Disease and the apparent will of God

Disease and the apparent will of God

Disease and the apparent will of God

This article came about in response to Andrew Smith’s
editorial (see Letter from the Editor) in the December, 2004
Omega Times Quarterly Update. In the editorial Andrew speaks
about cancer, and the recent death of special friend Peter
Capell. As with any type of communication, there is a tendency
within all of us to ‘read’ into it, something that
perhaps the author did not originally intend. On the other hand
the same applies from the standpoint of the author also.

Bias is one of the biggest impediments to understanding and
receiving truth. As humans we filter everything we see and hear.
Unfortunately we as believers are not immune from this, despite
claims that we ‘have the Spirit’ and ‘He will
lead into all truth’. I don’t wish to get into a
philosophical slanging match with anyone, but I do need to make
the point. This (bias) is a human failing and WE ALL suffer from

Throughout Scripture we read of folk who suffered disease.
Some will say it is the result of the ‘Fall’. I would
tend to agree with this simplistic assessment up to a point - but
we should also acknowledge bias! We read of some people in the OT
who were miraculously healed. Others were not. We read in the NT
of an occasion where Jesus was ministering, and nearly everyone
was healed. There were some who weren’t. Some say it was
because of a ‘lack of faith’ - and in some situations
this is accurate. But can this be applied to ALL circumstance
everywhere. I believe not.

Cancer is a terrible disease, which has ravaged the western
world for centuries. Why is this? Why does it not affect the
eastern world to the same degree? Let’s look at the
statistics. The incidence of cancer is rising to almost epidemic
proportions. There is virtually no-one who doesn’t know of
someone that has it or has died from it. In the US, it affects
one in three people. Even good folk who do mighty works for God
get it, and some die. Why is this? It is very easy to say
‘it was God’s will’! After all it happened
right!!! If we think this way, we can fall into the same trap
that the Muslims have: everything is ‘God’s

If you ask people what cancer is, you will get a variety of
answers. Some fanciful, with a bit of truth thrown in, and some
downright wrong. The same applies if you ask doctors. Up until a
few years ago, cancer was the second leading cause of death in
the western world, behind heart disease. In spite of the billions
of dollars that are thrown at this each year, cancer is still on
the increase.

The current regimes of treatment (surgery, radiotherapy and
chemotherapy) have an efficacy rate of around 3%, yet medical
professionals are still treating patients with the same
protocols. Surely the definition of insanity is to do the same
thing over and over, and expect different results?? Yet this is
what western allopathic medicine (modern) is doing year after
year. Why? There exists a BIAS.

My interest in this area started years ago but only came into
focus within the last 10. Having lost 4 immediate family members
to cancer over the years, and having a sister who has had a bout
of it, I determined to find out more about this disease.

I have worked allied to the health industry for over 8 years.
In that time I have worked as a technician servicing some of the
most state-of-the-art clinical diagnostic tools available through
a major international company. This has taken me 'behind the
scenes' in many of New Zealand's major hospitals and oncology
departments. I have seen first hand how modern medicine treats
this disease. My own reading into cancer has led me to the
conclusion that modern medicine generally has no idea how to
successfully treat it, or even ‘what it is’. On two
separate occasions I have heard a visiting UK based medical
researcher and author, Philip Day, speak on cancer and how it can
be successfully prevented and treated. He has written a number of
books dealing with this and many issues. There appears to be
significant scientific basis for what he writes and verified
testimonial evidence for successfully treating and preventing

According to Day, cancer is actually a part of the
body’s natural healing process. Without going into minute
scientific detail (readers can do that via his book ‘Cancer
– Why we are still dying to know the truth’,
available only through www.credence.org, the official website of
Credence Publishing). In a nut shell, the human body (designed by
God), has within it certain ‘primitive’ cells called
‘Stem Cells’. As part of the body’s healing
regime, these stem cells go to the site of damage and start to
divide to ‘repair the wall’ as it were. Within a
healthy immune system (that which is given the right materials to
work with), the process terminates with the completion of the
repair. Cancer is the result of the process failing. The cells
keep multiplying until a mass (tumour) forms. This can take
varying lengths of time. Most tumours are only discovered when
they are big enough to be detected, having affected some part of
the body. A significant amount of research has been done over the
years and is documented in this book. Another important fact is
that there are cultures and peoples who have no history of cancer
within historical recall. The research has shown that these
groups have a high incidence of nitrilosides (natural foods which
are rich in Vitamin B17, enzymes and minerals) in their diets.
These are found in the literal Hebrew: ‘plant seeding
seeds... and the fruit of the trees seeding seed for food’
Genesis 1:29. We read here that we are to eat the plants and
fruit, right? And we generally throw away the seed!! But our God
intended us to eat the seed also, and those cultures that
include the seeds of the nitriloside foods,
do not get cancer. Why?? Because within them are the
materials that the immune system uses to terminate cancer.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Within the nitriloside
group is a substance called Hydrocyanic acid. This is a harmless
non-toxic compound that reacts with an enzyme that is produced
only by cancer tumour cells, and is converted into hydrogen
cyanide and benzaldehyde. These two compounds only target
cancer cells and literally poison them to death at the site
This completes the healing process. The remainder of the poisons
are converted to nutritional compounds which nourish healthy

If it is that simple, why isn’t the cancer industry
utilising this knowledge? For the simple reason of BIAS.
There has been a tremendous amount of opposition to this
knowledge, mainly from the pharmaceutical industry and its
supporters who would lose their lucrative positions if people
started to be treated wholesale with this knowledge.

Cancer drugs are worth billions of dollars to the industry.
However, the science stands for itself. In Dr Day’s book
are 17 pages of testimonials from people for whom western
medicine could do no more. Some were sent home to die. These
people took matters into their own hands and selected the
metabolic therapies that the book entails. The result were
dramatic to say the least, almost miraculous! As Mulder from the
X files says... ‘the truth is out there’. In fact the
truth is HERE. We needn’t be afraid of cancer. It is a
metabolic disease that can be successfully
treated and prevented metabolically.

So is cancer God’s will?? No, no, a thousand times no!
How can it be when He has given us foods that will prevent it?
Should people die of this disease NO! Don’t take my word
for it. Read the book for yourselves, do some research... and
make up your own mind.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest or
otherwise in the Credence Organisation. I just read their