC gospel – He would cop a lot of
flack in today’s politically correct world for His
‘directional counselling’ methods. He gave a straight
message – and people wanted to hear it, so His ministry was
not just in enticing words - ‘it was spiritual’. Our
message must be the same – or we become a sounding gong.
May I encourage you to watch the enticement from the
right and from the left, and listen for the
still small voice (1 Kings 19:12).

The Jewish Messiah is coming…

Before the ‘Jewish
Messiah’ Jesus Christ returns, God promises (in Ezekiel 37
and 38) to breath life once again on His people. We have said
before that the majority of Jews at this time are not believers,
more than 70% are reported to be secular. In a day to come we
will witness a miraculous shift in perception. A ‘God
fearing’ David will witness an astounding victory against
insurmountable odds – and the giant Goliath, will be

Jesus is coming again