God is love!

God is love!

God is love!

The reprobates of religion reveal their new god.

A while ago that I noticed a news
article starring one Gene Robinson. Gene Robinson is a practising
homosexual. Also termed in modern language guise as Gay.

This last term makes homosexuality
adopt an appearance of fun, good humour and friendly. The media
and entertainment industry make good use of the fun, humour
aspect to promote this behaviour to the full. I suppose this is
not a big deal these days thanks to the social programming power
of TV & Movies.

But in Robinson’s case he is
an ordained minister of the Anglican church. What caught my eye
though, was not this obvious apostasy but a sign that was being
held gaily aloft by his supporters. The sign read ‘God is
Love’. I began to think on this wording. This wording
‘God is Love’ really began to bother me. Soon the
sickening truth of why they had used this wording hit me like a
front row All Black.

‘God is Love’ is what
can be called a ‘blanket statement’. A blanket
statement allows for the stretching of truth and the dimming of
boundaries. It can be used to cover gross error by simply
allowing less accurate definition. Very handy for those that work
to twist the Truth. ‘God is Love’ has become the
favourite bleat of these particular ‘goats’. They
wish to convince themselves and others that while clearly acting
in opposition to scripture they are really not doing anything
wrong. Despite the fact that God, although stating emphatically
and clearly in his written Word that acts such as homosexuality,
witchcraft and idol worship are an abomination to him.

By saying ‘God is
Love’ they offer something far different than the Love of
God. In their terms potentially any portrayal of love is of God.
No matter how twisted or wrong. If it can be called love (made
legal) then it has the sanctification of God, because God is
Love. This is truly insidious. Tolerance is an expression of
love. So if we are true Christians we will tolerate people for
what they are. By doing this we will demonstrate God’s love
for them. This allows for acceptance of twisted behaviour and
false doctrine in the name of God. God is tolerance - love.

Most people who have read the
bible will know that this is clearly against what it teaches. To
orchestrate this deception the apostates will make use of
societies hunger for anything new and that new is always

‘New’ is better...

A ‘New Interpretation’
of God and scripture is just the thing. This new interpretation
of the Truth will conveniently incorporate self righteous
humanism and the individuals rights that are being promoted in
society. This will ensure they gain strong support from outside
of the church and force those of a weak faith within the church
to dance to their tune. In their delusion and rebellion they will
flock to embrace this ‘New’ understanding of God.

A new god...

God is different now. He’s
changed to meet our needs. We have a god that we have made in our
own image. Fantastic! God can be anything we want because... wait
for it... God is Love! In one deceitful, brief textual blow, they
have taken away truth, added lies and changed the very character
of God. This new god denies his own truth and condones evil. They
have murdered Truth and replaced it with a lie. This new god is
both a liar and a murderer and they have placed him in authority
over them in order to justify acts that are evil. This new god
reminds me of someone else who, in God’s Word, is described
as the Father of Lies and a Murderer. I wonder who that is!

The characteristics of this new
god are now honoured and displayed. Evil thrives in the absence
of Truth.

As doctrine is reinterpreted it
will also be rewritten and the birth of a fully functioning and
revealed apostate church will dance it’s merry way across
the world’s stage.

The faithless church’s approach to confronting evil is a ‘New Way’ - ‘Our Way’...

The apostate church will appear to
take action on rebellion against God by: We need to talk it
through. Let’s be reasonable. Let’s have dialogue
together. Take council and appreciate where the other person is
coming from. Seek to understand their views. We should have a
spirit of tolerance. Honour each persons opinion and viewpoint.
Together we can find a way round this. A way that is acceptable
to everyone. It may not be ‘The Way’ but it’s
our way. This is the way we show love to our fellow man. A
‘New Way’... ‘Our Way’ and so on. The
false shepherds and their followers seem so rational, so fair, so
nice, so sensible. What a shame they’re So Wrong.

Churches of the swamp...

This is the tragic, twisted result
of a secular-driven Christian faith. A church that operates under
secular reasoning gives its authority to the flesh. No longer
operating under a divine mandate the church loses its gift of
being a vehicle for living water. Instead it takes on the form of
a swamp. A swamp becomes infested with weeds and the water
becomes stagnant and foul smelling. Before long, it becomes the
home of disease and life forms that spread disease. You
can’t swim in it or fish from it. It becomes a dead

The love of God...

The truth is, God is indeed the
source of infinite love, but not in the conceited, devious way
these wolves would have you believe. As one would expect
God’s love for his children, both wayward and obedient, is
well beyond our understanding. And he has demonstrated the
strength of his love with the redemption offered to all mankind
through the sacrifice of his beloved son Jesus Christ.

I find it interesting though, that
the revealing of Jesus Christ is contained in the same book that
forbids the evil practices that are now becoming acceptable. I
wonder why that is? Could it be that God Almighty in the
revealing of Himself also loves us enough to tell us what is
right and good and also what is wrong and evil. As we all know
this is indeed the case. Like any good father the Lord lays
boundaries that are absolute so as to protect his children from
coming to harm.

Hungry wolves...

In their cowardly blindness their
words are inspired of hell. They are poison, spiced up with
sugary, sweetness that appeals to the emotion and fleshly logic.
More suited to the script of ‘soap operas’ and
orchestrated media releases than for the revelation of eternal
truths. Their pulpits are in hell and their teachings are snares
for the unwary and unfaithful. They eagerly seek the company of
others who will support their errors. They think there is safety
and acceptance in numbers. Not remembering or realising that
broad is the road to hell and ‘many’ that will find
it. Their smiles are large and pleasing to the eye of the camera.
Portraying themselves as sheep but in truth being ravenous
wolves. They are hungry for the ways of the world not for the
truth of God’s Word.

What the wolves don’t like
to mention is that God is also the god of truth, righteousness,
justice and judgement. Whoops!!! The warm fuzzies have just flown
out the window. The dancing stops, the smiles waver and sleep
becomes far less cuddly. These rebels in the faith will have to
do as their Father tells them or risk punishment. But he loves us
-doesn’t he? You bet he does. He loves you enough to tell
you off and to give you a kick up the backside if necessary to
prevent you from coming to harm. His way leads to life,
man’s way (your way- ‘our way’) leads to


The ‘PC’ Christian is
a result of a ‘Church’ that has lost its ‘first
love’ - Jesus Christ. They are married to a watered-down,
flesh inspired interpretation of the faith, a false doctrine. One
that takes its authority from the flesh and in the end, Satan.
Propped up by religious ritual and traditions they deliver a
comfortable ‘death’ rather than a liberating birth
into new life. They are rebels, against God and his Truth. More
than that, they are ‘antichrists’. Placing themselves
as representatives of God while in truth they are anti-God.
Rather than ‘stand’ and walk as Christ in all aspects
of their life these disobedient children have fallen and chosen
to openly mock their Father in heaven. They have sealed their
fate and the God of Love who is also the God of Truth,
Righteousness, Justice and Judgement shall deal with them as His
Word says.

Hope for all...

But all is not lost though for
these wayward children. Rather than being coddled by an apostate
church (a false shepherd that allows the sheep to stray) they
need to be awakened to God’s Truth. Then there is hope for
them. Repent of their error and the Father will welcome them back
with open arms. Live a life that honours God, not one that mocks
him. Stay true to his Word. Walk their lives as a follower and
believer in and on the Lord Jesus Christ. Be teachers of the
Truth not error.

This is the love of God. God is
also a god of Forgiveness. And isn’t that just as well for
them and indeed for all of us.