Implantable Chips

Implantable Chips

Implantable Chips

Barry Smith
Barry Smith

"It’ll never happen – impossible!" people use to

But what used to be a laughing matter is now met with
indifference. The mark of the beast – a number on the right
hand or the forehead... "What’s the problem? Lots of people
have got it! And it’s convenient. It is the way of the

As a child I grew up hearing people scoffing regularly at the
concept of Revelation, and a mark for buying and selling.
Admittedly, back then it was so ‘far out’, it
resembled science fiction.

The point is: God’s Word told us about this, written in
96AD... surely then, we should listen to the other warnings

The Sydney Morning Herald reportsI "The US Food and Drug
Administration has given permission for humans to receive
implantable electronic tags for computerised medical
information... A small number of people have had the chips
implanted on an experimental basis, but the FDA decision opens
the way for widespread medical use, said Applied Digital
Solutions, the company that makes VeriChips and received approval
for its device."

"The chip itself contains no patient information, just 256
characters of memory, a radio transceiver and a tiny antenna. A
scanner checks the code and then pulls up the patient data
through the internet, displaying it on a computer screen."

"Versions of the chip are already in use in people to provide
identity codes that unlock doors at security facilities, among
other uses. Nearly 200 people working in Mexico’s
Attorney-General’s office have been implanted with chips
that grant access to secure areas containing sensitive documents.
Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, use the microchip much like a
smart card to speed drink orders and payment."

It’s time to tell people that this
‘innovation’ is old news, and furthermore, we know
where it leads.

Ultimately, all people on earth will be under the control of
the New World Order, the antichrist – and the master
puppeteer himself, Satan.

The Sydney Morning Herald "Implantable chips in Humans get the
nod" October 15, 2004