A World on the Brink

A World on the Brink

A World on the Brink

In becoming a
member of the Skull and Cross bone club an initiate is given a
secret name. We know that George Bush Jnr’s secret name is
"Temporary" (his Father, George Bush Snr was Poppy). As events
unfold following 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, it is perhaps
becoming more evident that Bush Jnr was elected/chosen to fulfil
a specific purpose during a single four year term, which as we
know is drawing to a close. There is no doubt the gritty little
Texan is a fighter and he was the right man in the right place at
the right time to lead the US to war following 9/11. He reacted
predictably following the advice of senior Government Aides. But
now that he has lifted the lid from Pandora’s Box in the
Middle East it could be considered that his job is

Only now as the dust begins to settle somewhat
we learn that Iraq was a US target long before 9/11, those tragic
events being the excuse required for the US to remove a tyrant
under the guise of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
and being a threat to the free world. However accessing and
seizing Iraq’s oil fields and wells would seem to be a more
accurate motive (Iraq has some of the largest largely untapped
oil reserves in the World).

Was Bush aware before he gave the go ahead to
invade Iraq that the intelligence was wrong? Or was he
deliberately misled by World Government factions interested in
moving their plans for the world to another level? I believe Bush
did know, but also surmise that Bush has become a scapegoat for
power brokers focussing on matters far bigger than the "War on

Not finding WMD rapid spin doctoring took
place and the World was told that despite this oversight, a
tyrant and a bad man had been removed from power and now the
Iraqi people would be a free democratic nation with the right to
self determination and a bright future. The invasion of Iraq had
now become a righteous cause.

Surely Bush had access to any number of Middle
Eastern experts (including the highly sought after Henry
Kissinger) who could have advised him on the history, culture and
mind set of the Iraqi people, the fact that a Western model of
democracy could never succeed within Iraq, the fanaticism and
resistance they could expect and the potential for invasion to
create further terrorists worldwide. (The World Government people
meanwhile lean back in their leather chairs and wring their hands
and chuckling gleefully...).

resently the US Government is caught between a
rock and a hard place - in face saving mode. President Bush also
holds hopes for re-election. So the transfer of power to an
interim Iraqi Government has begun.

Iraq is an ancient country with thousands of
years of recorded history. The people are tribal and feudal and
only those strong and ruthless enough have ruled it. Never in its
recorded history has there ever been democracy in Iraq. Democracy
is as foreign a concept to the Iraqi mind as dictatorship and
tyranny is to the US. If the US remains in Iraq many more lives
will be lost and billions of dollars from an already weak US
economy will be poured into maintaining the war machine. Should
the US completely withdraw, Iraq will fall into civil war and all
that has been attempted/achieved will be undone, and the oil
lost. A catch 22 situation you might say.

9/11 and the invasion of Iraq has left the
rest of the world in a growing state of fear and paranoia. I
barely need mention the numerous terrorist attacks in different
countries throughout the last month and the devastating attack
upon trains in Spain by Al Qaeda. Security of borders and the
identity of citizens have become major issues. With all the
technology embedded in passports today, there are still those who
manage to produce authentic looking counterfeits. (Recently
suspected Mossad Israeli Intelligence agents were prosecuted in
NZ for using false passports). National security will soon depend
on being able to accurately identify a person immediately and
know their whereabouts
at any given time. Amazingly,
people will accept without question and even welcome the mark on
the hand and forehead for the peace and security it brings, not
just its purchasing power.

This may not be as far off as we would think.
The World oil market is in question as we experience prices never
seen before at US$40 a barrel. The West believes that the
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have
deliberately reduced production to raise the prices, where as
OPEC claims that production is at full output and that the
current demand for oil is greater that their ability to produce,
thereby the reason for the outrageous prices.

The entire Western world economies rely on the
oil market. Oil is not only used in transport, but in
manufacturing, production, and energy. With the increase in
production costs, any increases are passed onto the consumer. Al
Qaeda recognising how precarious things are for the Western
Worlds economy launched an attack against oil companies in Saudi
Arabia, murdering 22 Western employees. These shocking tactics
bought an immediate response. The US ordered all of its Citizens
in Saudi Arabia to leave and return home. This attack has had a
twofold effect for Al Qaeda. Increased fear of terrorism and
attack and have affected oil production, sending ripples
throughout Western Markets and reducing the value of the US
dollar. This all creates uncertainty.

Bush has through a series of events (beyond
his control) been manipulated into a war which neither he nor his
country can win. The consequences of which are most useful in the
master plans for the establishment of a European based ‘New
World Order’.

Professor Terry Nardin, a political scientist
from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and expert in American
international relations warns that a terrorist nuclear attack of
the US is inevitable. "He told the Press yesterday that Al Qaeda
was "very smart" and had access to nuclear weapons. Nardin said
poor security in the US meant it was not possible to monitor
everything that came through the country. "If you look at this
from the stand point of the terrorists, they recognise there are
(security) measures in place," he said. "They can put it
(material) on a cargo container and send it by sea. When I say
attack, I don’t mean a missile or a bomb. I mean weapons
will be constructed using nuclear material (in the US) which
would disperse radioactive material. In a highly populated area
that could do a lot of damage and kill a lot of people. (We know)
Al Qaeda want to attack symbolic American targets.

You have to be pessimistic about getting
through the next few years or decade without a terrorist event
which would be on the same scale if not worse that the attacks on
the Twin Towers." The Press 2/6/2004.

Servants of God like David Wilkerson have told
of visions in which cities of the US are destroyed by nuclear
holocaust. Perhaps what Terry Nardin sees happening in the
natural and David Wilkerson in the spiritual are the very events
graphically outlined in Revelation chapter 18. The increase in
the number of sensational movies which depict catastrophic events
occurring in the USA is interesting and perhaps indicates
knowledge of the inevitable. The late Barry Smith spoke often of
these events and proclaimed "This is a spiritual problem –
requiring a spiritual solution". Many civil liberties groups can
see the problems but are unable to prescribe the path to any
workable solution. The only place of refuge and security in these
days is in a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Believers
in Christ will not necessarily escape or avoid all the troubles
to come, but will have supernatural peace and an assurance of a
new heaven, a new earth – and eternal life.