Profile of a False Prophet

Profile of a False Prophet

Profile of a False Prophet

About two months ago I was having
a discussion with Andrew Smith (Editor, Omega Times) and it
turned to the topic of the False Prophet (Revelation 13:11-15)
Andrew mentioned that he thought the False Prophet would be
Jewish. This surprised me somewhat as it never occurred to me the
False Prophet could be Jewish. The Omega Times has long said the
False Prophet will come from within the Catholic Institution but
the thought of a Jew within the Vatican startled me.

Further to that we at the Omega
Times believe that the Anti Christ is Jewish. This is based upon
the first 9 words of Daniel 11:37 Neither shall he
, the God of his fathers, Daniel the
Jew, was pointing out that the Jewish Anti Christ would not
believe in or follow the God of his forbears and people.
Therefore really I should not have been surprised when suggested
that the False Prophet may be Jewish, as it makes perfect sense.
Scripture is quite clear that ever since Satan was thrown out of
Heaven, Satan has pursued Gods chosen, Israel and the Jews. What
better way is there to cast the ultimate insult at God when
establishing your Satanic trinity and religious system, but by
using two of Gods own Jewish people in that trinity.

Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger
Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger

About a week ago I was reading
comments made about an article on an Israeli newspaper website. A
comment posted about a Cardinal Lustiger caused me to search him
out on the internet and this is what I found.

Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger was
born Aron Lustiger, a Polish Jew and raised in a relatively non
religious Jewish home. During the Second World War he was hidden
by a Catholic family to avoid deportation to concentration camps
and at age 14 he converted to Catholicism. At this time he took
the name Jean Marie Lustiger.

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

Since then he has risen to be one
of the most powerful Cardinals within the Catholic Church and not
to mention a close personal friend of the present Pope, John Paul
II. Lustiger is in consideration for the upcoming papal vacancy.
Though obviously a practising Catholic he has never completely
thrown off or denied his Jewish roots and is openly Zionist,
which many feel will rule him from contention. However, if he is
the man supernaturally selected, despite all the apparent odds,
he will take the Vatican’s top job.

To add a little of the surreal, if
you count Lustiger’s surname it comes to 666. However,
before we get too excited with this piece of information, for
those of us old enough to remember him, Basil Brush (English TV
hand puppet) also comes to 666, and I’m sure any number of
other names could as well.

What makes us sit up and look a
little closer at this situation is the timing. The fact that
there is a Jew whose name adds up to 666, who is in the running
for the top job in the Vatican, a well known Anti-Jewish
institution, while at the same time, Israel begs for an end to
the bloodshed.

Now returning to Lustiger; one
source considered Lustiger could be the last Pope of the Catholic
Church, “Peter the Roman” as prophesied by Irish St
Malachy (1098 to 1148.)

Malachy prophesied over the future
Popes from his time to the end of the Catholic Church. According
to the prophecies the present Pope, John Paul II is the third or
second to last Pope depending on how you interpret
Malachy’s final prophecies. Some believe that the final two
prophecies of Malachy refer to one person while others believe
they refer to separate people. I have included the final
prophecies in the box below for your perusal.

Malachy’s final prophecies

Pope Number

Name (Reign)

Motto No

Motto (and


John Paul II


De labore

(of the eclipse of the sun, or
from the labour of the sun)

History: Karol Wojtyla was born on
May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse. He also comes from behind
the former Iron Curtain.





Revelation 13:3-10; I Thessalonians 5:3




In persecutione extrema
S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in multis
tribulationibus: quibus transactis ciuitas septicollis diruetur,
& Iudex tremêdus iudicabit populum suum.

(In extreme persecution, the seat
of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who
will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of
which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the
formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)

The prophecy for Pope no 267 is
translated ‘Of the Glory of the Olives’. The simplest
explanations have been that this Pope will be of Jewish
background (the Jews are identified with olives). Many believe
Pope no 267 is the last Pope, however there is a further prophecy
that either belongs with this final Pope or Pope no 268.

Many believe that the final
prophecies belong to a single person as opposed to two. The
prophecies have a clear Jewish flavour referring to one person
and Cardinal Lustiger if elected to Pope possibly is the subject
of those prophecies. (As Peter the Apostle was a Jew in Rome so
would Lustiger be if elected to the papacy, thus being Peter the
Roman as described by Malachy.)

There are of course sceptics to
the prophecies of St Malachy. Apparently his transcripts of the
prophecies were not discovered for approximately 400 years. The
prophecies for those 400 undiscovered years were unerringly
accurate, giving rise to the belief that the prophecies were the
forgeries of Jesuit priests who knew the history of the previous
400 years. However what remains to be answered is that from that
time (1548 approx) there has also shown to be strong links
between many prophecies and corresponding Popes. Some links
between the prophecy and corresponding Pope have not been

The prophecies of St Malachy are
untested as to their source. Malachy may have been a righteous
man to whom the Lord spoke or these prophecies could have come
from a satanic source. Regardless, I think it is more than
coincidental that the prophecies he is attributed to having put
to paper nearly a thousand years ago say that we, at this very
point in world history, are at the end of the Catholic Church age
and the arrival of Judgement.

The Omega Times believes that the
world scene is being rapidly prepared for the arrival of a
brilliant European Leader whom will be revealed as the Anti
Christ. Though we watch continually for him and have for some
years had our eye on a potential suspect, his confirmed identity
remains hidden from us. However there is no reason why his
2nd in command could not be revealed a little


Israel is in crisis with
escalating violence and suicide bombers such as never seen
before. The violence seems to have spiralled to a point where it
can no longer be controlled. In the past, a number of US
presidencies have tried to resolve the situation between Israel
and the Palestinians without success. The US Government is being
stretched in the Middle East, with the violence in Iraq and
subsequent heavy casualties, forcing her to consider seriously
her home defences against possible terrorist attack. Should the
US withdraw quickly from Iraq, Muslim fundamentalist terrorists
will take this as a victory and perhaps as a sign to pursue the
US on home soil. Should that be the case Israel will, after many
years of US support be left to fend for herself.

Meanwhile only a continent away,
the European Union (EU) is emerging as a super power alternative
to the US. (This fact has been noted by the US and has been the
source of some niggle between the two.) Despite the amalgamation
of the different countries the effectiveness of the EU is
restricted by culture and the cumbersome legislation under which
it operates. Presently the union shares the presidency amongst
member states every six months, however they have begun to look
for a single leader to lead them for terms of up to five years.
Very soon, a Jewish statesman of some standing will take that
position and bring the peace that Israel craves.

I am hesitant to state outright
that Lustiger is the False Prophet, but as you will correctly
surmise I am watching him seriously. If, against the natural
odds, Lustiger is elected to the role of Pope we should pay
particularly close attention to him and to the people he
associates with because events could move very quickly from

Over the centuries the Vatican has
maintained its interest in Israel. Now it has within its own
ranks a person perhaps capable of achieving its goal of dominion
over the Holy Land. Cardinal Lustiger, who speaks openly of being
Jewish and pro Israel, Cardinal Lustiger who also speaks openly
of bringing peace between Christians and Jews. What better person
to assist that process is there than a Jewish Catholic Pope? The
same Jewish Catholic Pope who will team up with and support and
confirm publicly by means of the supernatural a Jewish European
Leader who will offer peace to Israel from all her troubles. A
European leader who will deceive Israel into believing he is
their long awaited Messiah. How will Israel be able to resist
this evil duo?

Come Lord Jesus come.