Geographical division EU foreign policy

Geographical division EU foreign policy

Geographical division EU foreign policy

Omega Times January 1995

Barry R Smith
Barry R Smith

When we commenced preaching on
biblical prophecy over 30 years ago, it was hard to imagine how
things would finally come together before the year 2000. We have
watched the formation of the European Community go from three to
six to 10 nations, then to 12, and then in this year to 15.

We have noted regularly in our
meetings that the scriptures teach the final leadership of the
market will be 10 nations with a great world leader who is called
by four names at least. He is called the Antichrist, the Beast,
the man of sin and later on in his ministry, the son of
perdition, which name was previously applied to Judas

The man dies but the spirit lives
on, and the spirit which was in Judas Iscariot will enter the
same man who will control the European Union. We read a verse
from the book of Daniel Chapter 7, which says the following:
“And the ten horns that were in his head and of the other
which came up before whom three fell; even of that horn that had
eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was
more stout than his fellows.” From that scripture we may
deduce that the ultimate leadership of the common market will
indeed be an inner tier of ten nations which in turn will be
controlled by a man who has a very significant feature in his
gaze and an arrogant manner of speaking who will be undoubtedly
one of the most powerful men on the earth in these latter days.
This is the Antichrist for whom we are looking.

To this point in history the
common market has had different forms of leadership starting with
a European council of ministers which led onto a European
parliament which in turn have both proved not to be very
satisfactory. The latest information we have from the
Christchurch Press on the 7th January 1995 thrills us
as we see things moving quickly towards a one-man dictatorship
exactly as predicted in the Word of God. We quote:
European Unity Aims For Abroad. The European Union
seeking to sharpen its voice as an economic super power, has
revealed the organisational overhaul it hopes will make its
message clearer…

Foreign policy of the market is to
divide up the globe on a geographical basis among four
commissioners who will be controlled by the incoming E.U. chief,
who will preside over the group as a whole. The men in the four
new posts are appearing before the European Parliament to lay out
their wares at ratification hearings this week and next, ahead of
officially taking up their jobs on January 23rd.

But it is a safe bet that the
revamped approach…will not produce someone who becomes
known the world over as the voice of European foreign
Policy. One Eurocrat wistfully pondering such a prospect,
recently recalled Henry Kissinger once saying he did not consult
Europe more often because he did not know its phone
Now what does this mean?

Obviously, Kissinger is suggesting
one man would be far more convenient to talk to than a mass of
commissioners. The reason for this is clear. Committees have been
variously described as:

  • a group of people who
    individually can do nothing and collectively decide that nothing
    can be done, or
  • a group of people who keep
    minutes and waste hours.

Be sure of this dear reader,
Antichrist is indeed waiting in the wings!