The destruction of faith and national pride

The destruction of faith and national pride

The destruction of faith and national pride

(taken from ‘EU: Final World Empire’)

Back in January 1989 then-Senator
Al Gore introduced the World Environment Policy Act using the
line that “the threats we face transcend national
boundaries and ideologies.” The bill “promotes U.S.
participation in international initiatives and global
environmental problems such as those initiated under the auspices
of the United Nations,” according to the Congressional
Gore went on to produce the overstated
environmentalist book Earth in the Balance and has even
declared the automobile America’s public enemy number one!
What a narrow escape America had in December 2000 – saved
by a few hanging chads and lots of prayer! Oddly enough, a
globalist environmental line identical to that of Gore’s
was taken by America’s then supposed enemy.

Speaking in December 1988, Michael
Gorbachev, then Soviet leader, said: “The world economy is
becoming a single organism.” He warned against any further
extension and intensification of industrialism. Environmentalism,
greenism, and false alarms about fantasy “threats” to
the planet are all being used to rush along the global agenda,
allegedly the only answer to global problems, from supposed
climate problems to trade disputes. The world’s children
are being thoroughly brainwashed to accept this. The British
Government, for example, in 2001 required primary schools
“to incorporate a global dimension into the
curriculum.” David Blunkett, then Britain’s education
and employment secretary, told heads that “the content of
what is taught must be informed by international and global
matters, so preparing pupils to live their lives in a global

In maths, for example, children
aged five to seven are to “explore number patterns from a
range of cultures” while in design and technology they
should “develop an empathy for other people’s
needs.” In physical education they are supposed to
“perform dances from different cultures,” all of it
so they can become ‘informed, active, responsible global
citizens.” What we must not do is judge, of course, so an
English folk dance must not be presumed in any way superior to a
cannibals’ jamboree. Of course not…

This coming together of cultures
and peoples is being urged on nations, and established at an
astonishing rate. In the Daily Telegraph, published in
London on August 24, 2000, I saw a report headed: “Fox
takes free trade call north of the border.” The story soon
made clear that the innocent-sounding call for “free
trade” was something much more. Vicente Fox, the then
new-elected Mexican president, was calling for a common currency
with America and Canada. Said the report, by Philip Delves
Broughton: “Since his election last month, Mr. Fox has
called on the United States and Canada to help Mexico’s
development with the aim of creating deeper economic and
political ties, similar to the European Union. There is even
mention of a common currency.” In another report, also in
the Daily Telegraph, the headline was “New Mexican
President urges U.S. to open border.”

The article, by Ben Fenton,
opened: “Citing the European Union as his model, President
Vicente Fox of Mexico has appealed to the United States to open
it’s border to his people and urged closer economic
union.” The article says that Mr. Fox cited with approval
the fact that the EU had helped the poorer European countries
like Greece and Portugal to catch up with richer countries such
as Britain, Germany, and France. He said that he wanted the North
American Free Trade Agreement to open the borders between its
members – the U.S., Mexico and Canada, “in the same
way as the Common Market [the former name for the EU] had been
turned into a social and political union.” America merging
with Mexico? Ridiculous and farfetched? Mr. Fox is already
talking about it with George Bush. Politically, of course, this
would have the effect of creating a permanent left-wing majority
on the North American continent, just as Fabian Socialists rule
the new state of Europe, with thirteen of the fifteen member
states controlled by left of centre governments at the time of

In October 2000 Mr. Fox arrived in
Europe to what the Financial Times, Europe’s
business paper, called a red carpet welcome. The paper stated:
“Mr. Fox is scheduling to meet kings, presidents and prime
ministers in France, Spain, German, Belgium and the United
Kingdom.” It noted that he had already proposed extending
the North American Free Trade Agreement into an EU-style common
market and said that the plan now was to link Europe more
strongly with Mexico. The same paper said that Caribbean leaders
were meeting to consider proposals from Canadian premier Jean
Chretien for a free trade area incorporating all the countries of
North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. This would
include Cuba. In April 2001, the “Summit of the
Americas” in Quebec City, Canada, saw leaders of
thirty-four nations sign an accord to create free trade
throughout North and South America. The idea is for a creation of
a thirty-four-nation free trade area covering 800 million people
by 2005. Already Washington’s relations with Cuba are fast
improving, so another impediment to a vast new “common
market” has gone. But we know from Europe what starts as a
trading zone soon turns into something much deeper…

Open trading borders mean people
are also free to move and live where they like. America and
Europe are now being invaded by millions of so-called refugees,
most of whom are economic migrants. Some may have more sinister
motives. While it is true that a few of them are Christians, most
are not, which in Great Britain, home of the Reformation and the
country where the Bible was first translated into English, means
that there are now millions of residents who own allegiance to
false gods.