Trojan horse of the United Nations

Trojan horse of the United Nations

Trojan horse of the United Nations

Omega Times September 1993


In the Christchurch Press on
September 13, 1993, I was fascinated to take note of a paragraph
which was fitted into an article entitled: An In-Tray Full of
Discontent: “In foreign policy, the post-dated cheques
written for Somalia and the Balkins are beginning to fall due. As
the fatal perception grows that AMERICA HAS BECOME THE TOOL FOR
THE UNITED NATIONS, support for these interventions is
slipping…end quote.”

Some time ago the Soviet Union
appeared to collapse and close down making way for separate
states all across that great continent. The majority of the
people of the world including those connected with this newspaper
knew that something was wrong but couldn’t put their finger
on it, but at last the cat has just sprung out of the bag.

We now have enough information at
this office to write a new book preparing people for the end
times for indeed we are in the end times of this particular stage
in history. The plan is as follows:

Communism has not collapsed as is
popularly believed. It has simply transferred its headquarters
from Moscow and the Kremlin to the building in New York known as
the United Nations. Careful study of the leadership of this group
over the years will reveal that a mass of communists, or people
dedicated to the communist principals, have been leading it for
many years and thus they have moved in, in a Trojan Horse way, to
take over not only the United States of America, but the whole
world and set it up as a new world order under the power of the
One World Government.

This has been brought about by
sending out charters all over the world which governments seem to
ratify and sign, passing these conventions in the middle of the
night without giving their citizens any chance to consider them.
These charters will have to do with women’s rights,
children’s rights and everybody else’s rights, but
ultimately after all the charters have been signed and sealed
people will begin to realise, including the foolish politicians
who signed and ratified them, that all their rights have been
taken away by this world government group.

The reasons for the army bases
being shut down all over the world is that the nations will no
longer need their own armies under the New World Order as the
United Nations Forces will be moving not only in countries like
Somalia and Bosnia but into any country that causes them trouble

Experience tells us at this point
that the United Nation’s armies are killing innocent
civilians as well as being killed themselves, but this apparently
does not concern the powers that be as there are plenty more
expendable men to take their place in this vast army of the new
world order. Readers of this paper should take note of another
diabolical plan and it takes place as follows: The country of the
United States has to be taken over by the United Nations in the
not too distant future and here is a scenario as too how it will
possibly take place;

  1. A crisis must be arranged which
    will cause great conflict and confusion in the United States of
    America. Whether this is racial or an economic one time will
  2. The army of the United Nations
    will be called in and unfortunately, they will not have to be
    called form afar for already the newspapers in that country tell
    us these people are doing secret nightly raids in their
    helicopters over some of the greater cities in the United States
    as practice runs ready for the real one which will take place in
    the not too distant future. People have been writing letters to
    the newspapers complaining about these intrusions into their
    privacy as these giant helicopters full of United Nations’
    troops thunder across their cities without lights in the middle
    of the night disturbing not only their sleep but disturbing their
    peace of mind, wondering what is going to happen next.
  3. The United Nations’ armies
    will then bring in an amnesty and all guns must be delivered to
    the local police stations or army bases for immediate retrieval
    by the acceptable forces and thus the average citizen of the
    United States of America will be disarmed. At that particular
    point, of course, the constitution would need to be suspended as
    the constitution at this time gives Americans the right to bear
  4. Every citizen in the United
    States will then find himself caught up in the World government
    trap and any person who is found not going along with the plan
    will be put into concentration camp and while we were in the
    United States of America recently we noticed these ex-military
    camps were being refurbished and set up as concentration camps.
    Believe us this is not some far out story we are telling you,
    this is actually taking place today and we have documents on the
    desk in front of us telling us this is taking place. At that
    particular point the country of the United States will then be
    ready to link with the New World Order because with a new
    constitution that allows such an unconstitutional thing to take
    place, they will then be able to take their place along side the
    countries in Europe which are rapidly forming themselves into a
    global body.
  5. Run by Anti-Christ the whole
    world system will be controlled for three and a half years.
  6. The good news is that after
    three and a half years our Lord Jesus Christ will return again
    and wrest the power from Anti-Christ and set up his government
    which will last forever and ever.

The Lord bless you the reader as
you consider these things and get yourself ready for this great
event the coming of Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 “For
the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the
voice of the archangel, and with trump of God: and the dead in
Christ shall rise first: then we which are alive and remain shall
be caught up together with the in the clouds, to meet the Lord in
the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort
one another with these words.”